Dining on Dog ★ Chinese Man Wants To Sell Dog For Dinner ★

Qinqin, come here! sorry chicken! oh my god! that’s totally breaking my heart I feel so sorry for him they’re gonna eat that dog delicious! delicious! delicious! Qinqin is just harrassing these white chickens here even though the chickens are white, their skin is black and these are called “wuji” Qinqin really wants to get in to try and catch one they’re called “wuji” and they put them in Chinese soup it’s very very good for you it’s very good in winter the clock stopped at what time? what time did the clock stop at? ten to eleven oh! you scared the life out of me! what are you scared of? where are you from? where am I from? eh! you can’t come in here now. quick! get out of here! we just wanna go shoot that building can’t you see, you can’t come in here not with this virus trouble what? you know! come on! get out of here! I don’t undertand I don’t undertand you don’t get it, you’ve gotta get out of here what do you mean, get out of here? you can’t come into the village we just wanna shoot the building you can’t come in here do you have the virus? I don’t have the virus aren’t you afraid? it’s not a case of if I’m scared or not, it’s that you can’t come in here! don’t you know? I don’t know anything you don’t know anything? I don’t know anything haven’t you looked at you phone? I don’t have a phone blah! no phone! quick, quick, quick! okay, we’ll be quick! he asked me if I’d looked at the phone today? *** baby crying *** right now this guy who’s following me seems very concerned that we don’t have face masks on and he’s worried about us spreaing the CV in his village he’s saying now that he doesn’t speak yingwen [English] I don’t think he speaks putongua [Mandarin] either he speaks very dirty countryside Cantonese very difficult to understand but we’re gonna get out of here, see if we can find some more secluded spots the guy says he wants to sell me his dog male or female? female heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! eh! it’s a puppy what’s her name? woof! hao wu jin fa is it tasty! REALLY TASTY! aw! puppy! I feel so sorry for him her, it’s a girl [she’s so thin] thin? she’s supposed to be like that our local dogs are all like this this kind of dog is really tasty it’s tasty? really tasty! what kind of flavour? a very frangrant kind of flavour [are you getting ready to kill her] yup! really? is she your friend, or is she for dinner? for dinner! for dinner? how do you prepare her? heh heh heh! she’s just so tasty! don’t eat her! she’s your friend that’s right! look at her! she really likes you! yeah? do you like to eat dog meat too? she doesn’t understand what you’re talking about is dog delicious? [DOING SIGN LANAGUAGE TO HER] delicious! delicious! delicious! what a poor dog! it’s alright how much for the dog? how much have you got? 10 bucks do you want the dog? f%%k! do you want the dog? they’re gonna eat it what are we gonna do with another dog? we can’t get another dog then there’s nothing we can do okay, we better be going what’s her name? Jindo [a kind of Korean dog famous for it’s meat] look! she’s so tasty [I though he said “fierce”] fierce? she’s not fierce! [not fierce] delicious! [looking at a tick] that’s not problem! she’s afraid! she’s not afraid! male or female… female… which one is more delicious? [which one is more delicious?] we gotta go bye bye puppy! oh my god! that’s totally breaking my heart! they’re gonna eat that dog he wanted to sell it to us [VERY STRONG WIND] they saw that we like dogs, because we have one of our own so, can you tell me what just happened? we were just on the way back to our car… and… this… local man from these “diaolous” [fortified buildings] is like shouting at us, asking if we want to buy his dog he literally wanted to sell us his dog his… you know… it looked like a young dog female dog but then what happened? I thought that dog was like a… like a… pet but she’s not it’s er… “gourou” – it’s for meat oh my god! it’s probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of my whole life because I know that… that particular dog is gonna be eaten I could see the fear in her eyes her eyes were so full of… she was so scared and she was like asking for attention from her owner but the owner just doesn’t see her as a friend as a family member, as anything but food oh my god! we can’t possibly get another dog, can we? where are we? we’re in Guangdong Province, right? and that means South China anything… Guangdong “ren” [people] eat anything there’s this dog meat festival in… where is it… in Guangxi Province, right? and there was this old lady who couldn’t speak standard Chinese but as soon as you said “haochima” [is it delicious?] she like… she lit up. her face all lit up she was like “haochi haochi” [delicious! delicious] delicious, delicious, delicious! Jesus Christ! they’re gonna eat that dog oh my darling, don’t cry you’re gonna make me cry you hear about it, you know you kinda know that it’s there but you keep hoping that… maybe there’s less and less of it and then you see it with your own eyes and you know there is nothing you can do about it it’s not your culture. you’re a foreigner here “meibanfa” [there’s nothing we can do] it’s just something we need to live with

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