Shit juggies hold on wait oh wait hey dad Did you want to go to dinner at the farm? With Anita and Uncle Chris? No? OK thats fine, sounds good to me Hey there Juggies its your old pal McJuggerNuggets Not asking my fucking dad are you kidding me? I just censor myself I don’t need to do
that I’m not a Unitas yet I’m running late so oh we had dinner um is it me
interesting I’m gonna bring you guys with us Gordon’s gonna meet me there at
the farm and oh fuck fuck okay all right guys I’ll just see you there
okay I suck I suck this is why I could never land dates there’s a lot of horror
stories going on a date with Mick Jagger nights why wasn’t mcdr giris then I was
just guess II much better name probably nobody would want to go on a
date with somebody named mcjuggernuggets about I do have gum though I’ll see you
guys in a sec just got here – yeah damn dude hello look like it dressing up oh
yeah she said that right Carl okay oh wait oh hey what’s up okay I got nervous I don’t know why this is
kind of weird I don’t know bosses like this you know
coming in your house it’s crazy okay look at you the boss lady I’ll
dress up one of those heels a little bit oh wow this is at home yeah we the way
huh hey this is weird I’ve never been this
close with a boss before my grandparents house
oh cool when I was little so I like my dad grew up here and I grew up here
smells good look at this you know what these these are the kind of pantries
wants to wear to work there is a kind nice pants did you know they’re like
this kitty cheese they’re like not memories oh oh well these are not my
nice clothes oh you’re nice but don’t you have a pair
of them that got old since you’ve been wearing it for a while
yeah Roger yeah see that’s a job okay it’s not so good did you see Chris when
you were coming in know what she is the youngest I see it now this is my husband
Mike oh hi Jesse yeah and this is poor okay hope you don’t mind Karen sees just
real and you’re wearing jeans apparently is what I’m supposed to wear all the
time everyone well you said dungarees oh no what well I didn’t know that you
didn’t know what that what that smells good that used to live here actually
yeah it’s a pork roast that’s it’s a wild a roll poor Chris does that ever
get like uncomfortable even when you grew up around the farm you kind of know
when they’re little like don’t love this one okay probably like the little pigs
that are out there now train yourself not to love love yeah you help I’ve
cooked before like my visa bag and stuff well I did make macaroni cheese but I
didn’t ruin it why don’t you go set the table everything’s in there and um Nancy
will help you this is here this is okay cool this is
gonna be like a super legit meal right now I thought it was just like let’s
have burgers on the back porch or something I’ll take this all the way guy
not some excellent across but not be thing because lord knows like I know
what he looks like to see the man is natural habitat like whooping some shit
down there’s probably like a wet and wild zone like watch live a fine china
I never was made of D or circling the uh we all have more than one fork okay cool
you on the right side you’re right I think it’s all right though uh no idea
done hanging that gum try no freshness um Nancy with the with the lipstick Wow
like normally look no I’m not inspect this was like to farm ladies you know we
don’t have salad so we don’t have to fuck you clean up well sophisticated
farmers here we one plate short my cousin Nancy Mike Chris me you did your
dad come on Bob I asked do you want to I think you said it was mowing lawns or
something oh okay well we’ll just leave one here for more corn corn yeah a
little see rain check it I already like it cuz you’re not part of that you’re
just the cam yeah that’s insulting yeah you know my dad pry monk from now some
of the I don’t know where I’m said I needed is everyone getting water just
putting on glasses oh okay Nancy likes fine
soda but it looks like she already helps your son yeah you know what Michael
probably have I just yet a little bit spill down let me up somewhere okay I’ll
go get I’ll go get a paper towel good thing it’s not Oh
Stan oh yeah I know you’d be home this early loser
Joe oh um Oh something I have to pull another chair up to the table I’ll get
to get some more stuff I mean like I could just like it just film now my uh
when I got home my dad was actually cooking something anyway so yeah that’s
I kind of felt obligated to you what he was making it so been offensive to the
chef no bloody smells something he’ll
probably want to know something all right so Joe I’m gonna get a paper towel
Joey’s gonna join us okay all right that’s everyone I want to keep this
nearby some kids who likes those waters you can’t take me anywhere dude Joe here
how it’s a gray we got it it’s just water ain’t guns mean okay
all right should we start getting the food out all right we’re don’t press up
oh yeah he never misses the meal we have I’ll take any chance I get to come we
