Dinner, Brunch & Cocktail Cruises in Marina del Rey – Sunset Cruises in Los Angeles

Welcome aboard Hornblower Cruises.
I’m Amanda Salles, and living in LA it’s great to ditch the cars, the crowded streets and hop up on a yacht and enjoy the open sea. We’re taking you along with us as we set sail… on one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy
the Marina Del Ray harbor. I’m here with Mia from Hornblower Cruises. I want to know what Hornblower is all about. Well, we are an event company
that actually does things on the water. And we’re lucky enough to be here Marina
del Rey aboard one of our sunset cruises… right now. Watching one of our sailboat races
that happen throughout the year. We do private events as well as
public cruises with a Sunday Brunch. cocktails for two, dinner for two with entertainment. And then we also do private events,
weddings, corporate events. So basically anyone has the opportunity
to cruise with us. You take it to a whole other level. You add
this beautiful backdrop and so much more. Tell me about all the unique experiences aboard We really pride ourselves and in
making sure that our guests are having a great time.
We have chefs that prepare everything fresh onboard. And then we have live entertainment that we specifically book ourselves. And look at this view! You can’t beat this natural beautiful backdrop.
So it’s one of the great venues in Los Angeles… that is ever-changing when you’re onboard.
You’ve covered it all! and really its great for everyone. It can be
be romantic, casual, magical and fun!
Exactly. Well THAT was a beautiful sunset!
It’s always a party aboard the Hornblower Cruise. To find out how the party never stops… go to www.VisitMarinaDelRey.com

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