Dinner with Dorie: A Weeknight Dinner For Two

(jazzy instrumental music) – The weeknight meal is really typical of the recipes in Everyday Dorie, because they look and taste great. It’s an everyday dinner, but if I had company coming, I would be proud to serve
that as a special meal. Every time I think I’ve made my favorite chocolate chip cookie, and I’m finished with
chocolate chip cookies; I’m never gonna make another one, I have an idea for another one. It’s the chewy chocolate chip cookie. It’s really easy to make
because no machines, just whisks and spatulas. The ingredient that makes it chewy, oats. You won’t really taste them as oats, but they’ll give you
that terrific texture. I’ll start by mixing the flour. This recipe has baking soda, so mixing the flour and
the baking soda together, and then adding the oats. Best not to use instant oats. You want that nice texture that you get from old-fashioned oats. As with traditional
chocolate chip cookies, it’s brown sugar, granulated
sugar, fleur de sel, and cinnamon if you want it; I want it. Stir just to mix the ingredients. I can’t resist whenever I see brown sugar. Need to get my hands in there. Get those few little lumps out. Eggs. Vanilla. Always pure vanilla. And now the melted butter. When the butter is incorporated and you have that nice, smooth mixture, add the flour all at once. Now I think chocolate
chips, but they’re not. You can use chocolate
chips if you want to, but I hope you don’t. I like to use chocolate that I love, and this is bittersweet
chocolate cut into chunks. You’ll get more chocolate flavor, and you’ll also get that kind of intermittent chocolateness in a cookie. Some bites have more chocolate, and then you get all of the little flakes that come from chopping it. I like to use a cookie
scoop to portion the dough. I like it because it’s easy. I like it because it’s neat. I like it because every
cookie is the same size. If you have kids, no
one’s gonna fight over, oh, I wanted the bigger cookie. I’m gonna scoop them close together because I’m gonna pop them in the freezer. You can bake them right
now if you want to, but if you freeze them, you
have a couple of advantages. The cookie will be a little chubbier. Chubby is good with cookies. And also, you have the convenience of a bake-on-demand cookie. I’m gonna pop these in the freezer and let them live there until I can’t stand it anymore
and want a cookie. When I got married, I couldn’t cook. It was important for me to learn to cook so that I could gather people around. Now for the pimento cheese, which is, as you can see,
a push-button recipe. I drained and patted dry these pimentos. You could really just
tear them into pieces. You just don’t wanna put
the whole pimento in. I’ve got cheddar, both white and yellow. And put in some mayonnaise. A little salt. And cayenne pepper. It doesn’t look like much
but its flavor builds. Let me take a look. Ooh, little bit more. What you’re looking for is pimento cheese that has curds the way
cottage cheese does. I’ve achieved curds. Pimento cheese is a southern dish. I am not a southerner. And my happiest pimento cheese moment, I served my pimento
cheese to friends of mine from North Carolina and
they said, “On point.” This is a great dish
to have with crackers, with celery sticks, with a Bloody Mary. It’s really good with a Bloody Mary. – [Interviewer] I’m curious. Does your husband have a
favorite dish of yours? – Michael, do you have
a favorite dish of mine? – [Michael] I’m going to pick
one out of fifteen hundred? – Out of fifteen hundred,
yes, what do you like? I’ve been cooking for
Michael for a lot of years. So it’s really hard to
say a favorite dish, but he does love that chicken Milanese. The chicken Milanese is pounded chicken, breaded, sauteed, minutes. The chicken gets the triple treatment. Breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper, beaten eggs, salt and pepper, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. I’ve started with boneless,
skinless chicken breasts, and pounded them. You can use a skillet. If you have a meat tenderizer, use that. They don’t have to be very thin. Breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs. If you have time, and it’s
really convenient if you do this, you can do this breading ahead of time. And put the cutlets, the breaded cutlets, on a rack as I have them here, and put them in the refrigerator. You can get this done early, and just go straight to the cooking when you’re ready for dinner. We’re just two for dinner tonight, so I’m just making two cutlets. So I’m working in a wide
skillet over medium heat. I’m using nonstick. You can do it, of course, in any pan. But nonstick is nice here. And I’m using a combination
of olive oil and butter. So when you’re shallow sauteing like this, you want to make sure
that everything is hot before you put anything
breaded into the pan. You want the breadcrumbs to brown. You want the chicken to cook. You don’t want anything to burn. I’m gonna put them in the
oven while I do the salad. What makes it really special and beautiful is there’s a chopped salad on top of it. And so it’s a full meal on one plate. This salad for the chicken
Milanese is an easy one. It’s got a nice crunch. It’s celery. And you can slice the celery
by hand if you’d like. It’s quick to do by hand. Or you can use a mandolin. So I have some baby lettuces here. You can use any kind of green, but you’d like it to be small. And I have a small, a
mini Persian cucumber. Let’s play with the mandolin. That’s probably all we need, but it’s so much fun to do this. (murmuring) Add some pepper. Any color you want. Obviously you can add
anything you want to this. This would actually be nice
with capers, if you like capers. I’m gonna put the chopped herbs in. And we give the salad a toss. The vinegarette for the
salad is very puckery. I always hold on to my mustard jars when they’re finished because they’re great to make dressing in. Olive oil. White balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Some salt. Pepper. And a shake. The reason to cook is to be
able to share what you cooked, and the food, the food, of
course the food is important. But it’s important because
it brings people together. They’re hot. Be careful. – They’re hot? – Yeah. – Mmm. It’s a pretty good cookie. Can’t taste the oatmeal. It’s great. (laughing)

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  1. I love cooking with a passion. I don’t buy cook books any more BUT I asked my daughter to gift me Dorie’s New cookbook- Chez Moi. I love her videos tho as she explains it so well, reading a recipe seems harder to follow. But I’ll try. Love Dorie (newest fan) thanks to food 52 just found her❤️

  2. Ty – I hope to buy her first cookbook maybe I can get it for Christmas- I love her, her cool collected mannerisms – I prepare her three ing almond drops often, also her gougers – thanks to Foid 52 I have found her🙏❤️

  3. What a delightful dinner this is! They are so adorable and you can feel the love and apprecation for each other. She cooks with such love and passion and those are the most important ingredients 🤗

  4. Nice video but such a shame she looks like her husband. She is a woman and should look like a woman. Not a man.

  5. Dorie is a GREAT teacher and host. fyi – Protip- in the south we only use a box grater to prepare cheese for pimento cheese! But your pimento cheese looks fabulous Dorie.

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