DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Pizza for Christmas Dinner?

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even the mouse When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter Everyone sprang up to their feet to see what was the matter when all of a sudden they saw some weird guy in a shirt and tie in their kitchen with a frozen pizza and he went Hello, everyone. This is running on empty food review You even want to know how long it took me to try to even come up with that by figure it’s a festive It’s a festive opening right a festive opener. I had a way the day before Christmas Yeah, Christmas Eve Want to do a frozen pizza review? Why not? This one goes out to everyone who why isn’t really doing anything for Christmas and I don’t know maybe wants to hit the grocery store And uh, yeah stock up on some maybe some digiorno stuffed crust pizzas Or maybe not maybe maybe they’re gonna be your worst nightmare for Christmas. But either way we’re gonna check it out we’re gonna see what it tastes like and Why not having a little bit of fun this Christmas with a Christmas blowout? That’s another good one Christmas blowout the 2019 Edition. But either way really do want to do way a frozen pizza review today You know when I did a frozen pizza video a couple back I was surprised at the response. A lot of people liked it They said they want to see some more of it and it’s a pleasure. I’ll be happy to So today we’re trying out the stuffed crust pizza From DiGiorno right there. You can kind of see there it is and There I am with the box. Let’s just do this right now. It’s right there, that’s good enough, but you can see it’s a very More they make it clear that it’s stuffed Right, there. It is a stuffed crust pizza Pointing out the cheese the real the real cheese, like that’s you know Otherwise, you might be seen that what is that seeping out of there, but that’s supposed to be the cheese. I’m a pepperoni pizza Otherwise now it’s supposed to be a stuffed crust pizza and they’re trying to say hey This is the best one that you’re gonna get. It’s the closest that’s going to be to restaurant two-tier pizza, and remember folks. It’s not delivery its DiGiorno The kind of the stuff goes in my throat actually kind of went well with that for dramatic effect But either way you can get this at a grocery store For around eight to ten dollars it all depends on price where you can where you can get it But either way, we’re just gonna try not we’re gonna assemble it. We’re gonna bake it know what try it out. We’ll see We’ll see what it tastes like butts in the past. Right? I’ve had some bad experiences with DiGiorno you know they were there was a time where they were my favorite and Then they got bad nothing. I better for a couple months in 2014 then they got bad again And now I don’t really get them, but I said well, hey the other stuff crust one looks pretty good I’m gonna try it out and see what it tastes like so Before we go over to the kitchen and assemble this and then give it a shot one thing I do want to mention is that the Christmas Day tomorrow? I’m gonna be doing a special radio show It’s only gonna be available live as it’s going out and that’s gonna be really fun I did this last year and by popular demand that’s back It’s gonna be an hour-long show and that’s us gonna feature some Christmas music some other tunes and the discussion as well It’s just gonna be a fun holiday show and I really recommend you listening. Please give it a shot if you can You can tune in on the shortwave multiple frequencies We’re on tune in if you don’t have a radio Ways to wait to listen and any info there is always available in the pinned comments or in the description But I hope you could tune in again tomorrow on Christmas a day All right. So with that out of the way, let’s go over and let’s assemble this pizza and then let’s try it out Christmas blowout All right, and here we are trying out the stuffed Cheese pizza pointing out that it is with cheese in the crust right there. You know what that is for verification purposes From DiGiorno. It’s not delivery its DiGiorno. There’s the back of the box two and a half feet of hot melty cheese who wouldn’t want cheese in their crust Yeah, but but there we go. We’re outlining that some baking directions as well. And there we go unravel You can see yes don’t look so looks in order here. No, you can see actually Toppings go all the way to the edge of the pizza, which is interesting didn’t see that with the Freschetta the sauce I mean is right there at the crust but Otherwise, there’s nothing. Oh, there we go. We’re putting it in we kind of rearranged it and In it goes and being safe this time being careful keeping it in for the maximum amount of time though for 20 minutes Going off that high-speed Commentary today. Oh and it’s out. There we go. Yeah, it’s looking You know, it’s it’s it’s cooked. It’s a cooked pizza and we got to cut it and There it is the glorious transaction right there The transition should say either way here comes the pizza eating Alright, so without further ado, let’s try out the stuffed crust pizza from DiGiorno. So Here it is up close and personal right there there It is out of the out of the oven the good view of it two slices of it. Don’t really see the cheese Seeping out of the crust, but you know, it’s definitely you can see if the crust is a little puffier though And I think it can maybe see a little bit of cheese Kind of lurking around right there. But either