DIL’S BIRTHDAY IN THE BIG CITY! – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #45

P: You sure about this Dan? D: Um, it’s a bit late now… P: Hello! D: Hi there! P: DanAndPhilGAMES city slickers! D: And welcome back to the Sims, but before we get into the game- (P: We!) D: We’ve got something exciting to.. P: I just want to burst out and say it! P: We’ve made DanAndPhilGAMES merch! D: Would you believe- P: It’s happened! D: We’ve been thinking about this for like three years D: and we only just got around to it. P: And it’s finally here! D: Like literal-literally three years and…just now P: Just now it’s happened. D: So here it is! P: So first up, we have… P: The t-shirt! D: Based on the most stylin’ dude in the whole world of course. -P: I’m gonna stop rubbing it. P: It is the Dil t-shirt complete with v-neck and comfy soft material! D: And the, the heart container. -P: Yeah. -D: Very nice. P: So you build it up! -D: You can cosplay as your favorite Sim. P: Also- *giggling* P: Dan is wearing the Tabitha t-shirt. D: The Tabitha shirt! Okay, so, um… D: This is designed- P: With the boobs. -D: Like Tabitha D: Yeah, with the boobs and the hips. P: Yeah- D: But don’t let that stop anyone. P: Anyone can wear it! -D: I’m rocking the wide neck P: It’s just very tight! D: It might be a girl’s size small- P: It’s very tight! D: Could’ve gotten like a medium, but here I am… D: and even though I can’t breathe, I’m gonna rock it for the rest of the video. P: I feel like your head might just pop off at any moment. D: Maybe..can you see my nipple? P: There is definitely a nip right there. D: *mumbling* Do a poke, Phil. Poke it back in. P: Boop! D: But it’s not all just t-shirts, is it Phil? P: I’m so excited about these! We have bunny slippers! P: We tried to model them exactly how Dil’s look, with the floppy ears, they’re cozy- D: Look at them! P: They’re soft! D: Look at those erect ears! That aren’t too erect, they flop. P: They flop! Which is what you want. D: Sometimes they’re floppy? Um, but they’re really comfy on the inside. P: They come in two sizes, normal and petite! D: Smol! P: Smol and tol! D: And, and tol f-foot! That’s not the actual size, but you know, it’s good. And, last and not least- P: De creme de la creme.- D: I hope you’re ready for this. This the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. P: Release him! Show them. D: The Dil plushie! -P: Da da da daa! – D: Look at that! P: Look at him! He’s got tiny little bunny slippers!! D: He’s got his little watch, he’s got his little ring at the exit(??). He’s got the shirt. P: Yeah. D: It’s like. Oh my god. There’s some crazy inception happening. P: What is happening right now? D: This completely blows the Dan and Phil ones out the window. P: Yeah. D: We were thinking, “Would anyone want a Dil plushie?” And then I was like, “I think I would?” So if you’re the same, and you want a cute tiny petite little Dil- P: Yep. Now you can. -Sit him on your gaming desk. Sit him on your horse. Sit him wherever you want. -Sit him on your shoulder as you film the whole video. *random words in Simlish* I’m sure this won’t..get…tired. -Enzeltay zombo! -So all of these are available on danandphilshop.com! Or there is an American or an Australian shop down there, so if you want to click the links in the description there you go! You can get them! Gaming merch! It happened! -Yes!! -So in the world of The Sims we just had the most perfect family day ever! -Such a good day! -And I said things are only gonna go downhill from here. And what reminds you of life steadily declining more than a birthday! DNP: It’s Dil’s birthday today! Well. -It was Dil’s birthday this week, but we’re gonna celebrate it today anyway. Like the Queen, it can last all week. -Now, we’re not gonna like, age him up because what is the next step in Dil’s life? I think the next stage is elder. -WE’RE NOT READY YET!! Oh GOD next year. -Maybe next year. -Maybe not. God, how long does he have? -We’ll see. -So, we thought we’ll do something special. We’ll take him on a trip. We did the camping. We’ve been to the other town. What’s left? Well, they just hit us with the City Living. -The biiig citay! The Sims