Dinner with a Chinese friend!

welcome to another video from Gweilo
60 we’re in a mall in an area of Nanning China and we’re going to
a restaurant and the friend of mine Xiao Peng has been sitting here waiting for
three hours so we can get into this restaurant and there’s still 15 people
in front of us so I thought I’d do a walk around and just let you see the
pandemonium that they’ve got in a place in a mall in southern China my god it’s
it’s it’s this ferocious Saturday night is hard to get into a place and this
place is supposed to be super super good for food and probably really really
expensive because Xiao Ping is a really rich guy and we’re gonna take a look at
his place here probably in the next couple of days he lives in an 8 million
dollar house no not an apartment a house yeah so we’re we’re gonna we’re gonna
match this up with the 3 million dollar apartment and see what you guys think
about how good it is so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go into this
restaurant we’re gonna we’re gonna eat the food we’re gonna show you the food
we’re gonna see how good it is and is it worth Xiao Ping waiting for three
hours to get us to get our asses in here I don’t think I would do it but this is China you know it and and I think he
wants to show us a good time we haven’t seen these guys for about two years now
and they miss us and I am NOT looking at all pretty girls in this place I’m
telling you I’m hardly looking at any of the pretty girls in this place that shot
is just for you Joey you know so behind me is just a waiting area for this for
this restaurant and this restaurant is open 24 hours a day seven days a week
and this is what it looks like all the time
24 hours a day seven days a week and this is good and this is the waiting
room to get into the restaurant I’m certainly curious to see what we’re
going to be eating today like could be anything this is China
this is the way it is this is the world I live
love it so we finally gettin in here the Walk of Fame I guess is what it’s called
and I can’t I can’t help being let down because if nothing could be this good so
they start you out herewith some fruit they get you all your condiments
together then your dips and stuff because we’re in for a hotpot night and
then they’ve got this this beer look at the color of this beer this is this is a
special beer made by this company that they sell in the restaurants
and it’s so freakin good I’m telling you the beer gods have spoken to me oh yeah so then they bring us our our hot
pot one side super hot and the other side is just a regular so then they bring
us our what is this (In Chinese) yeah now they’re bringing it all so we’re
gonna need a close-up of everything they were eating here
we got tripe lung we got what is this fish ok we got fish
we got duck duck blood we’ve got I know beef puree shrimp yeah right what’s
this son right okay okay so what I’m saying is so I guess we’re in for a treat here and
where we’re gonna eat like there is no tomorrow
so they take this out they’ve got codoments and
you take your soup out of the hot pot and they give me a is fair enough
right the services amazing we haven’t even got it into the hot pot
yet and then Weifang’s got to feed her camera
before you feed she feeds herself because that’s what Chinese do
yes You take the beef and dip it in mine Oh ya this see why this place is so popular and the beer is good I know all you Chinese overseas are gonna be so
jealous when you see this video I feel for you Come on back to China where this is where the world
is now one of the things I’ve shied away from since I go out here was the
duck blood and chicken blood but tonight Gweilo 60 is going to be eating duck
blood Hot pot duck blood check this out actually it’s not that bad there is a spce in it Speaking Chinese So these are puree shrimp balls some more duck blood that’s just the way it is in China damn that’s good and some more duck blood don’t say amazing food I wonder what this is going to cost you don’t even look at the cost anymore if we are hungry we eat because most everything in China
as within our that our limits of spending it whatever they do this
restaurant is you don’t even put the food in the hotpot yourself people come around and do it for you
that’s pretty good Wow you put something if you want to very good service you got tripe you got beef vegtables
there anything that you can think of and it’s so frickin good then another
thing about this restaurant is they have entertainment so this guy is uh like one
of those face changers and that’s another video from
Gweilo 60 If you like this video as always like comment subscribe push
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