always happen for dinner for them so the runs a week do I just get it we
can get this good eating no why should we hey we had a set time right you told
him so yeah well Joe get your phone in the bowl when we eat dinner we are all
because we don’t like anybody to UM use their phone during dinner because if
something rings on that thing you’re gonna want to look so just put it in the
bowl what I really yeah see Nancy pussy but ours in are automatically because
she knows but Joey forgets I always have to tell him I think it’s a teenager
think so so yeah just put your phone in their
bowl going going anywhere of course not this is know so it doesn’t mean I got
mine all silent that’s okay put a little let me just
check some stuff I mean I’m a lot of social media follow that this is a
seriously cereal yeah I’m serious butch phone in a
bowl come on we’re gonna get the food out we got macaroni and cheese allo mag
geez he’s in said I’m writing phone than that this is a bowl of cancer there’s a
bowl of cancer here some bullshit right here what’s it what’s a eight-year-old
even a cell phone for anyway how was Joey Joe grab a couple spoons oh
my god Wow hey I’m totally fine with on Chris not
being here Holly is share times five look I look so so much dude you know
I’ll eat you up on that GM is legit or mice let the head of the table saw and
the big man on campus I don’t know what I’m fucking say I need each mmm Yeah right I said that window cold on my
back yeah you can bring that meat down here
you want keep it close to me your snow Boone here
Cooper’s made it smells good here Dean I knew you was gonna cook yeah
oh that suits for you hey do something nice for you for cooking such a good
dinner Oh Thomas No Oh something here so we can
eat cuz the food will get cold Cassie Oh God
the rolls uh Oh yum yum yum yum yum junior here with a camera why we’re
eating oh yeah yeah yeah we planted lettuce we did such a great job I said
that he should come in for the dinner okay so um how’s things today
good see grace who’s gonna start Jesse Jesse
how about Jesse’s new year no no Oh somebody else can do it um do it oh okay
would anybody else feel comfortable with it maybe Jill would you feel comfortable
seeing mr. Schurr how to stop caressing my hand thank you God for the food that
is before us and bless the hands that have prepared it and just help us to get
through the rest of our week and in Jesus name Amen
Hey oh yeah you like it you wanna do a favorite thank you thank
you oh my poor Cruz well use your now oh yeah hmm makes sense
move you’re gonna be sharing numbers yeah we want to start to be we’ll share
a little bit do you like creamy yes well where do you
get picking them here before okay you’ll never like my dad watched someone I can
chase me yes thank you oh Jesus you’re in there um a
couple kinds it’s mostly different kinds of sharp cheddar would you like
something to pay up like ever likes and get it over well I sure it’s on for us
I’m Chris easy there buddy and I’m tagging Azmi here trying to
behave myself we’re in the house you look awfully top right hands and they
had such nice gray hair no beautiful women yeah I can almost see n7c your dad
dad’s getting some gray hair too probably putting up with the likes of
you what thank you you’re welcome get anything done today like I said we
got that first that first batch of lettuce plant Oh hundred plants of the
red 100 of the romaine think we have like another 100 remain the greater role
grant realms warm it up so yeah now we’re gonna have to now we’re gonna have
to hit them with the fertilizer so what’d he do today hey that’s what the
he actually planets home yeah you’re like on planner yeah you’ve heard the
transplanter Whitney uh he announced he did it honeydew news oh do you need a
help ah you like me to do it want me to do it
what’s that what else I’ll take that just uh
there you gonna jump you have double points for him or did you happy thank
you he actually put some in the ground even you know that we mortar that he
gets to the end of the room throw his off make it look like you did something
we don’t ask a whole lot we just like you to put out with you’re supposed to I
think I didn’t that’s why I’m a more initiated last night I have Macau
we’ll put back tonight that is here but behind me up tomorrow in the next time
next we have to jump with several times tall Jess you have jumped how are you
Clifford and you just wanted a have a jump something wall and chili boy yeah I
just learned this week you just eat your license no you’re a new kind of stupid
right you kidding me why getting high he’s been taught how to do it he’s never
been around machine like that he has a core Oh doesn’t he good job yo you know
jump a tractor yeah you want seconds on this pork yeah I’d be good right tonight
in often bring anything could in fact he fixed a marker the marker kept falling
over on the planner he fixed the mark I came up for a health education if your
knee up attach it to the side so this is the accomplishment are today what any