is my city! (stop him pls) -San Myshuno. -Yeah! So I think they’re kind of copying Big Hero 6 there for a bit. -Oh, okay! With a bit of San Franstokyo vibes. -What’s the “Myshuno” bit? -I don’t know? Mish? -Mish? -Michigan? -Michigan? Who knows? -You know. -It’s densely populated. -Look at that! You can make out on a penthouse balcony. -You can make out on a balcony. Paint murals. Sing karaoke. Lively festivals! Buy a penthouse! Look, we’re not gonna buy a swanky penthouse. -We’re not moving out. -We’ve got our owl slide, thank you. A penthouse can’t have an owl slide. -Or a metropolitan career. Jesus. -So I thought we could go out, to the city, Dil and Tabs. Maybe Dab and Evan as well? We’ll see. I mean- -I think Dalien might be a bit young for a city trip. So what do you think this city will be like? -I don’t know. Is it gonna be like New York-ish? I mean, it’s gonna be San Fran me-me-meysodfhdskjghOUY -ish apparently. -Someone said you can put items inside this machine? -What, the blue thing? Yeah, so you can, like, drag stuff into it. -What, from the inventory? -I think so. -Okay. Let’s, let’s get Tentacle Tom and then let’s put Tentacle Tom in the machine. -See? *sNORT* What is happening?! -Look at that! -Okay? -I don’t know what that means. -That’s, I mean, that’s practically just Tentacle Tom as well. -Let’s put all of our inventory in there. It’s very disturbing. Okay, household inventory. I think we’ve got a fish somewhere, so we get the fish in the tank. -There we go! That’s a bit sad looking now! -It’s dead! Oh! -It looks like a Damien Hirst exhibition. -A dead- -“Exhibition”? -How much formaldehyde is Damien Hirst using to suspend this one fish? -I think we should leave it! Have you ever related to a fish more than this exact moment? -Awww. Sad dead minnow. Wow. Dil might wet himself in the bed, okay. -He’s about to wet the bed. I almost did that last night. I had a dream that I was peeing in my sleep, and I was like “Wait, wait! Oh, okay” So it was fine. -That’s like the danger zone. -I know. -You panic and then you wake up like “OH GOD NO I DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE. I’M NOT 5” oh wait everything’s fine One of those boring dreams where you’ve just woken up and you’re having your day And then you’re like “Wait am I in a different dimension or not?” -That is freaky. Dab! -OHHHHH!! -You did not want to see that. -Well, you should’ve knocked. -Knock on the door, Dab. He literally just-oh wait, is he sick? -Is he alright? Hello. What was that? -Was that a little sneezle? -“The Good Days”. Awww! Yesterday was the good day. -Yeah. -Now something terrible is gonna happen in the city. -You need to stop saying that! -I need to stop joking about that. Okay, I’m sorry. You’re going to tempt fate! -I’m gonna make it happen. -Touch wood! -Oooh! -Ooooh! Bathe the baby, Tabitha. -*singing* Bathe the baby. I can make him “Use Diaper” as an instruction? That’s a bit disturbing. Wake up. *weird voice* Wake up! Wake up! Have a little alien shake-up! D: Don’t shake babies. P: No, don’t shake babies. There we gooo! -Go away, Evelyn! We’ve got no time for you. Who are you? Get out of my life! -Get out of my life! -Get ouut! -Stop doing “The Room” references! -Sorryyyy! Get out of my life! You’re tearing me apart, Dalien! -Scrub the filth off the alien body. -This baby is so dirty. Scrub it till it shinESSS Okay, you made that strange. It’s been a while since they’ve had a good bath theme song. -Yeah, I know. There you go! I used to give myself beards in the bath out of bubbles to see what I’d look like if I was Santa. -Nice. Pretty good was the answer. I would be a great old man! The flea market is in town? -Oh, that’s part of the new city thing! There’s loads of different, like, markets and clubs you can go to. -Excuse me? -We can get some new items! -Pfft. Nah, we want to go to the city, not buy crap. -I used to love a good car boot sale! -Honestly, you just need one mum that, while their child’s at college, just sold all of their game consoles, and you’re set. -Best day. How is he already filthy? -What is this child? -His hygiene is on, like, max! Can we just swap him back to the other child? Disguise