Dinner made with mom Missok and Park Narae’s special recipe [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.04.04]

Andrea. You wanted to cook Korean food, right? Okay. Misook. Take an apron. Okay. Okay. Thank you. She gave us so many aprons. How many are there? (She puts on an apron first) Are you done? What are you doing? I gave you an apron and you’re wearing a bib. How am I supposed to put this on? Wait. (Stare) Take care of spinach. No matter how I look at it, this is weird. (What?) (This is not the right hole) (No matter how much I look) (There isn’t a place for me to put my arms through) (Forget it) You give up? Isn’t this a blanket? (She gives up) (While Misook gets familiarized with her new apron) (Angelic Andrea helps out without being asked) How do you need this cut? (Onion) That? Slice it thin. Okay. You’re so good. Eli. Eli? What’s your name? Eli? He’s a member of U-KISS. This is Andrea. Oh no. (I’m Andrea from Canada) You’re in trouble. Do you know what my name is? – Narae, Narae, Park Narae. / – That’s a relief. You look like you’d be good at cooking. I am. Really? (Of course) – No one gives me a chance to cook. / – Then… I don’t cook too many things. Today is your chance. I think today’s your chance. I cook spinach very well. Wait. Let’s see. That’s good, right? You did a good job. I have a lifetime of experience. Sure. (She must cook spinach to put in noodles) I’ll cook it in the microwave. What? In the microwave? You don’t know about that? Fewer nutrients are destroyed that way. Really? (Even Narae has never heard of that) You don’t know. I’ll show you. Cook spinach in a microwave? You don’t know? Look it up. I’m looking it up. I’ve never heard of that. Spinach microwave. I found it! I told you. “Cook spinach with this one cool microwave trick.” It says it’s a trick. (Is it a joke?) Even if it says it’s a trick, it’s true. Somebody said that if you cook spinach in a microwave, fewer nutrients are destroyed. Vegetables cooked in a microwave have a fewer amount of nutrients destroyed. (This is who I am) I know those things very well. You’re a strange person. I thought your head was completely empty. (Surprising charm) (While Misook chops spinach) Where’s minced garlic? Garlic. (While cooking it in the microwave) Garlic. Chop, chop, chop, chop. (Narae adds all kinds of seasonings) (To make sauce for glass noodles and pork ribs) (Working hard) (Spinach is cooked already) Look. It’s so much better in a microwave. You’re right. (It really works!) It’s crunchy. You’re a great cook. I don’t like to cook, but I’m good. (Proud) Oh my. Let’s cook noodles here and cook soup in here. Oh! Andrea! (Uncle Sugeun shows up) She’s doing great now. We couldn’t have done it without her. We wouldn’t have known what is where. Andrea has been so helpful. You look so feminine today! She’s actually a great cook. She hasn’t done anything. What do you mean? She cooked this in the microwave. So she really didn’t want to cook, huh? How do you turn this on? See? This is a weird gas stove. I use an induction stove. Minseok, let’s put the desk away upstairs. Auntie asked us to move the desk. (This desk) Yes, the big one. She asked us to move it. Oh, this step. Let’s go upstairs. Over there. (The old stairs look dangerous) (When Sugeun steps on it) This is dangerous. (Are there any tools to fix it with?) (He discovers something!) Minseok, come here. Don’t you think this will be great? Tell me what you think. You’re going to fix it with this? I’ll place it underneath. Look. (Bricks?) They look quite similar, right? Yes. If the height is the same. If not, I’ll have to shave it off. With what? I hope it fits perfectly. I’m desperate. That’s so dangerous. Please. Please. Please. Let’s go! (Sugeun approaches it as he prays) Look. What are we going to do with this? (Goes right in) (It fits perfectly!) Sis! This is so touching, Sugeun. This is the best thing you’ve done in 2017. (He checks the placement thoroughly) (It’s finally time to test it!) (How will it be?) (Ta-da) (A great success) (Did I really fix this?) Narae, come over here. I fixed the stairs. – Really? / – Come step on it please. Really? (He fixed something so quickly?) That looked really dangerous. I made it really safe. – This? / – Just step on it. Oh my! Right? (It’s very sturdy!) It’s touching. It’s so touching. Step on it. (It doesn’t budge at all) How did you fix this? Oh my! You’re right. It was so dangerous before. I was shocked. I thought I was on a swing. Sugeun. We need to julienne a carrot. You know I’m a great cook. (It’s cooking time!) I’m chef Lee Yeonbok of the comedian world. We just need to make seaweed soup. Let’s make seaweed soup here. Alright. (She puts in a handful of seaweed in the pot) – Perilla oil. / – Add what? You need to cook it with perilla oil first. Here’s perilla oil. (Narae takes care of