Dinner Party Supplies on a Budget with the Dollar Tree Dilemma Diva

Hey honey how’s it going? Hey there. So I did talk to my boss he is actually coming to dinner tonight Any chance you can put out another place setting for him? Oh, okay. Sure, no problem at all I’ll just grab a few extra plates we’ll
be good to go. Thanks honey. Alright see you soon. Okay, bye. Oh no. What am I going to do? They’re going to be here in an hour. Girl looks like you could use another
place setting. Don’t you worry the Dollar Tree Dilemma Diva has you covered. Dollar Tree carries a wide variety of
quality dinnerware and drinkware. Look. These will complement your existing place settings and all of these styles are just a dollar a piece. At that price you can set a place for the entire office. This is beautiful. It’s just amazing. Hey he will be here in five… Hi. Who is that? That’s the Dollar Tree Dilemma diva. Our budget’s new best friend and the reason why your boss isn’t eating of a cartoon plate tonight. You’re welcome honey I bet you didn’t think you could get all
of this at Dollar Tree right? Dollar Tree what will you find?

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