him! Back to ginger child! -Time to transform into a clean ginger child after he’s played- -Played in that. -Played the drums! *cue dan banging on the desk* Let’s have a trip to the city! I don’t think we should take Dalien into the city. I think he’s a bit too small for a trip. -It’s gonna be too intense. And it always ruins it if you’ve got a tiny toddler with you, if you want to do an adventure. -Look at them smashing balls. We’re still onto you, Dil! Don’t think you’ve changed too much. He’s had a breakthrough! Oooh! An idea for a cloning machine. -Nope, we do not need any more children in this house! -I think ten Erica Pendletons! This is a future video waiting to happen. -We could just make an entire house of Eliza’s. Right, I think we should hire a nanny. How do we do that? -Just call it upon the cell phone. *singing* I’m hiring a nannyyy! *singing* You’re hiring a nannYyY! To hire a nanny! Raven McCracken?! Who the hell are you?!? No! Stop telling us to come to your thing! -Oh, he transformed and he’s still filthy. He’s gonna look like a messy, but at least whoever the daycare person will not freak out at the alien. And he just stripped off. -Okay! -Okay. No come on Tabitha! You need to step up. It’s Dil’s birthday! You need to- praise? Yes! -No, don’t praise him for being naked! -Praise him for stripping! Follow your heart! I guess if he’s comfortable in his birthday suit, he can do that in his own home. -Indeed. She’s back and she looks fun! -Evelyn, yeah. So, I think that last time didn’t Dab and her like, end up epically fighting? I don’t remember. -Yeah, she’s probably gonna kick Dab in the neck. Well, you know, he is out there and ready to destroy the universe with a pan.. Cool! -Right, let’s go to the city! *singing* Travel! -Here we go! I wonder if we’re gonna have to get a plane? -I’m hyped. -A plane to get to the city? -Oh, it’s a drive away. You’re rocking the v-neck, Phil. -Thank you! -I must say. -I like it! It’s breathable for my neck area! They say if you subscribe to DanAndPhilGAMES the heart container fills. -Yeah! -Right! How do we- “World”. -To the city! SAN!! MYSHUNO!! Oooooh! Wow. -Look at all this! Okay, there’s a lot going on here. -What’s the spicy thing? Let’s rotate round. Okay, so we’ve got a karaoke bar! -Messy. Okay..- Amazing. Apartments, apartments. The chili pepper is a spice market. -So spice! -I wonder what the swankiest apartments are. Is it this? -Ooooh! There’s an art gallery! We could go do the art gallery game! -“Fountainview Penthouse”. -Nice. Could we just go, like, visit that art gallery? -The art gallery game is You go to an art gallery, and the first person see a dog in a painting wins. Didn’t you win this because there was some Picasso painting with a dog? -Yeah! It was great. -Gym, wow: “Uptown, for the rich, powerful, and slightly odd..” Oh my gosh. -The Stargazer lounge! Hello, okay. There’s a big day. There’s a shoe district. Right. There’s a lot to do. This is Dil’s day. What do you want to hit up? -Yeah, I think maybe an art gallery. Let’s go get refined. -Let’s grab some culture. All right, so we should have Tabitha, obviously. -Travel with Tabitha. Apparently there’s still some room for love in there. -What?! -I dunno. -It’s probably all the time she’s just seen him on the toilet. Yeah, that’s that’s gonna take away that. Evan and Dab. -It’s always good to have a friend with you if you go on a boring parent day, otherwise it’ll be like “Mum, I don’t want to look at the stupid dog painting.” You love the dog painting! -It’s a fun game. -Yeah. -That distracts from the appreciation. That’s what Picasso would’ve wanted! -I’m sure. -We’re here! -What the f-two heck?! Look at this! -Look at this place. -Oh my gosh! -This is swanky. -See, it’s weird, but I already feel a bit more at home now I’ve seen the city. I just really vibe with cities! -You don’t relate to suburbia, do you not? -No, not at all. Oh my god. -This is amazing! -This is definitely where we’d live, except what kind of dream fantasy city is this? Why is it so clean? -So clean! -Where’s the stabbing? -Where’s the disease pigeon? Who’s gonna snatch my iPhone on moped? -Where would we want to live if