Dinner Time Story ‘Banquet of Hoshena’ – Immersive dining experience in Westfield London

The food is actually really nice,
nicely themed and a really nice story. It’s a great experience. I would recommend for other people as well yeah. What do you guys think of Banquet of Hoshena, the entire concept, the food? I thought it was amazing, it’s completely
different which is why we chose to come here today I mean it’s a special
occasion so our anniversary so we thought let’s come here and try
something different. I like the animation that they had I
thought it’s very good. It’s a different concept because it’s like going to a
theatre as well as being able to eat at the same time so I think it’s nice the
way they’re going to start it all together. Would you recommend it?
I would definitely. I like the fact that it’s spaced out as well so you’ve got
enough time to talk to each other but at the same time you enjoy everything and
the food is amazing so yeah worth it’s definitely recommended yeah thank you
guys good experience. The story is very good, it’s a really good experience as well. I recommend it like everyone else who come here. The food is very good as well
with pairs well with the story and experience you go threw.

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  1. So I went. It was different, food was ok, entertainment was good but story was basic. Would I go again no but for a first time £50 would be more reasonable.

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