Dinner With An Owl

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Dinner With an Owl. I’m not even going to bother trying to explain this one, because frankly… you have dinner with a-an owlll… Butler: Welcome Mr. Webb. Mr. Brown is already waiting for you. B: You will find him in his office down the hallway. ‘Thank you very much.’ Who the hell are you? B: Have a pleasant stay, Sir. What is this, a hotel?! Why are you here?… Who are you?
What’s happening here? I don’t know. How do I mo– ohh Umbrella stand? ‘I don’t need an umbrella at the moment.’ Psst! Hey buddy! Is there an owl living here?! Should I be worried? B: Mr. Brown awaits you in his office. Alright, fine. Okay– Skedooddlee do, don’t mind me skedoodlee do! Ah, okay, hello! Mr.– ohh. Are you a ghost? Ahhhh. Hi. Mr. Brown: Nice to meet you Mr. Webb. ‘But you…’ Yup yuh (????) MB: Did you have a nice arrival? ‘Are you…’ ‘…okay?’ (laughter) MB: I’m fine. Thank you Mr. Webb. MB: You look hungry, though. MB: Business can wait until tomorrow. ‘Well…’ MB: But before we eat, you have to meet the other guests. ‘Guueeests?’ Okay, Mr. Owl! Hi! MB *Stumbling*: I’d like you to introduce you to to you Ms. April Merrit. MB: April, this is my business partner Mr. Christian Webb. A: Nice to meet you. ‘It’s a pleasure.’ ‘But don’t you think it’s quite odd that he’s an…’ Uhh… MB: This Is her daughter Josie. J: Hello Sir. MB: And you already met my butler, Declan over there. D: Very well. Blah hurumph. ‘Guys! What’s going on here?’ He’s an owl! MB: Let’s have dinner! Um, am I going crazy here or is there a goddamn owl– hi. MB: Delicious isn’t it April? A: Declan really surpassed himself this time. J: Yummy! MB: What do you think, Mr. Webb? I THINK YOU’RE AN OWL!! ‘I’m more interested in WHY you are an OWL’ (says Markiplier angrily) ‘I’m more interested in why you’… A: So, everyone finished? (giggling) J: Yes, Mom. A: I will guide Mr. Webb to his room then. Okay, all right. J: Should I stay here with Mr. Brown? A: I’ll be right back, okay? MB: We’ll see each other tomorrow, Mr. Webb. MB: Just come to my office when you’re ready. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I am still confused.. Ah, hello. A: Your room is upstairs. Okay. A: Second, door on the left.’ Okay. ‘What’s wrong with Mr. Brown?’ ‘So now that, we are alone:’ ‘What the heck is wrong with Mr. Brown?’ Why is he an owl??? A: Psssstttt A: He might hear us! ‘Why shouldn’t I speak out what he is?’ Yeah that’s a little confusing…Why would I- A: Because it’s dangerous to provoke him. OH!?! ‘He doesn’t seem to be aggressive.’ OkAy! A: But he has been in the past. Is that cause he’s an owlllllll?? Eeeuuuhhhhh Let’s see- ‘How long have you been here?’ What the hell..? A: I don’t know exactly…’ WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW???? A: Weeks. A: Maybe even months.’ That’s a big difference! A: He won’t let us leave.’ OH, great. ‘What do you think about Declan?’ What’s Declan in all of this? A: I don’t know if we can trust him.’ …Alright… A: Maybe you can find out?!’ OOH!!! GREAT!! I get to solve this! ‘Do you want to leave this place?’ A: Of course I do, you crazy idiot! *smack* ‘Let’s go then’ A: He is with Josie right now. A: And I won’t leave without her.’ Great, cool. ‘Let’s just go and get her!!’ Let’s punch that owl in the FACE! Let’s beat him up! ‘What could stop us?’ Who could stop us? A: You underestimate Mr. Brown.” A: Sometimes, he lurks in the dark. A: Eavesdrops our conversations. A: I think he even poisoned the tap water. A: The only way you could help us is to neutralize him! Wh- A: Before you fall under his spell. AaHhHh *ding* You wa- You want to run that by me again on what the fuck is happening here? Because I’m- I’m a little bit lost! Also, have I been- Have I just been standing here since the previous night to be like, “Oh my god, he’s actually an owl!” All right, fine then, that’s how it’s gonna be. Guess there’s nowhere else to go. Office it is then! Hey, hey, Mr. Brown! MB: Good morning, Mr. Webb. All right, cool. Ah.. Yeah- MB: Just hand over