we could live here, Dan? I mean, what was that dream fantasy penthouse? We’ll go visit that. Right, as for now, the gallery! Some modern art! Is that? I thought that was the door. -I think that’s just some art. -That’s just a sign. Okay, “View Together”! Come on gang, let’s go ponder! -Aww, look! They’re so happy! They’re skipping in! -Aww, look at them. Jogging along. Evan could be another one of their children, except no we’ve got an alien one, he looks so much like Bob and Eliza! -I know, it’s crazy! -It’s actually really creepy how much Evan looks like them. I think Dab should like get have a chat with him. They don’t know each other that way. Yeah, what while these guys are contemplating the meaning of This art -Dan, what do you think the meaning of that art is? -Uh, I think it looks, well It’s a city skyline. Isn’t it look? It’s got clouds. It’s got buildings. -I think that’s the last thing we see before the robots invade Yes, I think that’s definitely it. Tabitha’s like “I’m getting bad vibes!” “What about you Dab?” And he’s like “Evan, I don’t know her. Don’t worry about this.” I love the Evans like “Mm, I’m not the arty one here. I don’t quite get it, but I’m having a nice day.” And then Dab, the arty one’s just like “Oh My GoD, it’s making me think of handcuffs! How society is chaining us all to the preconceived notions of how we’re supposed to live our lives And this smelly boots underneath all of us.”(same dab) -Who is this woman? Cracking open the bantz – is she? -with Elsa -teaching us all about – let it go where did Dill go? – Dill’s off to be cultural – Dill? -Dilly? -Dill? Dill? where is he? How do we actually find him Oh is there any way upstairs? Okay? Let’s just follow dill on his adventure It’s always one friend that when you go on one of these excursions would always go off on their own they always leave by themselves it’s like ‘stick with the group’ man I’m more of a group appreciation of the art -yeah -kind of guy – defo is he part of the group? – hE’S ON A MISSION He is viewing something and Some-somehow he knew that this would be there this is why- Despite never having visited this gallery before this place is crazy -It’s hUGE! I love this. What kind of modern utopia is this place? (I don’t know) D: And he came here specifically to look at that. P: Aw that one’s quite Japanese-y D: Wow D: Okay, hmm well. You know what Dil P: Liking the art D: it’s your birthday you do – It’s just so creepy P: He’s appreciating it D: It looks exactly the same P: Well that’s the point! D: Thank you, yeah, okay. Having a lightbulb moment, okaaay no more thinking about the creepy cloning machines or whatever it is the heck-you could come here for some like private gallery canoodling. P: Can they all play some instruments together? D: What, the whole gang? P: Yeah D: Okay, go here together Here we go. Who’s gonna win the race? P: I don’t know what this has got to do with art, but you know- D: Oh my god, wait a minute, who’s Evan talking to? Both: Aanya D: Hello P: They’ve both got a bit of friendship with Aanya, maybe they go to school with her. D: They all need to pee. P: Yeah what’s going on. D: And is this after Aanya was introduced to the equation? Coincidence? I think not. P: She’s a pee witch! P: I regret saying that. D: Yeah, that’s the worst sentence you’ve said today. P: This should be a beautiful Howlter moment. D: Absolutely I mean you need some nervous. I really need to pee energy in order to crack out something like this P: Yeah, how’s this gonna sound? Nice Loving it D: Don’t know how much Dil is helping with this. P: Where’s Dab, we need him on the piano. D: Sure, hit the keys Dab! Aw, these sweet melody. P: This is beautiful. D: So truly amazing. P: Soundtrack to the next Oscar-winning movie D: Evan’s like, ‘okay bye, where’s Aanya, I really need to just get-‘ have we lost- P: We’ve lost someone else’s child- D: Bob and Eliza’s child?! Okay, no, He’s going down. P: He’s alright. D: He’s like, ‘Dear God this is the worst sound I’ve ever heard. This is torture.’ D: Okay, I think we’ve had enough of that. Where is Evan going? He”s speeding away… P: where – where – is he leaving? D: Did he just bail on us?
