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  1. I am slightly deaf, so can someone please help me? What did he pour from the bottle into the cake mixture? I think he said it was one tablespoon.

  2. @coralarch RHUM…YAAAARglol no i do understand that this french chef prenoncation is hard to understand for those that do not speak french as their 1rst language…im french and im good in english …i i miss some parts once in a while…his accent is SO funny

  3. @inmens Instant potatoes are very useful, and I honestly think this is a great way to save time on vichyssoise. If you blend up the soup like most recipes I've seen, then going through the trouble of peeling and cutting potatoes isn't necessary. If you have the time, you can dehydrate potatoes yourself, but if you read the ingredients list of the instant potato you're buying, you can find ones that only have only have potatoes and salt.

  4. Does it matter if he put the tenderloin into the pan before it was really hot? I always hear other chefs saying it's so vital to sear meat in high heat instead of "boiling" it. Just curious

  5. You are right, but I guess it was mostly hot. He has a good gas range which will heat the pan pretty quickly. Basically the worry with "boiling" it is if the food releases water faster than the pan can evaporate it. So, if the temp of the pan comes up before water starts to come from the meat then it will still be ok.

  6. It's hilarious but really a terrible feature. No deaf person is ever going to know what the hell is going on. They're going to think he's nuts!

  7. In todays reality chef shows and tv programs etc there are alot of great chefs…….but…Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsey, Robert Irving or Anna Olson etc, cannot hold a candle to Mr.Pepin……He is truly in a league by himself….all the rest are just cooks but Jaques is a true Chef Master of his trade!

  8. The closed caption thing is hilarious, but when I read something translated from an ancient dead language, like Egyptian Hieroglyphs, I always wonder if the same thing isn't happening …

  9. Keep in mind aside from the quality ingredients he is using quality cookware , convection oven and top notch range. This is why the food comes out great. With just quality ingredients but none of the other stuff it won't come out like this.

  10. Is it really a good idea to fry the rolled pork WITH the aluminum foil wrapped around it in a pan?
    Wouldn't the aluminum melt or burn or anything like that…

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  12. I made this stuffed pork tenderloin this weekend and it was outstanding and looked amazing. Thank you sir! Pepin is simply the best.

  13. If I wanted to do the leek / potato / mushroom soup but use real potato instead of the instant potato powder, how should I do this? Do I have to cook the potato before? And when do I put them in etc ?

  14. And he also puts the filet of pork in a pretty much COLD pan to "sear" it. Doesn't the pan have to be quite hot so the maillard reaction can take place ?!

  15. Because of this video, I made [at least] 20 of the pork (w/ bacon also) for my mother's 80th birthday. (Over three years ago, so can't remember amnt.)
    Thanks again, Chef!

  16. I love Jacques Pepin's videos. But what I think is really sad is if this were ANY other cook, this comment section would be laced with scathing "he used instant mashed potato mix, how dare he!!" I saw a similar video on YouTube where a lady was sharing her at home recipes, perfectly decent ones, and she used a store bought mix like that, even saying you can make it yourself, but this is a quick version; and the comments blasted her. This is how YouTube is. Everyone's a know-it-all critic or an unabashed dick rider.  Jacques Pepin can use instant potato mix, because all of you are on his dick; but another home cook showing how to make quick meals does it and the "experts" come out of the weeds.

    And btw, I made this soup and it was good. Definitely a great soup to whip up quickly. But if this were Suzy Home Cook's YouTube Channel, the pretentious little fucks would come out in droves. But now they just sit their quietly biting their tongues kissing Pepin's feet

  17. Made the pork last night. Was so delicious that I don't even have leftovers bc my guests took them home! However, 10 min at 350 was not enough time in my oven. I turned up the heat and left it in longer. Was still a touch pink which was perfect. You may need to try higher heat or longer time or both.

  18. Any show he used mushrooms he always repeats what he says, "it's not a question of not washing mushroom.." We heard u a thousand times dude !!

  19. He had a stroke thats why he slurps like that and not to mention hes in his late 70's at filming hes an artist one of the great

  20. I would worry about the pork being a little pink in the center. I was taught that pork should be cooked all the way through. The French will push the limits of "cooking all the way through" for the purpose of keeping things tender. It's a gamble…

  21. I just tried watching a documentary on Ted Nugent and became so disenchanted and agitated that I immediately pulled up some Jacques Pepin. His videos are so soothing that it's like sinking into a warm bath. For a moment, all seems well with the world.

  22. Most of french chefs tend to finish the soup with cream which adds richeness but in my opinion too much fat.
    Adding milk is okay.

  23. I'm not a fan of instant potatoes, but using them to thicken that soup was actually pretty genius. Now I can finally get rid of that box thats been in my pantry.

  24. Just made the pork tenderloin. It came out fantastic. You are the greatest. The world is blessed to have you. I met you once at a book signing and you were kind enough to look at a dish I made from one of your books (& tv shows). Thank you for being so gracious.

  25. He mention spinach and mushrooms, I noticed there's no mushrooms, just onions. So I think it was spinach and onions is what he meant to say. Love you Jacque.

  26. Magnificent! Thanks for posting! The leek soup is quick, nourishing, and warms the heart as well as the body, as does everything Pepin makes, for that is his purpose-based technique. Food nourishes the body as well as the soul. He never forgets this.

  27. Could this cake be KETO with almond flour or coconut flour? I know raspberries are allowed. I use monk fruit for sweetness. I cook keto for my husband. I noticed he misses a sweet at family gatherings (when everyone is eating birthday cake). It would be ever so handy to have a cake and berries dessert for him. Besides, he always raked the frosting off any cake, so he has not a sweet tooth. Thank you for remembering Julia. I enjoyed both you together in the kitchen 🙂

  28. "My friend Julia always said, 'Taste it, taste it again.' I love that he remembers her (Julia Child) when he's cooking. (11:12)

  29. One of my most lovely reads is Pepin's story of his youth. A master with the knife and the pen. Wonderful story, I followed it along on Google maps.
    Made it more real. Favorite dishes are usually made from hard times. The gathering to bake bread in Montrbrunal in France.


  30. Wonderful Jacques Pepin… one of my youthful mentors regarding getting into cooking for my and my family enjoyment of good food. Thank you so much Sir.

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