Dinner at izakaya in Naha 初めて訪れた那覇の小桜は人気で酒に合う料理がどれもおいしいから記憶が曖昧なのは飲み過ぎたせいかもしれない:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

I ordered various dishes. Otoshi is mozuku-seaweed. The taste of the sesame oil. It’s a possibility. Yummy. This is Miso-pi. I don’t drink alcohol, but I eat this. This is Sururu. Nanbanzuke are good. Yummy. Is Sururu good? Good. This is Miso-pi. You laughed. That’s so good that you laugh unconsciously, isn’t it? I squeeze Lemon on Suchika. Here you go, please eat. Is this the unique dish of this Izakaya? I eat this. Is it like bacon? This is KPS. Kozakura-Poteto-Sarada. Is this the mysterious taste? Is this very good? What kind of seasoning is this? I have not eaten yet, so it isn’t understood. The appearance is ordinary potato salad. I eat Suchika. Yummy. I ordered an awamori. I didn’t put ice in a glass. Awamori is gone. Really? True. You put too much awamori in the glass. It is good that the awamori thins little by little as the ice melts, isn’t it?. Beautiful glass. I drink awamori on the rocks. You’re weak in alcohol. You are not able to break down alcohol. Nevertheless do not drink my awamori. Nankotsu-soki. You don’t eat this, right? I eat one of that. Nankotsu-soki. Chinese style. Is this flavored with Star anise? This is not the usual seasoning of soy sauce and mirin. Potato salad is good. Good. Bacon. Kozakura’s Sonen-chanpuru has a good reputation. Here you go, please eat. It was written as simple is the best. Sea cucumber was releasing such things today. White. Itadakimasu. How do you like it? Yummy. This is a foul. Is this good enough to be a foul? Then, I eat this, too. This is a foul. How is this a foul? Is this good enough to make you say “foul”? How was this seasoned? It’s this. It’s garlic. But garlic doesn’t stand out. Is there a lot of garlic? Yummy. Yummy. I drank much alcohol. So a dish was ordered additionally. What is this? Kamaboko. Is this Kamaboko? Looks so good. Shima-kamaboko on Ie Island. Crispy. I eat this with wasabi. Wasabi is sharp. This is good. This has a strong taste. It goes well with alcohol. What is this? A-ball. A-ball is this. An awamori with soda. Yummy. I have the memory which drank Habu-ball formerly. This izakaya is good. Every dish is good. This izakaya dish goes with alcohol. I do not know how people who do not drink alcohol think of this izakaya. Because. It’s because I drink alcohol. Gochisousamadesita.

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