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(bright music) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha
of natashaskitchen.com, thank you so much for
tuning into our show. Today we’re making stuffed cabbage. This recipe is so delicious. The ingredients are simple and it’s freezer-friendly so stay tuned. I grew up eating stuffed cabbage, so believe me when I tell you, I know a good stuffed
cabbage when I taste one. These are not too mushy, not
too crisp, they’re just right. We’re going to start out with
two medium heads of cabbage. Begin by pulling off the outer leaves. Now you’re going to remove
the core of each cabbage. You’ll want to cut fairly deep to completely get that core out. It’ll make it much easier
to remove the leaves later. I’ve got a large pot of water on the stove about two-thirds full, I’m going to add half a tablespoon of salt and about a quarter cup of vinegar. Put the first cabbage into
the pot stem side down and let it cook for five minutes. While that’s cooking we’re
gonna make our yummy filling. Combine six cups of rice,
about a pound of ground pork, a pound of ground turkey,
and mix that together. If you have a mixer, use it
it makes it so much easier. The cabbage has been
in there five minutes, so flip it over and cook it
another five to six minutes. I found that it helps to pull
the leaves apart slightly so that they cook more evenly. Remove the leaves as they begin to soften. You’ll know they’re ready when
they’re are a yellowish color and sometimes larger
leaves can be a dull green. You’ll repeat the process
with cabbage number two. Remember to keep three or four
cups of water from the pot. You’ll need this for later. Now is a good time to start
grating those carrots. You’ll need six carrots total,
four for the meat mixture and two for the sauce. Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high heat with three tablespoons of oil
and a tablespoon of butter. Once that’s sizzling,
add four grated carrots. It takes about five minutes to soften then you’re going to
add one cup of marinara. Stir that for another minute, then remove it from the heat
and let it cool slightly before putting it into the meat mixture. Crack in two eggs in a tablespoon of salt then mix it all together. Here comes the therapeutic
part of these bad boys. You’re going to end up with
two different kinds of leaves, larger ones and smaller ones and there’s two different
ways to prep them. Cut the larger leaves
in half down the center removing that tough stem portion. On the small leaves, slice off the raised surface of the stem. This makes it much easier to roll later. Scoop about two tablespoons
of meat mixture. It’s more or less based
on how big the leaf is. Now put it on the first sleeve and you’re going to roll
that up into a cone. Tuck the ends into the top and you’ve got yourself a
perfect stuffed cabbage roll. Working with the smaller
leaves is just as easy. You just roll it up and tuck in the ends. Now that we’ve got them all
snuggled up in that pot, we’re gonna finish these
up with a light sauce. Saute the last two grated carrots in a couple tablespoons of oil and season it with a teaspoon of Mrs. Dash or your favorite salt-free seasoning. Once the carrots are soft, you’re going to stir in one
tablespoon of sour cream and then add one cup of marinara sauce. Stir that for another minute and then pour it over your
pot of stuffed cabbage. Now add your reserved cooking water. You’ll need about three to four cups or just enough to almost
cover the cabbage. Bake it 450 degrees Fahrenheit
for 20 to 25 minutes, then reduce the heat down to
350 and bake another hour. I’m always so proud of
myself when I make these. They take a little bit of
time but it’s so worth it. Oh, wow. Okay, let’s have a taste test. And I love serving these
with sour cream the best. Okay, here we go. This tastes just like mom’s. Absolutely delicious. The cabbage is perfectly
cooked so flavorful inside. Wow. If you guys like this recipe,
give me a thumbs up below. Thank you to those of you
who requested this video. If you have a suggestion
for a future video recipes, leave me a comment below,
I’d love to hear from you. And thanks so much for watching. So just a little disclaimer on eating foods with cabbage in them, it tends to give people
what I call bubbly guts and I think you know
what I’m talking about. I probably won’t go into too much detail but, you know, hashtag worth it. So you guys should still
make cabbage recipes cause it’s really good for you and also, if you take this to work and you microwave it in your break room, your break room will stink. I’m telling you guys it’s gonna stink. It’s like walking into a
room and hitting a wall. It’s bad. You’re gonna clear the room. Yeah, um, these are really good.

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  1. Have you ever made this recipe with onion or will it ruin the recipe! There must be a reason why you didn’t add it!