what Misook missed) Seasoning… Don’t we need to put that in? – Salt? / – No, garlic. I was just bringing it over. It’s like you’re cooking with a 6th grader. Fun cooking time with mom. Narae… (Lastly, she adds a tablespoon of soy sauce) Drain the oil first. I’m putting everything in here. Yes. Go ahead. (And the main ingredient, tuna!) We have to hurry and boil it to make japchae, too. – Mom! / – Who is it? Uncle. Is it Dahey or Siyeon? – Siyeon. / – Siyeon, you’re back. I brought corn dogs. We ate it already. Really? Where did you buy it? We already ate it… At the market. Siyeon, go get changed and do the dishes. – We’re so tired. / – Really? I cooked everything here. I want to take a nap, too. I’m so tired. Thank you. Thank you. (They find the perfect place for it first) You have to wipe this first. Moist towelette. The size is perfect, right? (From its placement to color, everything is perfect!) (How exciting) What if Yerim feels a bit left out? Why would she? This is just impressive. – Did you remove the blood first? / – Of course. It’s not frozen, so we can take it out after 5 minutes. That looks so good. Narae, when you’re done, set the table and come out. – Come out. / – Why? So it looks like Misook cooked everything. Oh, that’s what I should do? She’s got a knife! (Perfect timing) Let’s do that. Oh my. – She isn’t talking to me. / – What are we going to do? I can’t talk about the seaweed soup. You’re going to cook it like this? (This is a foul!) I’m shocked. Look at this. This is unbelievable. – I’ve never seen anything like this. / – Crazy, huh? Sugeun, you have to eat less salty food, right? I didn’t put any soy sauce in it. It’s good. It’s really good. It’s nice and bland. But won’t the kids like something more seasoned? They have to cater to our tastes. Really? (Boiling) – I like it. / – This is too salty for me. What soup is this? – This? Seaweed soup. / – Tuna seaweed soup? Yes. I’ve never tried it with tuna. But I don’t taste tuna at all. – It doesn’t taste like tuna? / – No, it doesn’t. That’s not possible. Do you taste tuna? You don’t taste it at all, do you? How much did you put in? One can. Shall we put in one more? We only have one can. (Oh no) We don’t have any more tuna? Why don’t we add anchovy sauce then? Anchovy sauce. (Plan B: Anchovy sauce) Did we put in too little tuna? You’re going to add anchovy sauce? People normally do. There we go. You’re supposed to. This is how they do it in Jeolla-do. (She adds anchovy sauce…) – Want to taste it? / – Yes. The phone? It’s here. Why? I don’t know why you’re here. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t taste the tuna. Is it supposed to taste like that? There is some meat but… Isn’t it a bit oily? Don’t say that. You’ll hurt her feelings. It’s oily? – That’s what I think. / – Try it. (Narae steps in) – She’s off getting something. / – What should we add? It’s a bit oily, right? (It’s ruined) It’s a bit oily, right? (We can only rely on MSG now) I thought it was because of tuna oil. (Peeking) (She secretly puts in a lot of MSG) Will it taste better? We should put in instant noodle seasoning. In seaweed soup? (How will it taste?) It’s that… (Mom doesn’t know a thing) This is fantastic. (A successful tactic) (Next up are beef japchae) (And Narae’s pork ribs with kimchi!) (Kelp broth) When do I add the beef? You have to put it in now. Stir-fry vegetables and then beef. Oh, like this. (Adding tons of vegetables) (She’s cooking everything with the noodles) (Who is it?) It’s Dahey. Sister. (What’s going on?) Hey, Dahey. Where are you? We’re all at the guesthouse. (Where is she?) You’re back already? (Really?) Yes. Where are you? He just needs to shampoo and style his hair, then we’ll go. Okay. We’re cooking dinner. (We’ll be done soon) What are you cooking? I’m hungry again. It’s crazy over here. It’s like a Korean restaurant here. (Cooking for 15) Really? We’re cooking pork ribs with kimchi and japchae. Oh, then… What time should I arrive so that you’re done already? (What?) Mom, do you know what Dahey said? She’s asking when we’ll be done so she’ll come after. Oh goodness, she’s gone crazy. Oh, Siyeon. Hurry and come back. We’re almost done. Okay. I’ll hurry back. – Okay, hurry home. / – I’ll be there soon. Is it okay to put raw beef in? It’ll be cooked. (Almost done) This is how they do it. It’s strange. – We usually cook beef first. / – Right. That’s because the meat wasn’t so fresh. I don’t trust it. (How does it taste?) – It’s good. / – It’s good. (Incredible!) (And Narae’s own special recipe) (Pork ribs with matured kimchi!) (Dinner at the guesthouse is ready)

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  1. Is there anything that Park Narae can't do? She's a comedian, a host, can cook, do makeup and special effect, etc. Seriously.

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