Dinner Conversations | Season Three Official Trailer

(inspirational music) – Hi I’m Mark Lowry. – And I’m Andrew Greer. – And you’re watching
“Dinner Conversations.” – Turning the light on
one question at a time. – Season– (cups clinking)
– Three. – And who are you guys again? – He’s the millennial, I’m the old guy. – This feels very religious. Just stay with the– ♪ Oh my God ♪ ♪ My Lord ♪ And our guests this season
are best-selling author and teacher, Lisa Harper, country music legend, Wynonna Judd. – Thanks for shopping.
– Yeah, that’s right. – [Mark] And our Grammy-winning
friend, Jason Crabb. Women of Faith wise
woman, Patsy Clairmont, – [Andrew] Musical married duo, Jaci Velasquez and Nic Gonzales. – This episode is gonna cost therapy– – Big therapy. – [Andrew] The Gaither
Vocal Band’s Wes Hampton, and his father-in-law and
counselor, Mark Means. – [Mark] Enneagram
author and podcast host, Ian Morgan Cron and TV star, Lisa Welchel. New York Times bestseller
and radio personality, Eric Metaxas. – We’re rolling?
(Andrew laughing) – [Mark] Gold-selling country
artist, Julie Roberts. – [Andrew] Statler
Brothers’ Jimmy Fortune. – [Mark] Sibling singers Lynda Randle and Newsboys’ Michael Tait. – I always thought he was Peter Pan. – I’m about to backhand you.
(Andrew laughing) Bam, bam, bam. – There is–
(group laughing) – [Mark] So join us for a brand-new season of “Dinner Conversations.” – [Andrew] Turning the light
on one question at a time. – Season three. (inspirational music) (cups clinking) Half the people at this
table are on medication. – Half? – This half.
(Andrew laughing)

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