Describing a celebration

Hi guys Welcome back to my lesson! Today we’ll learn how to describe a celebration First of all, let me show you a model text so that you can have, like, a general picture of what you’re going to write And this is a text about… Mid-Autumn festival Now I want you to read through the text very quickly and try to answer this question: ‘What is each part in each different color about?’ Is it about time, or main activities of the festival? Okay? And you can pause the video if you wish Alright, everyone, have you done? So, let’s check the answers! From the very first sentence, we have what… the name of the festival And then, time, purpose, main activities, and last but not least, the feeling towards the celebration So basically these five things are what you need to include in your description of a celebration Alright, here again I provide you with the general outline as well as some useful expressions If you need some time to read that, just pause this video, OK? I have also prepared some basic infomation of some very popular celebrations in Vietnam, and in the world I suppose you may have some difficulties finding your ideas So I hope it will help! Ok, now it’s your turn! This is also your homework Describe a popular celebration Remember to write from 120 to 150 words Alright, this is also the end of my lesson today Thanks for watching And see you next time!!

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