Welcome Crazy–Keep it Crazy family to our video. Video? Welcome Keep it Crazy to our video. Welcome Keep it Crazy family to our video. Today we’re gonna redo– You’re not– (laughter) Stop! It’s focused. It wasn’t focused. This has to look perfect. Today Keep it Crazy family we are gonna redo the office but first we’re gonna
get some food because I’m starving and I’m hangry. You’re hangry? I’m hangry. I’m scared. I’m hungry-angry. Here’s the office beforehand. So the door in this office kept hitting
the floor and it was scratching it so bad and you can kind of see right here
are the scratches. So Jared came over to help Aaron shave the bottom of the door. So this door, um, when it opens to a
certain point, it starts dragging on the floor. The door is uneven and the floor
is uneven so we’re just gonna take enough of it off so it opens up smoothly.
If you tape this it kind of helps it not split. We’re gonna take this much off.
We’re gonna put the door in and see how it swings. If we need to take more off we’re going to have to pull it back out and do it again. Here we go. Yay! That’s actually good. Can I say it? Sure go ahead.
Wait, what do I say? Say what you just said. Hi guys– hi guys we’re at Dollar
General right now. We’re going to pick our Valentine’s Day cards. Oh my gosh. (laughter) So Brody’s like, “Can I say it? Can I say
it?” And then he’s like (slowly) we want to… You’re so silly Brody. Okay, well we’re going into Dollar General to get their Valentine’s card things for their classes. You know like all– How many
people do you have in your class? 19! I have 20! Alright which one are you guys gonna choose? Toy Story. Toy Story? Oh Toy Story. Cool. Let’s see how many it has in here. 32 that’s perfect. Yeah that’s perfect. Alright Logan did you see any? There’s spider-man, there’s superheroes. You want spider-man instead? Yes! How many? 32. It sounds like, like 2.
Well they’re just cards. No it has 32 in it. I don’t want these. Okay which ones do you want? I don’t any. I don’t these. You don’t want cards? I want candy stuff. Well the candy’s over here. I know. Alright so Brody’s on his 30th box. I’m
just kidding. So he’s gonna get the ones that have a tattoo for your tongue and
a sucker. You have nothing? What are you picking? I pick Sour Patch and they have 25 exchange packs. Why are you talking like that? I finished cleaning the office
today it took me like all day but now I really want to decorate it but the
problem is– Brody or Logan is running into my camera. So the problem is we live
in a really small town and I can’t just like go get office decorations and make
the office all cute because I don’t have many choices. So it might take me a few
days to decorate it I will show you guys when it’s done but I’m at least gonna
look at Dollar General and see if I can find anything fun. Like these cute boxes,
look how cute these are. Well I have a picture on the wall that’s kind of similar to this so I feel like that would be so cute to hide some of the
cords. Look how cute this is. So you put an essential oil on it and it’s like a
diffuser it goes in your office. I need that, huh. Hannah says she needs it in her
room because she has a plant-y room. Walking through all the aisles there
wasn’t a ton of stuff. Found a couple little plants, a couple boxes, but as far
as like hooks and different things that I want on the walls, nothing. So we’ll put
together what we have so far and then over the next few days we’ll finish it. Tonight we’re having enchiladas for dinner. It is one of the kids favorite
ones. I know we say that on a lot of our dinners but usually it’s a few of the
kids favorite and then some of the kids won’t need it at all, this is the case
too. But if at least– how many would you say? At least like six kids eat it, I call it
a favorite. And like the parents– it’s pretty much just two people, Max and Logan. Max and Brody are usually the biggest– Brody will usually whine about it, but
then if you’re like, well if you eat it we’re having this for dessert or we’re
doing this then he’ll be like- oh never mind, I do like it. I think he just says it–
yeah he doesn’t feel like it but it’s different if he wants it. Do you like enchiladas? No. No? Will you eat it if I pay you $10? Yes. I’m just kidding
I’m not paying you to eat a dinner, forget that. So you can see how much better it’s
looking in here. It’s cleaner. Ooo, let’s make it dirtier. But– hey Logan. But
there’s still a long ways to go. So with these boxes, I’m going to cut a
little hole in the back and then hide the charging station so it looks better.
