Desi Family Dinner Part 1 | Ft. Butt Saab | [English Subtitles]

Gujjari: I’m so tired of working. Family dinners never end in this house! Everyday someone is invited for open buffet. Where are the two rascals (Dad and son) Shauqat’s dad where are you? Let me see what they’re upto! I’m going to teach him (husband) a lesson. I ruined my life marrying this man! And the son is even worse! Gujjar: Wow, she got Dem skillz! Gujjari: Gujjar! what are you watching? Shauqat: Ha! Dad about to get whooped! Husband: Poor girl had cancer; I was watching her treatment video. Wife: I been working all day and you here chilling?! Husband: uhhh What happen now? Wife: Butt is coming over, we need meat! Husband: I brought some yesterday. Wife: You think that’s enough? We need entire farm for him! Wife: Oh hello! aren’t you going to help? Shauqat: I will, I will… Wife: When? You have to clean the entire house! Wife: Leave this mom alone and get your butt up! Wife: Climb up and clean the top! Wife: Are you questioning me?! *Forced cleaning unnecessary things* Welcome! Come inside! Butt: Hello! Gujjar! Buttni: Hello! Is the food ready?! *This is Butt and Buttni* *This type of family is only concerned with one thing, Food, Food, and Food.* *If you have invited them, don”t forget to cook meat!* Butt: Kids got hungry on the way, so I got them some burgers/fries Butt: Come in kids, don’t be shy! This is your house too! Butt: These are all my kids! Butt: Gujjar, you are too funny! Butt: So when are we eating? Butt: I’m hungry Gujjar: We are waiting for Tariq Saab Butt: Oh, waiting for the Chief guest, Peer Saab?! Buttni: Kids are dying of hunger, serve the food already! Butt: Go tell them, what are you telling me for?! Kids had their snacks, didn’t they? Gujjar: Alittle more patience, 10 more minutes Butt: Alright, 10 more minutes Don’t get upset my lovely. I can literally eat a horse, where is your Peer saab?! Gujjar: They’re coming. Butt: What is there ETA? call them! Gujjar: Let me call and ask. Peer: God really went all out, when he made you Tariq! Feel like kissing you day n night! *Peer sitting on toilet at his own house* Always call me at the wrong time Gujjar, Was having a romantic time with myself. Peer: Hello, your wife didn’t runaway again now, did she? Gujjar: Don’t jinx it! We are waiting for you at our family dinner. Peer: I’m almost there, keep the door open! Gujjar: At the door, really?! Umm, I hear the flush in the background? Peer: Don’t you know? When it rains, water comes. Gujjar: Really? Peer: When it rains more, more water comes Gujjar: More water? Peer: Yea, try to understand. Don’t try to be smart one. I’m almost there. Gujjar: They’re here! Peer: This is my wife, Gujjar! Have some decency, in front of me atleast! *Peer to wife* What are you doing? Peerni: I will tell you when we go home! *This is Peer and Peerni* *This is the type of a family whose words are a done deal at your house.* *And your parents? Blindly trust them regardless.* Gujjar: Lets eat, please start! Butt: What is this? We wait for 2 hours and they get served first?! Buttni: We have no respect here! I will never come again. Butt: What is this, we waited for 2 hours. This is our food! Food was delicious, Gujjar. Gujjari, your cooking was delish! Well done! I will be coming every Friday from now on Gujjar: No no no, our Peer Saab comes on Fridays. We have to serve them Butt: I don’t care about your Peer Saab. Peer: Respect! Butt: I don’t have to show you any respect. Don’t try to get smart with me. Peer: Damn, this guy! Butt: Where’s my desert?!?

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