Dinner In The Sky – Floating London Restaurant

Hey guys, it’s Dean from Diagonal View and
this week we venture to new horizons to explore London’s Floating Sky Restaurant. Over a ten day period, Londoners were welcomed
to take to the skies for a once in a life time opportunity – to Fine Dine while Sky
High. Strapped in and checked like a sort of civilised
roller coaster, the select few were then hoisted up to be greeted by London’s skyline. Some of London’s top Michelin star restaurants
transferred their menus to be served on the sky table – suspended 100 feet in the air. Keeping with their sky-high ethos, the dinner
itself cost up to £250 per person… which I think is a bit steep. Oh, and my advice, make sure you pop to the
toilet before you set off. With nowhere to go, things can get pretty messy. So who’s brave enough to have a go? Heard
of any other extreme dining set ups? If you liked this, check out Taiwan’s bizarre
toilet themed restaurant. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to
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