P: We didn’t want you at our art gallery D: Wow okay, so you’re there when Dab wants to talk to you about elephants D: But the moment that the lovely couple D: That wants to take you out for a… piano… sing.. you’re not about that and you want to go home, okay, I see how it is P: fine D: so what we got going on here. I like the lanterns this place is very pretty P: is that a snow globe stand? D: so we have this guy who’s trying to sell us some fabulous… P: smoothies D: whatever that is. Okay, well let’s go buy some produce. P: Okay D: defo P: an aubergine D:A single aubergine please P: I’m getting Dream Daddy flashbacks now D: Oh god. Okay, so what can we haggle from you? D: I mean, let’s just- let’s see how his gift of the gab goes P: Test his haggling skills? D: *as Dil* Oh, I’m so hot D: *as Dil* I, I, I’m dying. I really need you to… I love that for some reason he gained emotional control from f- wow! P: What? D: Okay
P: Rejected D:Erm… was that Dil? I don’t know. I do- D: This person hasn’t okay, let’s I’m-
I’m absolutely shook. Let’s go to Central Park. P: Yes D: absolutely go P: wait wait invite… D: Evan come back D: I know you tried to get lost from us in the big city, not having P: we need to take you home D: look at this P: That’s so cool D: Amazing P: see I always wanted to get to age 14 because then I’d be allowed to go to Manchester D: Was that the big deal a big deal? P: That was the big deal, it was like 30 minutes on a bus, the first time P: I went with my friend Anya and I bought a cardboard cutout of sarah michelle gellar That was that was the first thing I bought in Manchester D: Iconic, the first time you ever went to town you want a cut out D: of your waifu, and then had to sit with her on the bus P: And loads of scary kids were laughing at me D: wow P: it was with it though D: I think it was worth it D: Can we, like, take a selfie of this lovely day under the cherry blossom tree? P: *gasp* How aesthetic, yes! D: So how do we do that? (Okay, selfie) Take a photo with Tabitha, there we go, children get rekt D:Okay P: let’s do this D: ah under the cherry blossom- NOT THAT WAY ROUND you buffoon P: have they learned nothing? D:Oh my god. You couldn’t I don’t even want this anymore D: Let me click the X okay right (right) okay (selfie time) It’s your turn guys D: Make us proud do a lot better than your father. (Get that god damn tree in the background) I love that Evan has just completely turned into a mess here P: Aargh! P: It must be that side. D: They didn’t get the tree into the background, but (but that’s fine) look how short D: they are I don’t even get a tree in the background D:They know how to take that Kim Kardashian angle! Well there we go P: A memory of the day. D: Ahh D: Even if his dad is useless Dab can take a solid selfie. What is this place right now? P: I think it’s someone’s house D: is this a house? P: I think this must be someone’s house D: this can’t be someone’s house. No, it must be like a, a hotel or something P: Is Evan in the bath upstairs? Wait, go upstairs D: What do you mean?
P: Look at that! D: He’s like, look D: HE’S GOT A FACE – iconic P: Amazing D: King of Life P: break into a random house, put on a face mask D: We should all aspire to be like him to be honest. So I like Central Park! D: I mean, this would be a good place for a wedding D: I mean unlike our wedding in the park P: that was good, though! D: when Dil and Tabitha had to buy everything (yeah) and then sell it immediately after D: this is already prepared- P: True D: -but hey. We had the authentic, homegrown wedding. D: ‘Woohoo with’ P: what in the telescope I? D: I don’t know what this means but I’m clicking it.