plan tell me about us he actually didn’t play any bigger deal right wing boy
playing um Star Wars hmm there we go he’s yeah you know he’s a good age for
that boy finally should be playing a game na 2023 he’s almost 13 yeah I mean
he’s on this third oh you mean playing for a while all right
yeah would you want to play when you’re 23 every once in a while but not like
every day you would cry go to room would you now humidor room
no I don’t play video games and I come just Chuck hmm yes everybody’s every was
different right yeah Joey keeps us it serves an infant so just Nancy will show me these videos
that you have do YouTube thing and um how’s Juliette cuz the video it seemed
like something was going on there were women said that she was a home for the
weekend but it seemed like you guys yeah that’s way too much person in him so
Nancy kept having to fast-forward through that part cuz I don’t you know I
don’t like that you sure yeah she said we were talking about YouTube and she’s
been on the computer so I showed her yeah they got me a laptops out there for
the world to see yeah yeah well I just don’t really intend for people like
actually in my life to watch them that silicon oh yeah my dad doesn’t want her
in the house anymore so that’s going forward you know it she is and that’s
probably going a little too far on your dad’s work oh you’re being sarcastic
no no not probably get rid of him he’d be better off and keep the girl the same
no I I mean yeah my girl I don’t see why she needs to take the ball or and then
get kicked out it’s just it’s not fair really but that’s just been the course
of things at my home I don’t know how much Nancy has really shown you but not
very much just a few things she fast forged through most of it so she knows I
don’t like the current and then you know that too
well if you ever wanted to know anything at all about my life it is on there it’s
on there last couple years documented like every single day and it’s just a
lot of stuff that my dad has done so it’s probably a good thing that he’s out
here it’s all your dad’s fault what’s your sign yes everything
everything I ran everywhere and things couldn’t
been improved on your part No
it’s CEO he breaks my bbm Johnson there’s things I agree with you he’s
been overboard on a lot of things well there you go that’s probably right I
agree with you on that but there’s some things you know you could you’ve
probably either initiated knowing he didn’t like it or I disagree I disagree
that he just came up with all on his own you didn’t show me shooting an Xbox one
that’s something that I call high well that’s probably probably something
I wouldn’t bang but you know maybe more I to prove a point to you what I got or
how about just yeah well how about just kicking me out of the house and I had to
live in a tent for a few weeks and then live in my uncle’s RV no like a assumes
some things maybe I wouldn’t have done that way to handle that way
or how about smashing my xbox one with a sledgehammer I would own that I’m sounds
that sounds good you also I wouldn’t try your son’s video games with the lawn
mower yeah that one don’t sound bad does it my
sound already about the dixie chopper one more yeah yeah yeah that was us I
feel so serious dude expensive I know Joey seems like awesome it’s like 60
bucks a game okay that was a holodeck sure I mean I save up I mean if there’s
one thing that I’m gonna buy in my life it’s gonna be saving up for the next big
video game mm what was his reason for doing cuz I didn’t have a job so what’s
the bottom one what’s the bottom line on her she in the lab back I don’t know I
mean I try to make him understand but it was just like trying to make him
understand with the YouTube money that right no again there I can see you have
a love for that I can see what you’re telling me you’re you’re making money
I’ve just seen that money yet all right oh yeah we got a couple more
days well if we can come up with that kind of
coin then you’re making some money okay you know I understand that to a point
but it’s still kid’s game about taking 30 grand from your own son
here we go good foot 30 here from this something my dad dude your dad took 30
how’d you get 30 grand from YouTube videos so they can make that much on
YouTube but the gap that’s what I’m just finding
out you know I’m just finding out the other excuse me food all over but that’s
that’s what I’ve got the other night is that he’s being able to make money and
what he’s telling me by commercials or something that’s on there and then yeah
there was a night when Nancy showed me did you click on it she was just like
zoom and buy stuff and don’t click on that clip I get any more money so I so
why if she goes on there we click all them and you get money that’s all don’t
say that though you didn’t say that you say that I’d say that I think you can
make money too you can make money too if you had a YouTube channel yeah what
would I do that’s me so they’re proud like yeah
yeah probably oh that’s why I don’t know how he gets
