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  1. I don't know if you know this already but your blog http://natashaskitchen.com was mentioned by Gabby (Emily Osment) the chef in the TV show "Young & hungry"…. it was so cool!!!! 🙂

  2. All of your recipes look so delish and I love all of your videos you definitely deserve more subscribers 😍

  3. Even though I comment on every video of yours saying this, but I love your videos? I saw on your snapchat that you made a coconut cake. Are you going to make a video?

  4. I want to try every single one of your recipes!! And we have tried majority of of them already – my husband always comments how delicious the food is. Thank you for all your work and for all the great recipes!! Can't wait to try the coconut cake 😋

    That slotted spatula thingy that you used to stir the chicken in the pan – which one is that? I keep looking for one like that, but the ones I tried were not good quality…

  5. im trying some of your recipe and its so easy. and you make a delecious recipe.natasha sis your recipe is very yummy.

  6. I made this last night and my husband loved it! You are right, it's not too sweet nor too salty – everything's just right! Best teriyaki recipe I've tried! Thank you!

  7. I just watched this with my daughter and she asked if we could make it together. We now have our dinner plans for tomorrow. All I need to buy is an orange.

  8. Natasha, you have the best food Chanel!!! It’s so easy to follow each recipe!!! While I’m waiting for ploff recipe will try to make this amazing teriyaki chicken!!! You are beautiful and an amazing chef 👩‍🍳
    P.S. thank you for finding the time and replying to our comments! Will always be and stay your loyal subscriber!!!😘

  9. Remove skin and fat (see how health conscious we are), and then add butter. What, why? I've never seen butter in any teriyaki dishes.

  10. I have been on YouTube for over 4 years and I have never commented on any videos before. I got married last year and I've been dead worried about learning how to cook. I only know a hand full of repetitive dishes that I grew up with when I was at home with mum. When I got married and moved out I looked forward to trying new dishes and thank God I came across your channel! I made this dish last night for dinner….. It was sooo DELICIOUS! I couldn't believe it, I felt like a pro cook for a min thanks to you. I added some spicy chilli and served it with rice.

    It was very simple and easy to follow which means my husband can also make it. We both really enjoyed it.

    Thank you Natasha!

  11. Looks good, i like sweet teriyaki chicken or sesame chicken instead of a soy tasting chicken. Plus, it is great to see in your videos you are using thigh meat instead of breast meat all the time, i think thigh meat has much more flavor

  12. I used orange juice and it was okay with the chicken part, but when i tried doing the sauce part, the sauce became curdled (like when u mix milk with acid). I wonder if this means u can't use orange juice

  13. مًنِ فُـضًـلَکْ نِﺰلَى تٌـرجّـمًتٌـةّ أّلَمًقُدٍيِّر بًأّلَعٌربًيِّ شُـکْرأّ وٌتٌـسِـلَمً أّيِّدٍکْ

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