Dinner for one 2015

you good evening ladies and gentle myself he wants to celebrate her 90th birthday and invited her best friends over to her house since myself he becomes 90 years old this year most of her friends have already done nevertheless she doesn’t want her birthday to be one youth by this so Herbert our dreams substitutes them and now I wish a lot of enjoyment ah good evening Miss Sophie would even mean you are looking very well with evening Miss Sophie well I’m feeling much better good good I must say that everything looks very nice thank you Miss Sophie thank you is everybody here indeed they are yes yes they are all here for your anniversary with Sophie all play thanks it’s laid out all laid out as usual sue Toby so Toby yes she’s sitting here with see Emma Sofie von shneider at function I death is sitting in from Mississippi mr. Pomeroy mr. Pomeroy I’ve put one here for you and mr. Winterbottom on your white as you requested my Sophie I think will now have the super super thank you Miss Sophie well oh wait it’s a little drop of mulligatawny soup miss ot know I’m very fond of Malacca tones yes I know you are I think we’ll have sherry with the soup sherry with a soup the same procedures lastima Sophie the same procedure as every year James instead to dry sherry yes a way we do I share him and Sophie worried wife straight out of a cellar this morning the Sophie Satou be share we all miss Sophy Admiral Bunch night it must I said busy Emma Sophia just to please me Jane just to please you’re very good score mr. Pomeroy mr. winter wait hey here we are again out lovely nice to meet you again I think we know if the fish the fish did you enjoy the soup mr. t delicious James Thank You myself we glad you enjoy it a little bit of nafsi hello Miss Sophie I think we have white wine with the fish white wine with a fish the same procedures last year my Sophie the same procedure as every year James see to carry all my stuff amigo Admiral von shneider oh my Sophie James please skal mr. Pomeroy mr. Winterbottom you look younger than ever love younger than ever you may now sir the chicken yeah that looks a very thank burn that the lovely roses I think the champagne to the chicken campaign yeah the the sample it was awesome I saw it the same procedures every year sito be good all my soaking to go Schneider my mouse father James it’s gone hmm mr. Pomeroy happy new yes mr. Winterbottom it is warn of a nasty little woman one of a nice little man that an arab waist does ever breath at every way I now declare this bizarre open would you like some food I think we have bought with food Wow the summer of levels what some considered the same procedures every year James sito sugar in the morning a bunch Scott mr. Pomeroy is who I could I kept only well it was a very nice evening James well it’s been most enjoyable I think I retire you’re going to bed yes sit down I’ll give you a hand up madam as I said every time there oh by the way the same procedures last year mr. P the same procedure as every year James well I do my very best

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