them to play for 7 put a little bit more you know I like that Dima
oh yeah mark yeah no baby no more oh come on there we go
you like me a little bit more bars sure I’m sorry you guys were talking when I
am French trying to compete mm-hmm but you know what even you know keep this
belt line man but turn it away no that’s fine I don’t leave me here careful you
impressed yeah skinnies you or anything yeah I put away
three probably about like she’s for you guys in case you want more uh yeah one
Jim this was good in here sure this was also I really appreciate
you know see the desert she was only every week
oh nice oh I’m not dessert mmm sweet yeah okay yeah you hear when he feeds
latest adventure that’s the Jackass that tour nitro come
Ricky do what the hell’s he doing here breaking shit for your car it wasn’t an
action I didn’t know up was down down what’s up on that thing can you read
yeah they’re stickers on Isis which way to get a girl Auto I’ve wasted it up for
my breath on him hey don’t you think you two cleaned up a little bit you bunch in
your house okay y’all I never went about your nest to trim the goddamn beard up
in the hair a little bit sorry but um Luther meadow turn that up a little bit
they’re gonna be rolled out for you quick Fabio that actually might look a
little better Bobby up there you go about little Bobby out yes No Hey I’m
here yeah now it’s why I’m talking bout thanks Izzy mm-hmm my scream from Tony
streets well that’ll be government the cake gonna eat that straight out the
container are you with his manners bro I know right
yeah but lose not that that wouldn’t be right all right I’m good that’s over my
head that’s over your head I’m good Oh sir cut off all our pieces and then
this is on the Chris’s piece here way to go with the fat jokes Mike just don’t
say this is about the only thing you can really get on me Hannah is the fact you
did you want um guess what I think ours a long time and I even know it I even
know it here’s some porks of anybody you these
are actual blueberries from here oh wow someone once you get your buddy corn sit
down will you have a nice romantic dinner and dessert you gather Wow your
hair hold it down yeah looky there maybe I’ll do a little bun for you dude oh
yeah there we go looks connection mm-hmm he’s just making jokes on me buddy
not really I was being a little snide but that way over on ya little Barry
wait are you guys talking about you just still in the closet now they’re just
trying to they’re kind of you trying to yell from the closet right now that’s
what that that’s all I heard was on with Chris yelling from the own from the cold
yeah here I come one for corny jokes yeah yeah yellow so I guess some food
just like this is my pants like a little both actually yeah I know I need a legs
chocolate so listen I’ll go right on top mm-hmm me I’m a vanilla guy I hear you
brother some chocolate if we have listened out from them
I’m James Anaya my xbox one is it does not even on again your glory now ain’t
you Jeff yes I am right everywhere now tell
somebody tokine’s with it yep some of you can actually keep up you
don’t have much time anymore because I got too much homework
Oh after school stuff yeah maybe it’ll turn out a little bit better than eating
keep doing homework yeah just got into honors math this year like taking any
tech tech courses kind of I try to like teach myself coding emeralds well well
you know YouTube and stuff right now detect class yeah I do have a technology
and design but that’s like building like companies mentally up
do you ever help your mom with like social media and stuff cuz she said she
had a page but the daughter rant yeah toward me and my sister both Rhonda oh
like social media stuff is this computer crap you ever think maybe it’s starting
a YouTube channel I know I’m old I’ve been thinking a lady gaming channel song
oh right yeah well maybe I don’t have to dinner I could one I could help set them
up with that or something yeah who should do it for the farm and you just
follow me around that corn follows him around maybe that would be funny yeah
that would be me yeah I think people would watch it though I could send
people over to it I could say oh well sorry likes yeah now they’d be online
they fall they wouldn’t follow you they follow the page and stuff if that Nancy
you seem to know real tech stuff that you think you guys would want some stuff
like that what like just as advertisement or what are you looking at
I mean I’m Ford for the forum or just you like like what you do just some like
you know better paid like a YouTube page maybe some things associated with that
like an Instagram or something I think you’re saying you had a Facebook or
Twitter my meeting the Instagram Instagram you thought yeah insta
might have one of those oh really yeah okay I will get to YouTube is that the
thing she takes pictures for yeah markets because she’s always taking
pictures on markets so it would be kind of like that except for I would be like
a video of what yeah yeah what I think what is on what does that do for sweet
