Did Rob Brydon steal Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dinner money? – Would I Lie to You?

– I once stole Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dinner money. – Well, of course you’re both Welsh, so you presumably went to the same school. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] – Yes, applaud that thinly-veiled racism. – What age were you?
– Um… I would’ve been… um… school age. Young. About… I don’t know, 10. – Catherine Zeta-Jones is about… she’s 40 odd. – Well, I’m 45. She was younger than me at school. And is even younger now, apparently. – So you were ten. And she was about five? You stole a five-year-old little girl’s dinner money at the age of ten? You bastard! – No, um I didn’t steal it as such, it was a… it was a misunderstanding. – Right. What was the misunderstanding? How did her money end up in your hand?
– Well, I arrived at school that day. And as I walked into the school, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ mother saw me and said “I’ve forgotten to give Catherine her dinner money. Would you give her the dinner money?” and gave the dinner money to me. And I forgot to give her the money. And I spent the money on sweets.
– And what was this school? – It was called Swansea.
– Swansea? Swansea School.
– It was called Dumbarton. – Oh not Swansea then? Dumbarton?
– In Swansea.
– Oh right. – Have you met her since?
– Yes, I have actually.
– And have you had a hilarious… … oh ho, here’s your three quid.
– Oh, tell us about when you met her.
– I’ll tell you. When I met her – this is true – which is not to say… which is not to say… which is not to SAY that it’s not true! Um, I met her at the BAFTAs when she won for Chicago and she had an American accent. That’s the story.
– Oh right. – Gimme my three pound back, Brydon!
– So what are you going to say? Truth or lie?
– Lie. – Lie.
– Lie.
– Lie. – It’s got to be a lie.
– You’re saying lie?
– Because you’re too an honest man not to have gone back and given it to her.
– So. David’s team?
– I think it might be true. – I’ll go with what Ruth says.
– Yeah, alright. We’ll say it’s true.
– You’re saying it’s true. You say it’s a lie. You say it’s true. It is… true. [APPLAUSE] – Yes, it’s true! I did once steal Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dinner money. It was a long time ago when we were kids, I now feel old age creeping up on me. As does Catherine, every morning, when Michael fancies a cuddle!

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  1. Do you have the clip where Lee secretly tells the producers to change his "Lie" to a "Truth" because Greg Davies said he would (I think) strip if it was the truth?

  2. Hey Wilty? Nope!, I've sporadically checked in on your videos from time to time and just wanted to say you moderate your channel beautifully. Always willing to answer questions and link video requests, you really know how to serve your audience. Great work!

  3. Could someone please name the woman in the clip? I've seen here before but didn't catch her name. I think she appeared in QI, but I'm not sure.

  4. I've not watched the video, but based on the thumbnail, Catherine isn't looking quite so fit these days.

  5. I can’t believe that’s Peter Serafinowicz on Lee’s team! I had to look up who that was because his face was familiar but I could not figure it out. Holy cow he looks different!

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