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Today we’re having a
Design Squad birthday party. I’m Noah and today
is my birthday. – At a Design Squad birthday
party, we are creative. For our happy birthday sign, we made letters
out of duct tape, we put a straw through them
and built it off of that so we could string
all the letters together. – Dad, can you help
us hang up the sign? – Did you notice
there’s no space between the words “Happy”
and “Birthday”? – A Design Squad birthday party even requires real
troubleshooting. You could add another straw
in the middle and then that
would make a space. We can cut a slit
through the straw and just snap it on. – There you go. – Let’s test it out. – It looks awesome. – A Design Squad birthday
party has gifts. ELLIOT:
They’re all gifts we made. – We made our own
wrapping paper, too. What is this? It’s a marshmallow blaster. – All the force from the air
blows the marshmallow out. Thank you. What is this, Elliot? It’s an origami flower
with an LED inside. It has a little switch
on the battery pack. That’s how Noah’s
turning it on and off. Whoa. What is this? This is a light-up bracelet. – Wow! Whoa. – It’s a string puppet. So if you pull one of these,
one of the arms will bend. Whoa, that actually
really works. NOAH: This is awesome. ELLIOT: It’s hitting me! Ow! – Whoa, what does it do? Elliot made a very
technical piñata. This does not look like
an ordinary piñata. So what you’ll do is,
you’ll put candy in. And then it has a special
magnetically activated switch, so when you get
a magnet close to it, it will make the motor spin
with a little trap door. I have a stick with some
magnets on the end. I have a magnetic switch hidden
under the plastic somewhere. – So you can’t see where it is. This makes the game harder. ELLIOT: And everyone gets,
like, five seconds to run up and try and find
the spot on the piñata where there’s the magnet switch. Maybe we could have
a little bit longer. – Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four… (beep) – Oh, yeah! Let’s load it up and play again. It’s the one good thing
about this type of piñata. You can reuse it over
and over again. – Five, four, three, two… (beep) – Whoa! – Oh, yeah! We have a final surprise
for Noah. Elliot and I made
a spinning turntable for the birthday cake. ELLIOT: And we’re just going
to squirt frosting at the cake as we spin it. Oh, I see a problem. The cake’s slipping a little. So, actually, I have some
duct tape right here and I’m thinking,
if we make a loop of it, put it on the bottom,
and then we can put it back on the turntable. – We’re going to cut
a small hole in the corner so then we can squirt out
the frosting onto the cake. – It’s making a spiral. – Whoa! – Stop. Awesome. I brought a way to motorize it. I have a drill with a rubber
wheel attached onto it. Dad, come check this out! – Hold it. This cake looks
like a spider web with a bunch of different
colored webs. – This is an example
of how technology can help our lives. Happy birthday, Noah! Whoa… And that is a Design Squad
birthday party. NOAH: Oh, except
for the bristle bot with the “happy birthday”
sign on it. – If you want to have a
Design Squad birthday party, look for ideas on the
Design Squad website.

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