youtube videos like remember me tying the tomatoes last year right how fast I
do it now running actually watched a couple YouTube videos I mean I could
make a video doing that you could do one how you take your corn what do you think
your first dinner here pretty good I I really appreciate this I would love to
actually if this could be a weekly thing I don’t have like family dinner not good
ya know but not do group to do too crazy with him this is every week mm-hm
this is all no good I screaming who cooks you nerds who cooks at your house
in I know you do all the cooking like ramen and stuff huh
ramen ramen the new up new noodles mm-hmm as soon as what you sustain
yourself one and they’ll wonders you’re skating folks quite often about these
noodles yeah time to put them in there pretty good
they’re pretty tasty you won’t have to once a week a goodly on bail from yeah
what’s going on about how at least once a week we can have them eat is this –
yeah thank you wanna cut is creative on this one okay down upon Russia yeah
we’re trying to oh man okay Anita do you want I’ll just call the YouTube channel
the name of the farm right now can’t just use the part name you let them
drove you into that I’m not sure are you are you sure oh man he clear room yeah
Mike look Julie why not what you ate I get pork um
you need what do you you think you’re smart jelly is really good idea
oh yeah you got me you know any I’m gonna have notifications go to your
email address okay Joey knows how to do that oh no just yeah are you sure that’s
a good idea I ain’t feelin on it well naturally or
not as you all just a lot of Lucy brightfield something yeah yeah I’m
feeling something indigestion from deal with you not one who Mia wanna its gonna
get some blip are you sure you’re gonna have people cuz you guys have a store
right yeah we are we only their negatives for the form with your lives
are so dear and anything that’s New Age really positive cuz you gotta adapt try
a new age is good right yum-yum all night well you so you say you already
with Facebook yeah Joey probably knows how to do it Tory set it up just needed
just be careful that’s all I’m saying I mean baby steps oh thank you know that
face thing for a while now I know I’ve been saying anything negative comment
but some people do on review us alright it’s all good don’t good reviews well
far as I know yeah I don’t know you better be doing it right I’ll be good
yeah and be respectful not like your normal self knowledge on you anchorman people are working in the
video you can see something good woman from job to job I never zoning so so
things are actually improving yeah and it’s all me i that old discussion when
he’s died the other no you didn’t go all that well because i didn’t really have a
lot of good things running to it you know because it felt like the me it was
just but i don’t know how its new check you have a youtube channel never never restaurant I’m cool like
it’s a good thing uncle Chris it’s a good wage stuff dovetails and cannot
point I mean I understand the advertisers every one of it I wonder how
it could be bad I mean I can talk to my graphic designer and we could get a pan
awake I didn’t got to be in your picture all the time shop job we do have a pig
and we could have the face of it open Chris’s face I can have that animated in
there thanks thanks Jess thanks hey you involved you can see that it would help
film your buddy over there job poster child come on copper I got your poster
child I don’t what does that even mean you
know there’s women president or I tell you more what are these they put me off
that’s all uh widget I’m gonna make myself a featured channel okay just be
careful not enough believing you know what do you see young doesn’t one yeah
you don’t want more k light that’s what I say I’m young doesn’t want any more
cake Oh yum are you gonna get that thing done or you weren’t you work at that as
quick as you do with the formwork we’ll be here all night I’m actually
Rose I just made a YouTube channel like 45 seconds 25 seconds alright
you can make a YouTube channel I could never make a youtube channel for that
show but that’s probably I’m more proud of that than you being able to make ones
Anita don’t like this so that’s it’s done like you are you doing it each year
so see this let me have this is your dashboard right here so when you upload
videos they’ll go right there this will show analytics so how many
views you’re getting watch time how many subscribers you have those numbers are
here there’s channel name oh I just load up
oh whoa Susteren Oh My heavens oh yeah I mean you’re ready that’s gotta be an
occasion oh yeah stuff we come home it’s on you and you land right understand
that but I mean you will just really you know feel what’s a positive thing I mean
I’m getting that you do it’s a little bit this is not a typewriter this like
yeah I realized that one you know the type of lens right you know this is what
my dad he’ll that’s what you know cuz you have to hit them that hard yeah
