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  1. Everything looks so delicious and fresh! It's awesome that conbini makes food daily.
    Here in the States, the convenience store foods are made to preserve for at least a month and usually have additives to make them last that long.

  2. i like eating in convenience stores.
    it's a bit pricier than canteen and street foods here in the Philippines but it's air-conditioned and food can be really good.

  3. You guys are so cute! XD I can't wait to try them out! And it's a mistake to watch your videos in the middle of the night. Haha I'm hungry!

  4. Just in case you wanted to know, I think I have an idea how they flavor the boiled eggs. Since shells are porous they probably boiled the egg with whatever seasoning they wish to flavor it with. I think the seasonings are able to seep through while cooking, kind of like how sometimes an [old] egg can pick up flavors from the fridge.

  5. I'm surprised that Lawson's is the second largest convenience store in Japan! I haven't seen a Lawson's here in NME Ohio (Great Lakes Region) in some 20 years. Still remember the old Lawson's orange juice commercial though. Roll on, Big-O…

  6. If you're wondering how eggs are flavoured despite being inside the shell, it's because egg shells are actually pretty porous. This is why proper egg storage is so important

  7. I wish I could try some of the food that you show on your show but I have no way to go to Japan because I am disabled but I would dearly love to try some snacks or other things that can be mailed

  8. tabieats! come to Lancaster PA. place here does sushi bowls it's delicious, rice topped with fresh salmon , crab or tuna and your choice of toppings and sauce. I always get salmon with edamame and cucumber and wasabi mayo

  9. lawson in indonesia its a no no. good looking food but lame taste.and the price us not that cheap if calculated in our curency

  10. Why doesn't America have at least one convenience store chain that has food American taste or some Japanese?

  11. Kind of wished you showed video footage of you two shopping at the store too 😆 Still watching you guys eat was just as fun! 😋

  12. Y,all are adorable LOL His face when you ate his food! That's true love LOL Woulda been my face too had my gf done that to me LOL

  13. I kind of dislike Shinichi. He acts like a little child. So demanding. I don't know how satoshi puts up with him.

  14. I am so excited you guys have Lawson's in Japan! We used to have them here in the States when I was little. I miss them so much!!!

  15. in indonesia we have salty eggs. made from duck eggs. and yes, it's in the shell as well.
    i'm not sure how the details of the process, but basically you just cover the egg with a mixture of salt and ash and keep it for days (one of the article i read says 15-20 days). then clean it up and boil it.

  16. I'm just amazed that Japanese convenience stores are so many light-years ahead of American ones, that even foodies enjoy what they offer.

  17. Also called Voodoo Lily, if you want to freak out you guests when they ask what those jelly cut noodle like things you are adding to the sukiyaki are.

  18. I suppose it makes sense the food is good. Since they can't keep the meals very long they have to make them good in order to sale them quickly. If they didn't the food would go bad, sales would drop and they wouldn't carry the finished meals again.

  19. Here in Mississippi, USA. The best thing you can get from a convenience store is if they have a BBQ place or Chicken fry place inside. Other than that they have the worst cups of noodle or these really nasty pre packaged sandwiches.. totally blows compared to how Japan does food. They have so many to go options between the convenience stores, food carts, and even food from vending machines that are way above what you would expect.

    Heres an idea, do a video series on the Vending machine meals 🙂

  20. After subscribing and enjoying all your videos I really want to travel to Japan. You have made it so welcoming. I would love to ride the trains, meet some people, see the scenery and indulge on all the local ekiben.

  21. We are going to Tokyo in 4 days. Watching you guys eat is really making me so excited. I am looking forward of trying all these convenience store food. I WANT TO GO NOW!!!

    Thank you guys.

  22. Every time I go to a Japanese restaurant I always order Ume Wine. Just love it! Good video guys, thanks!!!

  23. In America food in convenience stores is usually a last resort, it’s not fresh at all and usually very bad quality. I’m amazed at the variety in Japan

  24. Wow, everything looks so fresh. Here I at our local gas station/convenience stores we just have pizza slices or sometimes hot dogs. Which are not good at all and I don't know anyone that eats them because they're not good quality. Most people say it will make oyu sick.

  25. Love you guys, love your videos. You try all these foods with child-like curiously. It’s just so charming 🙂

  26. The hamburger and the dish should be hot as because here we would not sever cold hamburgers and the sauce should be hot too in the UK

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