Dialog – Party organisieren //Deutsch B1

Organize party B1 Hello Victor. How are you? Fine, and you? Thank you, what are you doing on the weekend. I have no idea. Do you have a plan? Shall we have a party at the weekend? Yes that is a good idea! Where do we have the party? I have a large garden. We can have our party there. Great! When are we going to party? Saturday at 12 noon. Does that fit? OK! The weather is very nice on Saturday. What should we eat and drink at the party? Do you have any idea?? Apple juice, orange juice and cola are good and we can grill because the weather is nice. How many people should we invite? I think 10 people are enough or what I mean
you? Yes that fits. We invite our friends and
Teachers from the German course. Okay good. It is really a very good idea.
We can then get to know our friends better. I buy the drinks and you buy the meat! All right! What are we doing at the party? Shall we dance and listen to music? Can you have a CD?
bring? Yes. I Agree. I have a great CD at home. Of course we can also dance. I love to dance and it will be a lot of fun. Can you let our class know on Monday
give? Yes, of course I do. Very good! And then I do the planning. I am very pleased. It will be a very nice party. Repetition

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