Dinner Debates: Comedy

Wait, are cats afraid of cucumbers? My cat’s not, and I’ve tested on numerous cats. Bocconcini, some basil. Perfect. Wi-Fi off. Thanks for coming. Thanks for having us. Funniest place on the internet? Go! People failing on “American Ninja Warrior” The first, on the steps one. Ooooooh, and it hits [da doosh] And theres one where he just hits, and he just falls out, those are the best. All the training, all the focus, all the fringe. It’s like, she’s a physical specimen, [buzzer] boom, water. It’s like, Yes! Finish him. That’s wild. It’s very true. It’s just a lotta dumb stuff, I just like anything that’s just sorta like if it’s dumb it’s gonna make me laugh I follow a ton of comics, I Listen to a lot of podcast. I listen to them, cause I love conversation, and I, things- No come on, isn’t there a dumb thing you think is funny Come on, you’re so intelligent. Gimme something dumb. I think my all time favorite is “not all heroes wear capes” one that’s up there for me is the uh, ermahgerd girl Nooo, I never liked, it bugs me. I think its- Why? It’s just Ermahgerd, flerp flerps? It’s when people start using it in their daily conversation. It bugs me. Like they’d say it, and you’re like, don’t say it. Don’t be that person. That’s when it got to me. That was the bridge, that was just crossing over too far into real life. That was big. Oh no, the LeBron James kid! Thats my favorite one. [laughing] LeBroooon James. See that’s funny cause that’s dumb to me. But I, but I can laugh at that all day long. Look, somebody posting a dumb inappropriate funny, funny meme right now. You’re gonna get a lot of people tweeting at you, and sharing stuff with you for the next while that’s like, thought you would enjoy this. Wait, are cats afraid of cucumbers? I, my cat’s not and I have tested on numerous cats. Is there like a background to this? oh there’s, actually there’s hundreds videos where like they put a cucumber behind a cat… …and the cat will turn around and like just freak out. Did you know about this? I just found out. I tried it multiple times with numerous amounts of cats and I just turned out to have cucumbers at my friend’s houses. You, you were going on a few minutes ago about how you listen to podcasts and these really interesting stories get to you. Now you’re talking about cats and cucumbers and you’ve tested this at home. It’s hilarious. You held that back from us, you held that back, asking for something dumb and you’re like, that didn’t pop into your head? I love animals and I have been single a long time. Like you walk home with all these cucumbers. Your son is like, what are you doing daddy? I’m a chef. A scientific experiment. I’m a chef, I have cucumbers all the time.

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