the contracts and we can get straight to work. All righty then, here you go. Didilido Skoosh You got it Mr. Brown. ‘Later that day’ All righty then.. MB: Enough for today. MB: We’re making good progress here. MB: See you later at dinner. ‘See you there,’ Mr. buddy boo. (cackling) Pages gone. I don’t know why I was just standing in front of your desk for hours and hours and hours. God I look depressed. Leedlidy. Delidi- Oh. I. Went there.. that’s a- that was a- that was a decision that I made. Okay. Hey, how’s it going butler Declan.. D: How may I be of service? Let’s see, ‘May I ask you a personal question, Declan?’ Cut straight to the point here, Declan. D: Certainly, sir. ‘Do you like working for Mr. Owl Brown?’ D: Well, he’s a good.. man, I guess. ‘Have you ever thought about quitting your job?’ D: Excuse me? ‘Do you think about leaving this house?’ D: It’s not that easy. ‘I will take care of it. But I need your help.’ D: What should I do? ‘Can you provide some sort of weapon?’ Maybe an umbrella type? D: Well, There are plenty of knives in the kitchen.. ‘That should do.’ D: Meet me tomorrow at this place. We have to eat dinner now. Okay! Righty-ho then. Ah, good. A: How was work, honey? MB: Mr. Webb is a tough negotiating partner. But I’m confident that we can conclude an agreement. A: We’ll find a solution for our problem, soon.’ Haha, hint hint, chop chop, knife knife.. yeah. A: You’re our only chance, Christian. ‘(Oh!) Don’t worry!’ I got it! ‘It’ll be over soon.’ I’mma stab ’em! A: I’m afraid it may already be too late. (ding) Well apparently or wait until tomorrow no matter what we do. Okie dokie then. How about.. AHH, Whoa, I- uh, hi. MB: Mr. Webb. MB: What are you up to? ‘I….’ MB: I knew it all the time! But it won’t work! You hear me?! ‘Mr. Brown..’ MB: Declan? Uh oh. D: I didn’t do anything wrong, Sir. MB: It’s ME who decides about that! Come to my room after Dinner! D: No Sir, please! Okay.. all righty then. D: Here it is.’ I’m- I don’t know where I am- There I am. ‘Thank you Declan.’ I’ll take care of it. ‘Be prepared to leave this house soon.’ I’m ‘onna stab-stab him in the butt-butt. Do owls have butts? See ya dude. See ya. I got murderin’ to do and yeeeeeah. Here we go, gonna stab an owl man.. Let’s see. All right. Knife, to face. My knife to your- haha- HA- aHHHH That seemed like unnecessary murder but I.. ‘It’s dead.’ It? He. Come on, now. Ohhhh. (random noises) Well that.. Well, I did that, then. So there we go.. Not sure why.. ‘Let’s get out of here!’ I guess.. J: Can we really leave now, mommy? A: I think it’s already too late for him.. Whaaaaaat theeee fuuuuucking heeeell?! D: No, not again! I’m so thirsty! ‘Let’s have dinner!’ (ding) WHAT?! (high pitched) W-hat the fuck just happened?! D: Welcome Mr. Jordan. Mr. Webb Is- (confused chuckling) D: You’ll find him in his office down the hallway. ‘Thank you very much.’ Oh.. D: Have a pleasant stay, Sir. ‘This place looks strangely familar. Like I remember it from a weird, long-forgotten past…’ Ohhhhh….. Ha, ha, ha, ha.. oh hoh hoh hoh hOH Oh hoh hoh hoh. Ahh…. ‘Mr. Webb?’ MW: Nice to meet you, Mr. Jordan. Did you have a nice arrival? ‘Yes, but…’ MW: You look hungry! MW: But before we eat, you have to meet the other guests~ ‘Gueeeeeeeeeeests…..?’ Okay.. W: I’d like you to introduce you to Miss April Merrit. W: April, this Is my business partner Mr. Callum Jordan. A: Nice to meet you. ‘It’s a pleasure.’ Is this doing the same- is this a loop until I figure out the real answer here? I bet it is! I bet it is!! I bet it’s just a loooop!! ‘Have a good night!’ I’mma go off now not stab nobody! A: Sleep well, Mr. Jordan.. Oh, you know I will! (ding) With my knife! That I don’t have, ’cause I’m no stab! Day 5. Here are the contracts, Mr. Webb! Oh boy, let’s hope we don’t negotiate too hard! Ha ha, I’d hate to get in an argument with you! Ah ah ah ah Hey. (Music starts) Okay, hello. I’m gonna skip this possibly copyrighted song.. OH! (stuttering) Why did that happen? Waaait, why did that happen? [I can] see my reflection in there which is super weird and facing the wrong way for that but okaaay. Hey buddy boo! D: How may I be of service? ‘What’s for dinner today?’ Buddy boo, what’s for dinner? D: Mashed neeps. ‘Sounds delicious!’ Can I stab those? Into my mouth? ‘What do you recommend to drink?’ D: We’ve got a decent selection of red wine, sir. D: Just don’t drink the tap water. ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ D: Well..’ It’s been poisoned.. D: The water in this areas a bit limey. ‘May I ask you a personal question?’ ‘Do you like working for Mr. Webb?’ D: He’s good man I guess ‘Have you ever thought about quitting your job?’ I don’t- I don’t want to do this- here, have a contract. All right, well I guess I’ve got to get a weapon, then. I didn’t wanna do that. A: How was work? Greeeeeat. Cool. Do do, do do. dodododo. Hey buddy! D: Here it is. Your knife, sir. Ah, excellent. ‘Can you give me one more knife?’ Can you give me ano- I’ll have another. Another one. D: Here you go. So many knives for you, I don’t care what you’re going to do with it, but (weird Mark noises) ‘Thank you Declan.’ ‘Be prepared to leave this house soon.’ Now I have two knives. I don’t know what they are for but- dupa doo dupa doo. I will shove ’em in my eyes. Why do I need two knives? Hey here those contracts.. W: I’ve got to work on something different at the moment. Please come back later. What about contracts? Knife me, knife you, kni- knife us Knife us. Telescope? What is that gonna do. ‘That doesn’t work.’ W: I often can’t find any sleep at night. W: Then I like to observe the stars through my telescope. Righty-ho then. Can I stab it? Uh oh. Here we go, oh boy. No avoiding this- (Weird Mark noises) Right. ‘It’s dead.’ Oh sweet, it’s deeead. That was a good job, me. I don’t think I did it right. D: Not again, I’m so thirsty! ‘Let’s have dinner!’ I know what I need to do. I know what I need to do! I know what I need to do!!! ♪ I know what I need to do~ ♪ ♪ I know what I need to do~ I know~ I know~ I know~ ♪ ♪ I kno-o-o-O-OW~ ♪ ♪ I know ♪ D: Here it is. Oh, I KNOW what I need to do. Can you give me another one? Another one, please. Just, another one. Please. Thank you, Declan. This.. in the umbrella stand, put that in there for later! ‘I concealed a knife inside the umbrella stand.’ Oh frick yeah. Oh time to stab ‘im now! I know what to do yeah~ I know what to do~ yeah~ Get stabbed! Gonna stab you. Aha~ oh, sorry Jordan. All right Mr. Jordan. Kay, see ya. All right, goodbye. Uh oh. ‘Let’s get out of here!’ Uh oh!!! Oh nooo!!!! I’m an owl now. D: Nooo not again.. I’m so thirsty. Day 10, the fateful 10th day- Mr. Fowler. D: Mr. Gilmore [is] waitin’ for ya. D: Have a pleasant stay. Umbrella stand. ‘There is a knife [hidden] in the umbrella stand.’ Don’t mind me. What happens if I stab him? ‘I don’t want to hurt him.’ Heh, sure I don’t. Yeah, sure, okay, all right. All right, what I- just want to know! Don’t blame me! Don’t judge me! I just wanted to see what would happen- (stuttering) I didn’t wanna ACTUALLY stab him.. Ah. Stab. Get stabbed~ Get s- I- AHHH! Eugh. Well. That was quick. Pretty blatant murder right there. Nothing much else to say about that. ‘Let’s get out of here!’ J: Can we really leave now, mommy? A: Yes, my dear!’ Ahh.. A: This creature won’t detain us any longer! We’ll leave this nightmare. A: And never [look back.]’ Ah- DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! OH MY GOD. ‘You managed to escape after 10 days.’ Great! I- okay! Dinner With An Owl! I mean, by all accounts, it was a pretty pleasant dinner! I had no problem with it.. it was not bad at all. That was actually really cool. ~Mysterious~ But I liked it, not bad, not bad at all. So anyway, that was Dinner With An Owl. Did you enjoy it? Was it good? It was a little creepy! Like it was just unsettling like, just enough creepy to be.. unsettled, which I kind of liked. (outro music fades in) So thank you everybody so much for watching, let me know what you thought down in the comments below, and as always I will see you! in the next video. Buh-bye!