P: What is- what is happening?
D: Okay guys, here we go D: Tabitha and Dil on Dil’s birthday are about to woohoo in the big city P: in the telescope D: in a telescope P: just leave the kids behind D: Okay. It’s like the Simpsons! D: What a terrible influence. Okay, well, you know, Dab’s fine, Evan’s probably in a bath somewhere, and they’re just gonna woohoo P: quick quick quick quick! D: under the telescope P: It’s shaking
D: Wow okay somewhere up in the night sky
P: What is even happening in there D: Dalien’s parents looking down and they’re shaming them right now. I mean this poor nanny D: Are we paying her to stay overnight or something?
P: I don’t know D: I’m not sure, but they’re- they’re really rocking this- the scope.
P: Wow come on guys wrap it up Together: Wow D: Okay, that was D: That was- that was a finish right there.
P: That was good D: Okay, I think we’ve had enough of Central Park, I think we should leave it before we get arrested D: Okay, so I think like all nights out in the city, it should end by going to a karaoke bar P: Yeah D: and getting messy. P: Let’s do it! D: Do you want to set Evan free now? P: Let’s see how he’s feeling. Is he- D: How you feeling, Evan? D: Well, you can’t see how he’s feeling P: No
D: But it’s fine, P: he can come D: he’ll survive- P: He’ll deal with it- D: Eliza and Bob are great Sim parents that will keep him alive. P: One of my friends’ dads was a judge and one time we had a day out (intense) when I was like seven P: We went to court and just watched the court case D: what crimes did you see? P: it was something about fraud? P: It was very boring, (cheeky) so we snuck away and then photocopied our faces on the photocopier instead *mocking background music* P: Wow D: this is- look at- I’m kind of freaking out right now P: Oh my gosh! D: I mean D: What is this hole of doom? P: This is amaazinggg D: Are these apartme-? Ah-wha? I wanna live in this city. P: Let’s just dive through the screen D: I’m sorry. I’m freaking out. Yeah. What is underneath? P: It’s so swish D: it goes all the way down to there D; I wonder if someone could do an epic dive through the hole into that fountain down there P: I think it would lead to death but it’d be fun in the process D: this whole city is mass- and there’s like a whole… D: That’s a gym
P: a gYM D: Imagine sitting on the treadmills and looking out onto this. Mother of God
P: I mean, hats off to the Sims They did not need to go to this much effort… D: Yeah, okay yeah. P:…to make a penthouse D: Hello Sims developers well done. Sure P: so where’s the karaoke booth P: Hey Dan look at the logo, that is a… D: right, so that’s just *listen* to someone sing (listen to music) not do the singing P: karaoke is here D: So what, they’re Planet Honey Pop? *facepalm* P: Yes D: I’m glad we got to experience that crazy thing, though P: It’s so cool D: In another- maybe when Dab is older P: he could move to the city. D: if the- yeah like D:I don’t know if this is gonna be like in three years on DanandPhilGAMES or just our headcanons P: Yeah D: Dab buying the penthouse apartment in the city P:That would be amazing! D: No owl slide unfortunately D: What is up with this toilet? P: That is a futuristic jukebox toilet. D: You can converse with the toilet P: Rude remark D: okay, yeah, okay, I’m sorry D: I know we’re here to play karaoke, but the first thing that happens is Dil is gonna sit on that Hal 9000 thing He’s still moodlet-ed up from his woohoo D: *as Dil* I don’t like you – (noo) toilet! Oh my god D: He fell out with the toilet P: Can you woohoo with the toilet? D: I don’t- I’m just going to leave this P: that’s weird D: It’s – okay, bye. P: *gasp* she’s already begun! D: look at Tabitha! P: Look at her doing it! D: Yes, yes! *claps* D: Work it! P: Shes singing… D: What is this music video
P:*singing* the little fish in the deep blue sea can somebody help me How do you even remember that? Yeah, you’re amaz- was that yeah, you’re amazing, or boo, you suck? P: I think it was yeah, you’re amazing D: Let’s hope so- SING DUET? P: yes
D: sing a country duet P: with Dil D: with Dil! D: This is like a season fi-. This is like an ova fanservice. Take it away guys D: Yes, P: this is already sounding great. D: I mean, birthday, P: Yeah? D: right? P: Good birthday!
