Dinner Only: Ep 2 (Pilot) – “Tea”

Bye bye grandkids Bye bye grandma! Please what? You and Nick are ok because you saw them when you went on your honeymoon. Mama, don’t start Don’t start what? I knew it! Thats why… Sorry! I didn’t realise that I cant send you on errands anymore because you have grown up. Where are you that is so noisy? I need weed Ah mom!! Whatsup whats up!! Ah Tonde! I’m fine my child. I’m fine. I’m fine. You know we are just hustling in town!! Tonde don’t lie to me…do you hear me? Tonde you must tell me these things! You have only been here for two minutes in your son in law’s house and you are already bragging about the wifi? Mom, I’m kidding! Did you bring my “stuff”? Oh yes, I brought it. I saw documentary on TV talking about using marijuana as medicine Mom, I hope you are not thinking of doing weed. A little bit more than this! You are wanting a discount for such little product. I’m not a dimwit! But the way you are holding the packet makes you look like a dimwit! Calling your mother a dimwit?! Mom may I borrow $15? Make sure you bring back the money ok? Now you are breaking their things! This is not Highfields!! Its cool momz I will bring it back! You are the best! Ah! Get out! You’re acting like we went to Murehwa. Is everything ok? How can you give Tonde money that is not his? What did you want me to do? But mama that’s someone’s salary! What have you got there mom? I have come back with the … $20

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