Did Alperen Duymaz marry?

As a rule, fans of actors are suspicious of
their idol’s choice. Alperen Duymaz, who seems to have entered
into a secret marriage with his chosen one, did not escape this fate. Did Alperen Duymaz marry? Last week the new series of the Ay Yapim company
The White Cold / Zemheri began broadcasting in Turkey. Leading actor of the project Alperen Duymaz
immediately attracted the attention of the Turkish media, not by his work in the series,
but by his hectic personal life. As it turned out, the actor for a long time
dates with a teacher from Ankara, Kubra Kelkit. On New Year’s Eve the couple decided to officially
announce their relationship and posted a picture together on Instagram. Many viewers were very disappointed with this
step, arguing that an open demonstration of feelings could seriously undermine the position
of a new project because no one would believe in the love of the main characters. Moreover, the ratings are not yet encouraging. However, Alperen did not seem to listen to
disgruntled fans. Quite a respected publication Hurriyet today
broke a new story. According to journalists, Alperen Duymaz and
Kubra Kelkit secretly got married. The reason for such a hasty marriage is not
the pregnancy of the bride, as it usually happens, but the desire to be together. Kubra works in Ankara as a teacher and in
order to be transferred to Istanbul she needs a good reason, of which official marriage
is. A close friend of the family spoke about the
wedding. According to him, only the couple’s parents
and closest people came to the celebration. Officially, the newlyweds will have the wedding
in June after the end of the first season of the series The White Cold. Whether the Turkish media should be believed
is not yet quite clear. Recall that they often give fake news. Until the actor personally confirms marriage,
this information should be treated with great skepticism. Alperen, meanwhile, has already got into the
trends of the Turkish twitter. Fans congratulate the actor and scold him,
as is usually the case. We can only wait for the further development
of events. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. What a wonderful couple! Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life! Congratulations!👏🌹

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