Dinner from 7-11 Hawaii (10 ITEM REVIEW)

these are hot yes is this curious thing hey guys welcome back to tabbies I’m Shinichi Zatoichi and we are here in Honolulu Hawaii and as we promised we’re doing a dinner food haul from the 7-eleven here in Hawaii as usual we chose five items including a drink so it’s five each and it was actually a little bit more difficult choosing things in Hawaii then in Japan old mirrors um combined like little bento box lunch box that’s true it’s true and we really couldn’t find that many things that would actually serve as appetizers my first is always starts from a car beer beer mm-hmm yesterday I chose named the Primo it’s Hawaii’s original beer yes since 1897 Wow it’s pretty old yes and I have to admit I’ve never tasted primo ever in my life got a sparkling eyes where is this strawberry watermelon a churro flavored sparkling water zero calories I don’t drink that much alcohol so I got this we don’t have this in Japan and so I was intrigued by it and it smells like watermelon Cheers and here’s a bite refreshing actually Alberti see how is it muting job deep flavor hmm actually it’s not bad it’s not bad at all hmm my appetizer is macaroni salad macaroni salad Messerly muck potato macaroni salad apprecia we are curious to try it – may i how is it make I’m sorry American potato back then I’m putting my daughter’s head yes mm-hmm yep not Hawaii mmm the the pasta is firmer right right and the dressing is very different right not only my race not only made it yes I like it I like this kind of potato salad too tight I love it actually we don’t have this in Japan at all you can’t really find – this is Dina is a very powerful it is powerful meaning like it’s very calorie Laden but I really it was difficult to find things that I wanted other than these calorie Laden things so I got these nachos because I never eat nachos in Japan they are basically corn chips corn tortilla chips that you open up yourself you put it in this little container and then you put on the cheese and the meat as well as the jalapeno peppers and that’s it and it’s a prize the certificate King nachos in every airman my appetite dish is and what is this it’s a lot on bow locked on bow yes it’s very high knees well actually is very typically it’s Chinese too but it’s also very typically Hawaii local style meat lamb the Seoul station is inside just a screw just team bump yes it’s like a it’s like a comet now cool cool yeah I used to love love Chung balls oh my said this is the lap Cheong sausages supposed to be a little sweet right nice treat YUM how was mmm oh she sure yeah soup this team is bump mmm it’s a pretty world now since he got a lot Qian Bao I got the regular manapua as you know I love mana pool I know a lot of you were viewers who used to live in Hawaii also love manapua oh right I want to give a shout out to I just can’t remember a name but we went to char hongsuk the other day and the cashier recognized us front table you eat so Wow you know thank you thank you very much I mean you know that totally mirror game and your manapua was fantastic but anyway I’m gonna try the 7-eleven mana pool I’ve actually never tried seventy little manipur either I frankly speaking I didn’t ever have eleven food in Hawaii visited help they did it three years ago they did oh yeah they did they always kind of have it but even in Hawaii or very surprising give me Japan mm-hmm such like kind of food a we call it um become a monk is only in winter hmm and why it’s all you’re wrong because mana boy is so popular you know but I always eat want to up head like Manipur places you know not at 7/11 and I just had a bite it’s not bad it’s like a sweet kind of Japanese you come on mm-hmm well as you know Monaco is always sweet it has to be sweet yeah it’s always sweet but as you notice the texture is very different from Tryon saw the big mindfully and the other Molitor that we had what them but not bad not bad but I like chou-heung sets much maybe maybe something it will improve more maybe my main cost is reserved what is that this is sandwich rice sandwich what would