way fresh out of the oven. I think it’s nice It’s it’s at that point now where your tongue isn’t gonna get, you know burnt by the liquefied Product. So with that let’s grab this slice here and the let’s try it out and we’ll see how good it is So it’s the you know, the stuffed crust pizza from DiGiorno going in I almost forgot to say Christmas blowout Made our way through the slice. It’s not having reached the cheese yet. So now I’ll just see where that kind of begins All right, there we go there’s the cheesy crust Don’t take one more bite of it Well Here’s how it is when it comes down to the DiGiorno Pizza, you know one thing you have to kind of avoid when it comes down to frozen pizzas because it’s a real easy trap to fall into Is you immediately start comparing it to like? You know a local pizzeria or a place that just makes it fresh has no fresh Ingredients and you can’t do that. You have to say. All right. This is a frozen pizza. How is it overall? How does it taste is it edible? Am I projectile vomiting right now? Is there like some sort of deliriant in it? And am I kind of like jumping rope with the cheese that’s in the crust, you know, am I doing that? What’s going on? Exactly or is it just a good slice of pizza? so Comparing it just to how it is right just as a product My biggest problem that I’ve always had with DiGiorno isn’t the cheese Cheese is fine The cheese that’s on the pizza is okay in the cheese that’s in the crust is okay It’s not the most flavorful in the world. Like I said richest cheese at all. It’s like you know that standard Mozzarella, it’s like that cheese stick type of cheese that you just see in the crust there, right? That’s fine It’s a little you know, oily but it’s something that you would expect from a frozen pizza. It’s not a problem the cheese is fine a Pepperoni – pepperoni a little on that spicier end not a big issue Here’s my biggest problem one of two things. Number one. I just don’t like how The consistency of it see how disproportionate that is when you start eating here. It’s like I’ve almost like a thin crust pizza It’s just really really thin it has this almost crunch to it. And by the time you work your way to the end of it It’s like you’re eating almost a deep dish pan pizza So that difference in the consistency. There’s you’re working your way up is interesting I just like it kind of being one or the other and that’s just one complaint my biggest complaint those with the sauce You know, that’s the one thing that I like about Frechetta a little better I know I just think that the sauce that they do on this pizza. It’s just it’s like it’s runny, you know, I Like how there’s with certain other pizzas More of a volume, a thickness like more of a flavorful type of sauce Whereas with the DiGiorno the biggest issue that I have with it is that it’s more like runny like it’s a tomato paste Not to say that it isn’t flavorful I’m just not a fan of the consistency and it just seems a little more watery overall, which is a problem for me Mm-hmm Right like that first bite that I take I just taste that runniness of the sauce and that’s a big issue But I mean for, for a frozen pizza. It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world and again I think the biggest selling point here for this pizza is the fact that they’re trying to say we have a stuffed crust pizza Do you? And maybe you do I actually see some other places in the you know in the supermarket they’re actually selling the stuff crust frozen pizza now, but They’re saying yeah. Well, we did it first. We’ve got the two feet of the real cheese. Not the fake cheese, right? that’s a big that’s a big issue going on right now and Either way, I think first stuffed crust pizza. It’s okay I have a few complaints here and then I have my issue with the quality of the sauce, but the Cheese everything that’s in the crust. All that is fine pepperoni is okay, but I just have my issues With the sauce, but for a frozen pizza, it’s okay I can’t really complain so out of ten all things considered I would say it’s around average No, I have a couple issues but it’s nothing like life or death. It’s nothing That’s like alright, this is a this is a deal breaker. I’m not getting this ever again It’s not like that. So out of ten I’d give it a five out of ten pretty average Where you know? You have a complaint here and there but it’s not the end of the world and that’s what it comes down to So with that now that’s all that I have for you Yeah doing a big Christmas blowout with the stuffed crust pizza from DiGiorno. I hope you enjoyed the review though I was trying it out. I was just curious because I so I looked like they rebranded it they were trying to do something new trying to make it seem like it’s Revitalized or whatever and they’re just giving it a shot seeing how it’s changed over the years and they’re going from there But either way, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season Whatever it is that you’re doing. Hope it’s a splendid one for you And also on Christmas Day if you do want to tune into my new radio broadcast for that one day only again Make sure you check the links in the description Pinned comment ways to listen, but I hope I can see you then It’s gonna be a really fun show and it’ll just be a pleasure to do With it. That’s all that I have for you. Thank you for watching and do take care for this 2019 Christmas blowout That’s all that I have. Thank you. Take care

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