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Brunch Ideas with Mary Corpening Barber
and Sara Corpening Whiteford Hi my name’s Sara Corpening whiteford for and this
is my twin sister Mary corpening barber and together we wrote the bride and groom
first and forever cookbook. when we entertain we always like to pick a menu that’s stress free do-ahead and easy We want to make sure that you’ve made these recipes before They’re tried and true And I think the do-ahead is so important because some of these dishes we’ve done two
or three days ahead of time and some of the stages and phases of them several hours so you want to just make sure that you have plenty of time
You just don’t want to run around at the last minute,
and just get frantic That just takes the fun out of it
so the do-ahead is super important So when it comes to presentation the visuals are so important when displaying food for example we’ve taken these little cheese
tea sandwiches and we’ve put them on a three-tiered stand also this is two cake stands creatively stacked on top of one another to give you sort of a vertical effect we think it’s a stunning way to present a little sandwich we also love the open face quality of these you know just the visual is so pretty we love mixing the new pottery barn dishes with the old stuff
that your grandmother gave you that gives great dimension to your buffet Also I want to talk about diversity of foods and
it’s really important to have some foods that are light and some foods that are on
the heavier side, we’re looking for balance and variety so one great thing about the bride and groom first and forever
cookbook is that it gives you a lot of inspiring menus so you can mix and match and it
sort of guides you along with the menu planning I really hope that we’ve demystified some of
the challenges of entertaining there’s really no right or wrong And I hope that you guys have as much fun
making this brunch as we have creating it together for you Please visit www.potterybarn.com/springcelebration
for a printable copy of this recipe

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  1. salmon should be fresh, not made ahead. salmon is best served fresh and just before seasoned. some acidity ofcourse needed

  2. can u tell me where can buy the trifile glasses?  an online shop is ok. collecting glasses and cups and plates recently, but get bored of traditional red wine glass 😉 want more varieties 😉

  3. Love the idea of the plates and napkins stacked together like that. Pick up your plate, no need to look for a napkin! 🤗

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