we end mochiko chicken mochiko chicken mmm we love mochiko chicken but I love watching to I we have a recipe video or much gotcha game yes we do I say Hawaiian fried chicken yes well Hawaiian sort of Japanese influence Hawaiian using them no Chico watch it go hmm you can eat it no it’s good exciting anymore got it I need more garlic keep watching I tasted really hmm but mom all right for my main course I got a large fry time in yes there is a small smaller size of spice tiny but he chose a larger size of Simon I did because the small one looks at and fried Simon is once again something that’s totally local Hawaiian we don’t have fry time in Japan or anywhere else in the world I think assignment is a Liam Simon is only in Hawaii in Hawaii yeah hmm no bar a bar never no butter look back it’s not bad um it tastes like Simon really tasted nice exciting yes the flavors are signing flavor it doesn’t taste like yakisoba for some Chinese noodles it tastes like the Hawaiian local time in and this is Simon flavor hmm right try me it’s not bad there’s a comic book of fish cakes carrot um egg omelette and spam and green onions and it’s stir-fried together with um like this Simon broth which is like shrimp paste I think or Castle based IITs a little castle Joby’s nice hmm oh yeah that’s pretty good pretty good 7-eleven if I if I can say something that’s new dough should be more other than tail but I agree I don’t know it Hawaiian style or something hmm it could be very I think the noodles are a bit too soft but it’s not bad though it’s a day it’s a desert desert yes is this curious thing yes it’s green and red cherry jello a gyro mm-hmm yummy and red jello mm-hmm we’ve what is that I have no idea broken glass jello right and it contains milk so the white stuff must be some kind of milky jelly very artificial taste very hard official taste well it’s probably artificial most likely of course jeido taste very good so this is great mm-hmm but I Attucks artist yes but I think jello is always going to be artificial taste okay and I got cats bakeries blueberry clean pie now test Baker is one of the most famous places to have pies they’re especially known for their chocolate haupia pie but I didn’t have it they only have this blueberry cream pie which I’ve never tried from them before I’m going to eat it let’s see let’s see what the blueberry pie tastes like eating off good very good oh very good very good trying that’s delicious Ted’s bakery has like some of the best pies ever in Hawaii that as good as him you know um I found this at 7-eleven I’m so happy that they had it there I can usually find them at the supermarket called food land that each taste is quite good quite nice hmm and if I can choose more variation and I expected I actually this surpassed my expectations because well number one I never eat convenience to our food why I’ve never did before Japan could be in store foods in and America and Hawaii’s convinced I usually only get drinks I think I got a hot dog once and a Spanish would be Spanish Phoebe’s pretty good at 7-eleven but yeah um I wish there were some things that I could choose for appetizers I’m not gonna complain about the main course because it’s Hawaii and it’s a convenience store but um it’s pretty good the nachos were like you know movie nachos and the Simon was actually surprisingly good for me because the taste was actually pretty authentic and then the dessert cans bakery I mean well you can’t go wrong with that what she called chicken sandwich choice rice sandwich once you go checking my sandwich okay my favorite is the price I’m in I actually am a big fan of this rice I’m in it’s not bad and the price is very reasonable it’s only on three dollars and 99 cents for this pretty large bowl of Simon not bad so anyway hope you guys enjoyed this video let us know we saw in the comments down below which ones were your favorite please let us know we would love to know give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for watching we look forward to seeing you again in another Hawaii video thank you and take care guys bye bye

