Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s New Exotics Are Explosively Fun

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has launched
bringing players back to the moon for the first time since the very beginning
of the franchise. As players go searching for all sorts of new quests, enemies and
light to power up their Guardians. Everyone is no doubt on the lookout for
the new shadowkeep exotics. With that in mind, we took a look at some of the best
new exotic weapons that Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has to offer. When one thinks
of Destiny 2 exotics one wouldn’t be mistaken to believe that they are all
apex bringers of death but the death bringer does well to earn its moniker.
Unlike other rocket launchers this one is more strategic. You don’t fire
directly at your target. Rather you want to aim it above their heads. The first
dark deliverance perk of the Death Bringer allows you to fire and remotely
detonate its initial projectile, which then spawns seven void orbs that each
track targets below it. Your enemies better have some sturdy umbrellas too
because the second perk of the rocket launcher is Dark Descent, which increases
the damage of each void orb based on the distance it falls. This is a versatile
weapon that was made to hit otherwise typical enemies or check corners without
exposing yourself to danger if you have the room to launch a rocket high into
the air you’ll be raining absolute destruction
down upon an area and all the enemies caught within its payload. The ultimate prize of Shadowkeeps Garden of Salvation raid is the Divinity Trace rifle. It has quite a lengthy series of steps attached to it but its utility in
battle is absolute. The judgment perk creates a field on any enemy you focus
fire on and causes them to take more damage from your team. Firing at any part
of an enemy’s body under Divinity’s judgment will do critical damage but
hitting their critical point will do even further bonus damage. The best part
is that the judgement perk is a unique buff that can be used in sync with other
buffs and debuffs for even more damage. Divinity’s second perk, penance, makes it a
deadly weapon all on its own after a few seconds of sustained fire
penance activate delivering a huge burst of
damage. The Divinity Trace rifle is an amazing weapon for teams trying to take
down difficult single targets. Any exotic can change the game but it feels like at
least one player on any fire team should have the divinity trace rifle we haven’t
forgotten about PVPrs and neither has Bungie. The Eriana’s Vow hand cannon is
an exotic reward of Destiny’s new battle pass system and its power extends to
both PvP and PvE. The Eriana’s Vow is all about destroying shielded foes the looks
can kill perk gives it shield piercing abilities. That means it punches through
shields to do direct damage. The Eriana’s second perk is death at first glance
which deals bonus damage on the first shot you fire when looking down the
sight. It does have a cool down but the perk refreshes instantly if you hit
either an enemy elemental shield or a precision shot with it
which makes a Eriana’s Vow a powerful go-to when it comes to guardians in the
crucible or monsters on the moon. These are just a handful of our favorite
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep exotics. There are more out there as well each with their
own strengths and niches that make them fantastic additions to your weapon
loadout. Some are harder to get than others like the Divinity Trace rifles
quest line but every player will likely find a good reason to keep any of these
new weapons in their collection once acquired. Have you come across a Shadowkeep exotic that has become your absolute favorite? Let us know which
exotic has changed up your game in the comments below.

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