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  1. Aziz didn't do anything wrong. He is just an awkward and creepy Indian guy that doesn't know how to get laid, but aren't all Indian guys the same? They are all awkward and creepy! Cut the guy a fucking break and leave him alone before I shit down your throats. To that bitch that spoke out about their date, what a vulture. He didn't try to rape you. You must have been throwing him hints all night long, and he must have been doing the same thing. The fact of the matter is at the end of the night, you were in his apartment and you know where things were going, but you changed your mind and lead him on the whole night. So what exactly were you trying to do anonymous woman that wrote an article about how creepy and awkward Aziz is?

  2. I don't think heidi is funny. I might eat my words later, but I have yet to see her do anything funny. I wish they would replace her parts with melissa villaseñor. Is that mean…

  3. To be honest, this basically sums up life today. Literally everyone gets offended over everything these days, and I’m talking about both sides.

  4. I’ll say it. Men in power have abused women in the Hollywood industry, and that men now that they know about the history, should try to fix the system.

  5. A lot of this fear of offending started with people with right wing money and political power and connections abusing freedom of speech on radio and television for decades, in the safe enclosures of studios, and the general public just had to either like it or not. The internet, and changing laws, sudden;y gave everyone the means to say what they thought and the dam broke. Suddenly everyone could argue, complain, abuse and accuse and lines got crossed, the pendulum didn't' go the other way, it went around in circles. Bullying became a serious problem, alarming threats, public denouncements of people the accusers have never actually met. Now, now there's a hesitation lest you say too much, or of what you have to say goes against what everyone is saying the emperor is wearing. There is decades and decades of oppression keeping this pot at a rolling boil, and it often goes over and everyone's afraid of getting burned. Streisand's comments on Michael Jackson's boy-friends will never be forgiven and will follow her to the grave.

  6. This IS literally the politically-correct bull shit of the left that has stymied free speech on the left. Just like the liberals with Radical Islam. THIS has resulted in the Donald Trump Presidency.

  7. simple , he is short ugly , …only beautiful thing he can get us a MUSLIM lady from a arranged marriage…

  8. If this is the situation in america than it's depressing. In hungary we dare to say stupid things and if we do we correct each other, and move on. No one is expect you to form absolutely perfect, unimpeachable arguments. It's just silly.

  9. I rely on SNL to keep me informed (TV news is too dramatic for me). I had no idea Aziz had been accused of anything. SNL is just awesome 🙂

  10. I can’t relate to this I don’t walk on eggshells I fucking say what I feel like Kevin Hart said say it with your chest little nigga

  11. Not sure where this stands on the spectrum of rape jokes. Ultimately, verbal consent from those who are able to give it is the only universally valid form of consent and I’m not sure if anyone who wrote this sketch understood that.

  12. This must be a white people thing… Black folk aint got no problem talkin bout this kinda stuff at resteraunts, family gatherings… shit, we talk about this stuff at places we shouldnt even be talkin at! Movie theatres n libraries 🤣😂

  13. This is reflecting reality (with perhaps some exaggeration–but yes, reality). SNL cast "nails it" again.

  14. Okay… Uh… I will express my thoughts here. I will say them directly for it's a very uncomfortable subject. Please know that you don't have to read it or agree with me if you don't want to.

    Ansari was way too eager, and should have known that she wanted to stop. He was so attracted to this woman that he just assumed after their brief interactions that she was also attracted to him (for in the article she says she was), and that it meant she wanted to have sex with him. He should have payed attention to her.
    She should have taken time to collect herself (she went into the bathroom at some point, but only stayed a moment), and then make herself clear, for the only time she verbally expressed her discomfort was still a non direct way of saying it.
    I do not believe that this was a case of rape. Cohersion by pressure, of course, but the full act of rape, I'm not so sure. It definetly was sexual harassment.
    I don't think this was a good use of the MeToo movement. It should have been talked about more (she only sent her a message the next morning saying she was uncomfortable and he only sent one with an apology), for they were willing to interact verbaly with the other, but neither had the maturity to do so. I don't say that in the sense that "she was immature for not wanting to talk to her aggresor", but rather in the sense of "instead of opening dialog, she went to a press to publish an article about it and he only talked to her after it was released". It was an uncomfortable night and the topic is serious, but going to the MeToo movement is like going to Urgencies because you have the flu.
    It was handled poorly by him, her and specialy Babe.com.

    Men should be thaught more sensibilty to understand things in the vein of body language and to not be clouded by their sex drive, and women should be thaught enough confidence to stand up for themselves and assert their oppinions. Of course that won't do much with the cases of sexual abuse that occur today, in which the aggresors (regardless of gender) hold power over the victim, but in educating men and women is the way to prevent those things in the future. It will take time, and like racism it may never go away completly, but If we do such things, the majority of people won't have to deal with neither rape or uncomfortable nights.

    I'm sorry if I expressed myself poorly or in a way that lacks sensibility, I tried to do my best. Of course, I can't speak for anyone except myself, so feel free to express your own opinion.

    And no, The Shape of Water was better than most movies talking about its subject. The only problem I may find with it was that it had around two minutes more than necessary, yet I don't mind.

  15. When a social justice movement becomes akin to criticizing Putin while in Russia, is it time to recognize the movement has been seized by opportunists and those seeking to advance their own agenda?

  16. This really is a massive American issue. No one can sit around and discuss controversial subjects. But we can all get heated and tell everyone exactly how we feel on social media sites when no one has to look each other in the eyes. Now no one can reason with each other and we have a country of really angry people with cliche catch phrases provided by whichever side they "follow"

  17. We have a small but growing Facebook group for Real SNL Fans— Find us now, come join us… Search Facebook: Saturday Night Live Super Fans – make sure to choose Groups

  18. Am I the only one who says whatever the fuck I feel and don’t give a single fuck what people think about it??… 🤨🤨 lol

  19. Sad that PC culture has made a world where people are afraid to talk about current issues because they are afraid of having a free thought or offending someone

  20. VW commercial: why millenia are on their parent's insurance…. if they had to pay for their cluelessness and vaccouosity.

  21. It’s Interesting how they want to give him a pass on his sexual assaults (because he’s Muslim) Socialism st SNL!

  22. And we all cannot have a civil conversation about anything because of FEAR!!!! Shit that shit!!!! The Leftist Democrats are trying to shut everyone up. It’s a virus and it’s spreading fast. Do you have the virus?

  23. Share your honest opinions, you can't better yourself or others by holding back how you truly think. If people can't understand that you can be wrong or that they can be wrong and that we are all just trying to be decent.. fuck em.

  24. Dude I’m so over this subject. The root cause of this epidemic are women. If women didn’t allow abuse, the men wouldn’t do it. Women participate in abuse for money etc. our society (women), reward narcissistic and powerful men But now there’s an added element with Instagram etc. now the men literally don’t have to work for anything even the right to abuse because women give up everything for free (thanks Kim). The men just expect every women to give men what they want without the Men having to lift a finger and work for it. I just went to a Dan Bilizeran party last night and literally lost faith in my gender. The women of today are utterly pathetic and don’t even know what books are, let alone have read one. However, they all think their something special when I can’t tell any of them apart.

  25. This isn’t funny because yea he did nothing wrong and metoo is now a joke. Careful??? For what? A dude wanted a blow job, lol wow, #himtoo!

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