  2. so many versions of this recipe but this is the first I've seen with no onion, salt, pepper or garlic. I will give it a try because I was looking for one with NO salt & I will make another batch with onions, garlic & pepper. Looks good…

  3. I saute onions til soft in butter, then add my rice and get all mixed. Cool a little then add to rice mixture. Just giving another dimension. Thankyou.

  4. Very nice. Here in Greece we maki about the same but something like bechamel dressing. You are so enjoyfull to watch. Just sub

  5. You brought so many good memories to me. Every slavic person will almost feel taste of these cabbage rolls just by watching it. Thank you for good recipe. I love watching you!!!

  6. This is one of my all time favorite foods. No one makes it the same, and every time I make it I switch it up.
    I grew up in a polish area, but forget the markets, just mention it to a friends mom and the next day that friend will bring you a massive tray!
    Its like a badge of honor.
    I see you make yours in more of a Russian style, no onions or rice, but it still looks awesome!

  7. That looks so good!!! I will be trying this dish soon. Thanx a bunch!!! I love all your recipes 😍😍

  8. Looks great Natasha, i like the cone folding prep on the larger cabbage leaves, never seen that process before, is going in my recipe playbook,ty

  9. I have never in my life seen this EVER! Omg I’m horrified of raw meat like that I would have cooked it first
    I’ll pass on this one 🤢

  10. Are you from Russia?I’m Lithuanian and I know this dish very well:) Only one thing I don’t understand what for these eggs in mice meat??They making stuffing so hard..I like idea to fry up carrots,we don’t do this!

  11. Thanks Natasha, I cook Slovakian stuffed cabbage rolls, but I am going to try your recipe because it looks like it will add more delicious flavor, thanks for the great example, I never knew how to par boil the cabbage!

  12. My husband insisted I needed an instapot. Needless to say cabbage rolls and stuffed grape leaves are cooked in 15-20 minutes.

  13. Armenians are experts at this when my mom makes it it’s soooo good wish I could give you guys the recipe but there’s so much to it lol. And we call it dolma. We also use grape leaves for dolma👍👍👍👌👌👌

  14. I use the same ingredients, plus onions and garlic, and with crushed tomatoes and tomato paste instead of marinara, and barley instead of rice, to make a meatball soup.

  15. I tried to make these for my husband because he’s polish and loves them. It came out ok but I’m going to try to make this recipe next time

  16. This is NOT as "yummy" as my own recipe!!! I don't put rice in my cabbage invultinis!!! And, I use the green cabbage with those "bumpy" brainlike forms with them, they are much tastier!!! I use my ground meat pure, with eggs, flour and nuts! then, put a bechamel sauce on top, with some grated cheeze!

  17. in Iran we make it with grape leaves and we add keshmesh or dried grapes in the mixture . I think in turkey it is prepared the same way as in Iran 💐💐

  18. I tried a good stuff cabbage years ago and I can honestly say I haven't had one since. I tried making them and even though my kids liked them, I still didn't make them right. I'm  glad I am watching tutorials on how to make them.

  19. Ugh. These look SO good!!!! I think I may be too impatient to wait, but I gotta try my hand at these! Thanks for sharing

  20. Like great! The only thing I don’t like about stuffed cabbage is that I like my foods rinsed. So I have to rinse the leaves after it’s boiled, and I can’t use the water that they were boiled in to bake them in the oven.

  21. Awesome as always. I think this the first video of yours that I watched. I was 7 the first time I had a cabbage roll. Been in love with them since.

  22. I used make people make different ways
    The Ukraine ladies I know cook rice pepper & salt rolls it in cabbage put in oven small one but very tasty.

  23. Зачем яйца? Это что котлеты. И лучше во внутрь зажарку морковь с луком , добвить еще мелко нарезанной петрушки в фар.

  24. Of all the cabbage roll recipes on YT this was exactly the one i was looking for. It seems the most authentic with creamy tomato sauce

  25. Hurray ist X-mas!With sour cream and polenta are even better .btw I use for thise recipe slanina,prosciutto ham without minced meat , onion,peper and paprika and sour cabbage (if the cabbage is fresh you can use also dill and fresh tomatoes) or instead of cabbage- vine leaves(a lot of work with these)…

  26. Ohhhh wow how funny I’m making this tomorrow with beef mince it’s the best yum 👍👌 I boil the same so much easier taking middle part out

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