Dinner Daily How It Works

The Dinner Daily makes weeknight dinners a breeze and helps busy people save money Each week you receive a menu with five healthy and easy dinners, and a mobile friendly shopping list. AND, your menus are based on the weekly specials at your local grocery store saving you hundreds of dollars a year on groceries. Getting started is easy! Just choose the foods you want to eat, the maximum number of times those foods can appear on your menu, and select any fine tuning dietary
options. Then, choose your plan size and tell us where you shop! Pick a subscription term, fill out the payment section and you’re ready to go! After you’re joined, you have access to both
your home store menu AND the menus for ALL the stores in your area, giving you complete flexibility! And you have total control over your menu Don’t like something? Switch it in seconds and your menu and shopping
list are automatically updated. Find a recipe your family really likes? “Favorite it” and it will always be available
in your swap options. Or don’t need all five meals? Delete it and again, your shopping list is
updated! You can also edit your list, to add a new
item, change the quantity or brand, or delete an item altogether. Then, with your plan set to go, you are ready
to roll shop just once a week and get everything you need, OR, use our online ordering links for many stores’ curbside pickup or delivery services. You will have all your weekly dinners planned
and ordered in about the same time it would take you to drive to the store! And, Dinner Daily meals are designed to be easy to prepare, with most on the table in 30 minutes or less. Best of all, Dinner Daily dinners are delicious
. No more wondering what to do for dinner or overspending on groceries. You will be enjoying more variety, and more
home-cooked meals around the table. Get started eating healthier meals and saving money, with no more dinnertime stress! Your first two weeks are free!

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