that’s true like you probably jump inside you that’s what the kids always
yelling my god but Dad when you trust type you like them right well your mom
here needs only right so I’m what you doing it right I’m showing her look I
need is entering into the new world you’re in stay in the old world she’s
learning how to do all this stuff all right this is were a comma to go trying
to pay too much attention is looking a little harsh but you don’t have any
right now that’s I don’t even for the grandfather me
right I mean if you’re yeah I guess if you’re around Larry has a channel what
you say do that if you want I can’t leave you if you don’t like bad language
you can make a video saying guys please don’t use bad language here okay all
right you can blacklist words and stuff so oh
this is it John we won’t be able to upload videos on here cuz I don’t know
if your mom would know how to do that oh yeah don’t it could be on one topic
or so though you can even look at all your individual subscribers once they
show up yours I’m gonna go um I kind of look at my youtube channel I use that as
a basis young me on what are you doing oh look I see you to join us yeah this
is this is our YouTube page if I click on here you can actually view the
channel well there’s not really I mean there’s not no nothing on it you’re
gonna need videos so yeah so it’d be something so yeah I’m Mose you can add
art channel or you got all this all this donde oh yeah that’s what you did
honestly is probably the fastest I’ve made like eight other YouTube channels
with like family member that’s what you will work this actually took a lot yeah
and you gotta be smart about it too we have to help them be able to guess cuz I
hate some more here we’re going to destroy right on there and any time we
go on alright thanks see you later yep thank you I enjoy it as always coming
yep see you now I seen ants can get a hug see ya
yup see you go see girls to more bicep oh wow nice young man’s not this you
know yeah I’m trying to go soon too I’ll go you guys you don’t know third
controller uh well it’s almost no I’ll get it now Mr Gatley a prize should go
then maybe upload this but yeah that’s gonna have to be a Janine regular type
like the typewriter and it’ll go in this box yeah like a typewriter huh yeah well
you know I’ll be in tomorrow so you know maybe you think about what I wanted to
say okay yeah think about setting us up that’s wrong cool so it’s are you ready
to hear corn yep all right well you’re gonna be at work tomorrow yeah yeah I
just got the hash textured one so I might be a little later it’s that the
contest I do I do sweet its oh yeah you told me you’ll get
two you said yeah that’s the number sign yes yeah all right we’re giving us well
thanks for dinner it was awesome I can get used to this really well you’ll have
to come every week don’t talk on the court
yeah it’s gotta stay plugged in right uh yeah yeah your battery was low but yeah
if you have any questions you know asked Joe and Charlie seem to know the thing
you really know are younger oh yeah forgot my gun oh yes I’m sorry
there we go god I got so many missed text message not used to that I don’t
put my fucking phone away yeah back a change
I already got a YouTube channel right things change Oh tell you left listen rook these
dinners is something that we have if I had less family for me okay
well you’re vague kind of invading and promise you know my privacy with them I
don’t really appreciate it that’s something we’ve done for a long time
yeah right I mean I just I didn’t know really really hey what what you did do
what you did do in there maybe you’re not worthless as I thought
you understand I mean I don’t know how to express myself that way that good but
we’re gonna say maybe with this YouTube thing maybe you’re onto something you
proved me in there you could maybe add something to this farm okay yeah yeah
all right that’s gonna help I’ll see you tomorrow yeah in the evening I’ll be
there put it here you ain’t getting hope yet
what I’ll shake your hand good job Thanks I mean it you know I
really do thank you okay have a good night sozin coming to put something there I
mean yeah I mean I might not go work farm real well but I need my gadgets
under gaming and I know I might start a YouTube channel famous cool those good
food all right Jase don’t forget subscribe for content Twitter stream
links in the description I don’t know if that’s going to be taken seriously their
YouTube channel but I figured you know it’s nice to have one mmm you know drop
a like on this video enjoy dit I’m gonna go home and take a giant diarrhea yeah
I’m gonna take a diarrhea when I eat maggot cheese I know what’s coming
ahh all right Jase love you all to death you know Chris was just nice to me what
the fuck I got a weird taste lying off stealing drugs there he was on his food
I got a well-fed thanks only nice all right Jase love y’all deaf don’t forget
to keep it rigid

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