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I spend all my free time, wasting time on the internet. Bocconcini, some basil. Perfect. Wi-Fi off. Thanks for coming. Thanks for having us. Do we spend too much time online? hmm. Yes. Yaas. Yaas, yaas, yaas. Yes. I’ll grab my phone as soon as I wake up and I’m on instagram literally before I’m even forming too many of my real actual thoughts. And you’re like, I don’t know if this is totally necessary. I deleted facebook, a few years ago. Off your phone? Or just deleted facebook period? Period. Cause it was getting, it was getting crazy. I would turn down plans with friends cause I just felt like I would stay in and be like I’m gonna watch a documentary, then I’d just. Scroll. That’s terrible. It’s real bad. That’s bleak, bleak stuff. Yeah, that’s dark web stuff right there.
It’s real bad. That’s bleak, bleak stuff. I think what gets people is when they try to do it all in once and say, I’m done with social media. You’re lying to yourself. Accept the fact, you like social media, it ain’t a crime. My wife and i say that after nine o’clock, we wont be on our phones unless theres a specific reason we need to. And what we’ve done is after 9 o’clock, we’ll hang out, and the only thing we’re allowed to do online is uh, watch jeopardy. Put on some team tournaments. It’s easier. Easier, oh man— But the kids still are so good. the kids are so good. It’s more discouraging than encouraging. I don’t stay logged into my apps, so for me to get on any app, I gotta type in, log in now I’m on instagram. So I asked myself do I really wanna be on it. For me it’s, it’s going to my cabin, or going somewhere to remove myself. Giving myself, I need activities. Physically relocate yourself.
Giving myself, I need activities. Physically relocate yourself. Pretty much, I need to put myself in a different space where I, where these are my options, this is why you’re kinda doing it. If I like someones photo now, instead of just liking it, I’ve actually been commenting. And it’s requiring me to engage with this person now. Didn’t they have something where they were saying that they were thinking about removing the likes. They did do that, and it was awesome. Yeah, in Canada
They did do that, and it was awesome. Think about the horrors of middle school and high school. Cyber bullying. Yeah, I think removing the likes was in large part because likes were functioning as kind of a currency for popularity. I think it genuinely is starting to effect people’s mental health. Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s so isolating, there is so much negativity. There’s more loneliness in that then there was being alone before, you know what I mean. People reference anxiety so much more. of like I’m, feeling anxious, in earnest, and like getting help for something like that. Thats why in every picture i put, I say felt cute, might delete later. What do you guys think is the cringiest thing people share on social media? People at the gym. Oh, people at the gym has just gotta end. Oh no, I like people at the gym. No please. No I like it. You’re working on your best self, what’s wrong with that? You’re like in the mirror taking selfies of your muscles, and you’re flexing in it. There’s two things, if it’s about accountability I get the sense that I’m gonna be like yo you’re working, like you’re looking great, you’re working out, props to you. That’s one side. That is one side, which i can get behind. If it’s the other side of them trying to look all cool, i get to make fun of them privately. First imma roast you, flame you. Then imma unfollow you, cause i don’t need to be going through my story looking at like. What’s going on, like c’mon now man, save that for somewhere else.

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  1. Thank you to every relationship coaches, advisors for educating the ignorant masses. You are all heroes.

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