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  1. I think it must be a Hawaiian thing to say, "EGG omelette"~ I'm guilty, too. I've made the "Broken Glass" dessert before & don't remember the taste! However, it really was pretty.

  2. I live in Hawaii and I've never been to 7-11 in Japan! I must say that I don't even like Hawaii 7-11 food myself haha

  3. In the thumbnail for the video you are clearly pouring a longboard lager, yet in your ten items you pour a primo… what gives? Longboard lager is a much better local brew in my opinion

  4. 日本には無いものばかりでわくわくします!わたしの中でハワイのイメージは「パッケージングされた定番リゾート地」でしたが、こちらでいろいろ拝見していると現地の生活や風景が垣間見れてとても魅力的な所なんだなぁと思うようになりました。面白いものや魅力的なものに気づかないまま通り過ぎるなんて人生損するところでした(笑)今ではぜひ行ってみたい場所の一つです。

  5. What a pleasure having you guys visit my islands that I live on. It's such a relaxing and peaceful place. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves while you were here.

  6. I live in Hawaii! i dont very much care for hawaii's 7-11 in comparison to when i went to the 7-11s in Japan, but it does have its quirks that make it not bad!

  7. When I was in Tokyo, I enjoyed many delicious & nutritious meals bought at the 7-11 behind my hotel, the five-star Hotel Okura.
    Greetings to you guys from New York City 🙂

  8. I've only had drinks & maybe some dim sum, but now I'll be more willing to try the food! Wish we could have the variety found in Japan. BTW, "mea ono pua’a" (“mea ono” = cake or pastry; “pua’a" = pork) became manapua. gulp ~ so ono!

  9. Remember Hawaiian local food is not Hawaiian food.  Hawaiian local is Hawaiian food influenced by Japanese,Chinese,Korean,and Flilipino.

  10. When tourists ask me where is a authentic Hawaiian food restaurant.  I ask them are you sure you want to eat that. LOL

  11. Even the famous Highway inn serves Kalua pig nachos.  That is an example of Local Hawaiian, not Hawaiian food at all.  They are touted to have the most authentic Hawaiian food. NOT!!!  LOL

  12. When I go to 7-11 Hawaii for a snack.  I get the pork adobo over fried rice with scrambled eggs on the side.  Even my Filipino friends can't tell me why they serve it that way but its "Ono".  Local food that can only be found in Hawaii influenced by another culture.  That's local food in Hawaii, Not necessarily Hawaiian food.

  13. Broken glass jello is similar Filipino dessert with milk and gelatin as well…maybe this was Filipino-inspired??

  14. Lup Cheong Bao is actually Cantonese, Lup Cheong means HK style sausage and Bao means bun, it's a traditional yum cha dim sum food 🙂

  15. Shinichi you're being way too kind when describing Hawaii's 7-11 foods lol, it is no comparison to Japan's 7-11 so appetizing and appealing to the eye.
    Although I do LOVE their lup chong bao, its great to bring a bag of them on the airplane for when you get hungry. I wish you could've tasted the Teds chocolate Haupia pie which is so yummy! 😋

  16. I have a friend from "the big island" who said she and I shared the same name. Her name is Koleka and I lost touch with her years ago. Miss her. Anyway, your videos when you go back to Hawaii remind me of her.

  17. Yummy. You guys are making me crave this more and more each time I watch your videos. I really miss Hawaii food.

  18. So, im supposed to be doing research for my up and coming trip to Japan but no, im watching videos of Hawaii, the place im trying to leave lol Also 7-11 in Hawaii is so sad and their food is meh.

  19. After a large can of beer lol ☺ Shinichi, your side eyes when you are ribbing Satochi, too funny, love your personalities

  20. Shinichi's written comments of Satoshi's words are hilarious! I love the ? behind them. "After a large can of beer" 😂

  21. I really don't think that people who grew up in Hawaii went to 7/11 for main meals. Mostly for drinks & snacks. Why go to 7/11 when you have so many drive ins with wonderful food conveniently located throughout the city. Like Zippy's or Likelike, etc. But it was a fare review because you can get so many delicious things in Japan's 7/11 stores.

  22. I've watched 5 of your videos just picked up on that you guys are gay, lol. I must have the worst gaydar ever.

  23. I appreciate how Satoshi always takes that first hit of whatever beer he is enjoying right to that “refreshing burn”- moment…he knows how to enjoy! ✨🤙🏼✨

  24. One of my favorites from 7-11 is their beefy mac and cheese. It doesn't look so appetizing when you see it in the refrigerated case, but after you heat it up and all the cheese melts, it's fantastic!

  25. I love you guys!! Found you while doing research on my upcoming trip to Oahu. Thank you for all the tips, and your amazing personalities <3

  26. Convenience stores in the US state that I am living in now have nothing but garbage and even their hot food is fried in old black oil. That's why I don't go to them.

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