D: You go to an art gallery, you play on a piano, just, as like, a vocal warmup D: You go woohoo under a telescope after looking at some amazing architecture D: and then sing a country duet with your wife. P: This is a beautiful way to end the video D: he knows hows how to do it, Dil Howlter *Dil and Tabitha singing* D: And Dab’s just like I guess this is okay? D: I don’t totally want to scoop my own brain out
P: And Evan’s just gone home D:And Evan’s just left D: I love that no one’s dancing it’s like these two – Oh my god. We found Evan!
P:Oh no! D: He’s asleep P: How sad! D: Oh God, okay, well P:Can Dab like, jumpscare him awake?
D: Well done you guys yeah, I think it’s time to take this child home D: Yeah, wake him up wake up look. They’re having a nice time. It’s good D: We don’t have to be too worried that they’re going to completely report us to social services P: That’s good. D: Although he’s like ‘I need to sleep’ P: They’re both falling asleep D: and he’s like ‘I’m starving to death’ okay D: It’s let’s leave P: It’s a school night. D: We need to protect the children P: Terrible parents D: D: so this is like a whole crazy new worl- D: I mean if we cared about fashion D: Which you know? D: we don’t need to ’cause Dil’s already the most fashionable character in the entire… P: obviously D: *mocking pfft noises* P: So I think another thing we can do on another day is go to one of the conventions. There’s like a nerd convention, spies convention… D: There’s conventions? P: Yeah, so you can go and like hang out with fellow geeks D: Dil goes to the nerd convention D: I can see that happening already, P: and they’re on the way back home. D: Goodbye Evan. I hope you had a nice day I think too much. P: They’ve had a nice day, but we should give Dil a birthday present D: It is customary we need to get something. Now, I’m just gonna put this out there It’s related to the attempts of the day today P: a karaoke machine. D: It’s – dear God D: No, that would be terrible we are *not* putting a karaoke machine in this house. It’s a little something we may have forgotten D: To get Dil when we were building the new house P: Ohh the cherry blossom tree! D: the cherry blossom tree (yaas) BOOM there we go, (yes) I mean how amazing is that? D: And it sort of fits perfectly in the corner of the garden too P: yeah! D: Aww P: Can they take a selfie in front of it that works is the question D: I mean if you really want to try that I don’t know okay guys come on P: come on D: I believe in you P: the photo? the tree, the tree’s there D:Maybe, maybe… aaaaand they’ve got a sweeping nanny P: Well there we go that’s fine I guess the question of life is, will Dil Howlter ever be able to take a selfie (P: the perfect selfie!) in the right direction? P: Everyone needs to go to bed. It’s like 2 in the morning D: it is like- can you go home? (P:GO TO SLEEP) Oh my god! P: I think that’s a good place to end the video D: Dismiss P: Dismiss. I really want to live in that city! It’s amazing D: I just want to go back there. Can I- can we do a live stream, when we just spend six hours? P: Six hours – in the city D: going everywhere in the city just to appreciate the virtual architecture P: So give us a thumbs up if you want us to visit the city again in another episode, also remember P: We’ve got our new merch – t-shirts, plushie D: links down in the description (slippos) if you wanna get stylin get comfy or just do all the Sinister roleplay you want with a tiny little Dil P: ya can subscribe by clicking down there D: channels P: channels D: last videos and don’t transform anything because you’ll set on fire, also be responsible with your neighbors children P: and have a wee before you go to the city D: Bye! P: Byyee!

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