Desi Family Dinner Part 2| FT. Hating Aunties & Butt Saab | [English Subs]

Butt Saab, are you satisfied now? Butt: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! Gujjar: You have your Sweet Butt: You think my cravings are satisfied with KITKAT?! Butt: Do you think I’m a kid? Butt: I have a separate stomach for Sweets Butt: You People are going to Drive me CRAZY! Peer: Check this Bro Imran khan has brought change to Pakistan Gujjar: You said he will bring change and he brought it Butt: What Change Butt: What did Imran Khan do? Butt: Talking Big and 0 Action Peer: Your Leader made us eat Donkey Meat Butt: Donkey Meat is Still Tasty but now we are eating Frog Meat?! Butt: Dont talk about my Nawaz Sharif Bad again poor guy is sick Gujjar: Brother Tariq Please Check My Sons acting Gujjar: He Will Become a star someday Tariq (Peer): Call him Tell him to act infront of me I want to check his talent too O Son Shauky O Shauky Son Come Here Shaukat: Yes Dad Gujjar: Show your Acting talent to your Uncle Shaukat: No Dad Please don’t put me on spot like that Im shy Shaukat: Ok ok dad I will do it Gujjar: If you want to become a star you need prayers from Tariq Uncle Gujjar You Understand Gujjar: Now Show us your acting Shaukat: What are you saying rano Shaukat: Just you shutupp Shaukat: o you shutupp yourself Butt: What kind of Peoples house that I came to Butt: Weridoss Nabila: Masha Allah What a beautiful dress you are wearing Khalda: Its Versace my sister Nabila: is there a sale? Khalda: Sales are forbidden for me I roll bigg Nabila: Your face is glowing so bright whats your secret Khalda: Its Natural, Makeup artists call me and ask me to get facial for free Khalda: I tell them no I like my natural look Nabila: What about the magic in your hand the food was amazing Shaida Butt: Nabila What Should I say I was licking my fingers clean Nabila: I feel like Kissing your hands Shaida Butt: Butt (my husband) was saying the same thing Hating Aunt:O My GOODNESS! Hating Aunt: What Gossips are happening here!? Hating Aunt: You Can Trap my brother in your love but NOT ME!!!! Khalda: Shaukat’s Aunt Please Sit I will bring you Tea Right Away. Hating aunt: It better be Strong HURRYUP!! Nabila: Big Sister, Khalda did not invite you? Shaida Butt: Nabila What are you saying in our Culture the elders are invited first Nabila: EXACTLY Hating Aunt: My Brother had to fall in love in the poor village of TAANDAY Nabila: And She says buys Versace clothes at Full Price Hating Aunt: Bullshit! Versace Shaida Butt: She buys them for her village with fake versace stickers Shaida: She just shows off infront of us Nabila: What about he food? It was soo trash Hating Aunt: Soo Salty didnt you feel it? Nabila: She claims her beauty glow is Natural?!! Shaida Butt: She Cuts Cucumbers and puts it on her face. Such a Self Conceited Women. Hating: No Face, No Forehead, She UGLY! Peer: I Say its time to leave Nabila Where are you lets go? Gujjar: Please Stay a little longer Gujjar: 5 mins more please Peer: Its 2AM we should leave now Kids are home alone too Gujjar: atleast finish for news to finish Peer: No No please let us go Butt is gone

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  1. This is the short video. It's not enough for enjoyment. It's my request to you to increase the length of video. But Umer's Punjabi is amazing. And as a Pakistani I am happy with that you talked about the change in Pakistan. Be happy. Thank you

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