Pak-China Friendship – Long Live Zindabad Hello friends, I am here with another very interesting vlog Today I am going to show you a beautiful place of Islamabad I am going to take my Chinese friends for sightseeing in Islamabad and show them the beauty of the city so I thought along with showing them around, I might as well take you guys with me This is going to be very very interesting vlog so better watch it till the end in case you haven’t subscribed my channel as yet, please press the subscribe button below and hit bell icon I have just come to pick my Chinese friends from their hotel and plan is to take them to Monal Restaurant at the margalla top Monal is approx 9Km from Margalla Road Islamabad This is one of its kind experience travelling through the lush green mountain of Margalla especially on this beautiful road You will never forget this. There are several viewing points where you can stop by and enjoy the view of the city of Islamabad One of the best viewing points is this one where at one end you can see the majestic Faisal Mosque and on the second side you can glance through the sky scrappers of Jinnah Avenue and enjoy the view of Rawal Lake just over the view of mega structures of Constitution Avenue Hi Hello – Are you enjoying ?? Yes I am enjoying that rather we all are enjoying Friends Monal is located on top of Margalla Hills It is a beautiful restaurant with amazing views overlooking the city and serving 100% authentic Pakistani Cuisine. This restaurant is basically famous for its location and the view it is offering Beside local population, It is certainly the first choice of foreigners who are either living of visiting the city. This is going to be our table for dinner today The biggest advantage of meeting foreigners is to share experiences and culture of each other and get to know about each other’s customs which is certainly helpful in understanding different cultures and the best opportunity for such discussions is either lunch or dinner Pakistani Food is amazing !! This food was amazing wow….thats coool your urdu language is quite impressive Very good saying in Chinese “Long Live Pak-China Friendship” “Long Live Pak-China Friendship”. But you better say this in Urdu, i ask Sorry I can’t say that in Urdu Explaining it in Urdu language Pak-China friendship Zindabad (Long Live) By the time we finished our early dinner it is already dark outside and we can see lights started illuminating in Islamabad city Friends we just finished our dinner at Monal and enjoying great weather outside Now I could feel cool breeze Due to cloudy weather, I was expecting that we won’t be able to see anything from the city but actually we can see the amazing view especially when lights started illuminating Friends you must have also observed that going to any good or new place is always exciting but on way back, you feel like you are leaving something behind Maybe some good memories memories of beautiful moment spent here or maybe of romantic evening when you feel that everything has come to a stand still Anyhow typical life routine is awaiting us down in the city life so one ought to go back in old routine will see you again in a new vlog Thanks for watching and being with us

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