Things will get filthy today!
It’s Claudio’s bachelor party! I brought some ladies,
‘cause I’m the best man! Bitches, the dicks are in! Holy shit! Where are all the ladies? Those are the ladies,
those bitches are all ours! Let’s take off our pants! This is clearly wrong.
We’re six guys, this won’t work. Exactly. That’s why I thought about
two ladies, for them to cover us all… Wait, how’s the orgy
gonna work? We’re six guys, we can’t make
an orgy with two women. You don’t know Neide, my friend! She’s, oh!
She does it all! She can take a lot… those two
worth as much as ten people! You don’t understand.
Do the tiger, do the tiger. Do it for real! I can’t believe you don’t
wanna fuck an ass like that! Hold on. You’re not seeing
the whole picture. We can make rounds. We can do it like this. Two guys with one,
two guys with the other… And the other two
will wait out… Just doing the… We can turn off the lights! In the dark it will look like
there’s fifteen chicks here… When the lights are down
the room goes… And we’ll go… It will look like there’s fifteen
hot chicks running around naked. Maybe I can use my old trick,
my well-known “little voice”. It will look like there’s
a third girl here… – Don’t do that…
– Oh yeah, I’ll do it… – Don’t…
– Yeah, I’ll do it, Cleber! – You want me to do it?
– No… that’s not cool at all… – How come, guys?
– That’s not okay… Wait, guys!
It’s not like that! Hold on! You… what did you want? – One for each?
– At minimum! But that’s a waste! ‘Cause you’ll be fucking a chick, and there will be seven other women
fooling around, drinking our booze. Wait a minute.
Is that a transvestite? It was cheaper. Listen! It’s not that…
it’s not like that! – It’s one hole less!
– Another reason to turn off the lights! Maybe we won’t even see it, maybe in the middle things,
it will look like one of us. Guys, let’s give Fernanda a try? Fernanda? She doesn’t even
have a whore’s name! And wait, isn’t Fernanda
your ex-wife, man? Yeah, it’s Fer. Listen, I owe her some
of her alimony money, so I thought
I could make a bundle. I thought bringing her here
would be cool, would be worthy. And she said yes… Listen, for God’s sake. One strip-tease!
Just one! To see if you want it. And if you don’t,
we’ll leave right after it. I’ll take off my pants,
and we’ll leave. You can start. Oh yeah…
more on the hips… Oh, I can’t believe it!
Guys! I can’t believe it… Why did we get separated? Come here, damn it! Tradução e legendas:
Melissa Prado Where are you?
Meow cat meow! Meow… Huh? Who’s there? Where’s the… huh? Guys? Nestor? Claudio? Neide? Fer? C’mon guys… Is there someone here, guys? Oh, c’mon!

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  1. Dps desse dia o Kleber de tanto desgosto, virou Ferdinando, se mudou pro Méier e virou concierge..
    Ahhh, e virou viado!
    Dono da quinta gay..

  2. Eles são excelentes atores, mas as piadas estão muito voltadas ao homossexualismo..nada contra..mas poderia ser sobre outras coisas

  3. tem uma mulher e um traveco, a neide e o traveco, da onde surgiu a fernanda? e o audio da neide vem errado em 00:30

  4. "A gente apaga a luz, dá um breu legal, aqui… Parece que tem umas 15 meninas… Quando apaga a luz parece que o espaço faz vruuuw e a gente faz wow".


  5. "Se voces nao gostarem eu 'Arrio' a calça e voces vão embora…" Não pera.. ta certo isso??

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