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  1. Please please play the Rusty Lake: Cube Escape Games! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! 💜💙💚 Mr. Owl would appreciate them! 🦉🦉

  2. I like how Mark makes faces while he does the voices so he can get into character. However, the bad guy's voice seemed a little too easy for him to do….. DARKIPLIER anyone? 0.0

  3. Enough with these vanoss comments I think we get it but in my opinion (you can judge if you want) vanoss is cancer and so are the other youtubers he plays with in his videos and the content is just awful and used to death those who were associated with him don't count in the rant but the normal bunch of idiots do

  4. I think I figured out what exactly the fuck is going on in this crazy house. It, “Mr. Brown,” is only a meat suit. The entity, Owl, itself lets the meat suit die, although it has already escaped. The quote-unquote “business partner,” who I will call the Webb for thematic appropriateness, for that cycle will try to free the butler, the lady, and her daughter. Then, when he stabs the meat suit, the Owl waits until the Webb is by the door, ready to open it. For It, style seems to be a necessity. I don’t know why, but I admire that nonetheless. When the group is ready to leave, the Owl possesses the Webb, and the cycle continues. During the next one, however, the Owl takes the name of the last Webb, and the cycle continues. When each Webb dies, the Owl takes his name. So, when Webb died, Brown became Webb, then Webb became Jordan, and so on, until the Owl is finally killed.
    It’s also necessary to note that the Owl only takes the body of the Webb, not the mind. The mind is reborn. That’s why everything looks familiar to the next Webb.
    Now that I think about it… it’s a little bit like “Who Killed Markiplier?”.

    Then again… why should you listen to me? 🦉

  5. Taking a night to stroll through your old horror games. I loved the atmosphere and "mystery theatre" feel of this one.

  6. I was almost 100% sure that neeps were a bug, but it turns out they're a Scottish mashed vegetable. I don't think I take away the things I'm supposed to from a video like this.

  7. Lol Mark messes up reading the same line twice! XD

    First attempt: "I'd like you to introduce you to to you Miss April Merrit."

    second attempt: "I'd like you to introduce you to Miss April Merrit."
    actual: "I'd like to introduce to you Miss April Merrit."

  8. "Now I have two knives!
    I don't know what they are for but-doo-pi-too-ba-doo-ba-doo!
    I'm 'onna shove them in my eyes!
    … Why do I need two knives…?"

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