Won’t that be so cool? You just told us where it was. No, it’s not gonna be hiding like hiding from you, it’s just gonna look prettier. So this is where the kids turn their
phones in at night. But some of the kids have been being so good they don’t have
to turn their phones in at night anymore which is a good thing. But Max is
gonna be my assistant here. So I need you to cut a little hole enough for like a
power cord. Like a little square. Are you ready to make out your Valentine’s cards? Rock, paper, scissors who gets to go first. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Oh that’s two out of three. Aw, that’s fine. Okay Brody gets to go first.
Let me see one of them. Are they cool? They look like cell phones. Yeah. That’s
so cool. I love you very much. My love burns for you. (laughing) We are stinking cute together. Oh, aren’t those your favorite? Would you
have done those if you were still doing Valentine’s cards? Maybe, maybe. I’m a
professional at taking these apart though. I know. So then after you put your
name in it, see these two little holes? Yes. You punch it out and you stick the little sucker in. I made dinner tonight! I never make dinner but tonight I felt like cooking and I’m gonna start cooking more because I
actually enjoy it. It’s kind of therapeutic. Except for when you don’t
eat my food, you don’t eat my food, you don’t eat my food. Eat it! But look at it, I mean, I don’t– Look how delicious that looks. (whispering) Looks so good! Alex is not happy. Why are you not happy? Because there’s so much wrong with the car that I’m using. And now I can’t drive it. So, some lights started coming on and then we took it to a mechanic today and he said try putting coolant in it. So we put coolant in it and now it’s leaking. It’s having issues. The thing is all the way in the red and I don’t want to blow the engine. So he
can’t drive it till we get it fixed. And he’s not happy because he has to ride a bus tomorrow. I have a blue tongue because Brody gave me one of his suckers. So (sticks out tongue). Isn’t that weird? Valentine’s is on Friday and I want to be able to drive us to school and I want to take Aracely on a date but I can’t do that if we’re just gonna walk everywhere. Aw, sad day. You
can have a date here– No– with all your siblings getting on your nerves, that would be so fun. I’m just kidding. Your siblings, actually you love, but I get you don’t want to do a date here. I get it. Not in a mean way. I know, I know. I was so happy to start driving and now there’s so much wrong with it. Okay positive thoughts. We put positive– (growling) No. We put positive thoughts into the universe and it feeds us positive back
right. I guess. So be like, “Oh the car’s gonna get fixed tomorrow and everything’s great.
Sylvia’s gonna be brand-spanking-new. There you go. Oh yeah, I named my car. Her name’s Sylvia. Oh, I like it. Tomorrow she’s going to be brand-spanking-new. No lights are gonna
come on that’s gonna cause problems. There you go! Positive thinking! Yes.
Alright now, somebody eat because this has been sitting here for 10 minutes and no one’s eating. I just remembered why I don’t cook dinner. What? So Hannah’s at cheer practice. Halie is at track. Ariana’s at softball. Aurora’s sleeping so there’s no one here to eat dinner. I will it all of this. I love this. You love my enchiladas? Yeah. Yay! Oh Logan and Brody are here. Logan. Brody. Dinner’s ready! I literally hurt my stomach by eating so much of this. Oh, well that’s good. No it’s not! Well it’s good that you like it. Oh, yes.
Dinner’s ready. I’m gonna have something else. No, you eat the enchiladas. I don’t like enchiladas. These are so good! You want my enchiladas? What? Yes you do, no, they do. They’ve eaten it before. They’ve eaten it before, they do. Dinner fail. Eat the food. No. Yeah, people are here! Dinner!! Do you like enchiladas? Yes I love enchiladas. There’s the enthusiasm I’ve been waiting for. I’m so, I’m so hungry. Yes, where’s your enthusiasm? Yes! High Five! Thank you. I take it you had a good day. I did. Okay good. Yeah, Aaron is getting seconds. I love it, it’s really good. Thank you! I had seconds. You had seconds? Alex had thirds. I had thirds. Yay! Look at Aurora’s little board. I mean we
still use her tablet but this is like quick and easy but it has all of her
different things on it. Look, Aurora. Your so tired? She just woke up from a nap.

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