Dinner With Friends

– High fives! (grunting) – [Asa] You guys goin’ to the park? – Yep.
– Yeah! – [Asa] Nice! – It’s like, the first hot day in a long time.
– It is warm out. Is that exciting? So, update on the puppy, no parvo. – Yay! (screaming) – Yeah, so the distemper test comes back this evening hopefully, we’ll hear, so. (grunting) – [Man] You’re making up words right now? – Huh?
– The what? – The distemper. – The December, no parvo? – Distemper, no parvo,
parvo virus, no parvo. So, we’ve learned a lot,
I think in the last Vlog we didn’t really talk
about the puppy at all. So, the puppy is at the animal hospital because they can do an IV
for antibiotic, right now. And she’s still got some junk in her lungs that they’re gettin’ taken
care of and all that. So, she’s going there during
the day, which really sucks, but, she’s gonna get the best care there, better than she would here because, you know, we can’t give her an IV, so. But they are testing
for distemper and parvo because you know, a lot of
you guys told us this too, we have a lot of vet techs that actually, like, legit vet techs
that watch our channel. – Well, that’s cool. We shouldn’t even go to the vet next time. – [Girl] I know, yeah. (group laughing) – So they were like, you know, because we felt so bad, but they’re like, you guys didn’t, you know, it’s fine, like obviously don’t
take her to a dog park, you know, if she has
something it was from before. You know, ’cause it
wouldn’t have shown signs for like a couple weeks anyway, so yeah. – Oh wow, okay. – Oh, yay! – Everything’s looking up, the vet seems real, real positive. – That’s exciting. – They test for distemper
and parvo because, not because of symptoms– – Right, so she’s eating? – She is eating, she’s
eating really well, yep. Abbey and everybody are
gonna go to the park with Guillermo, which you’ve guys– – [Girl] You want me to vlog? – He’s been in a couple
of vlogs, right, now? (group chattering) Kaydell’s going?
– Yeah. – Guillermo started a channel?
– Yeah. – [Asa] That’s hilarious. – He just put a video
up, it’s an intro video. – Oh, that was him talking that I heard? That’s so funny. (group laughing) Poor guy, I know how
those first videos are. They’re rough, they’re rough. (group laughing) – He put a little bloopers
at the end of him talking it’s really funny.
– Yeah? – You have to go watch it. – I will watch it. (group laughing) – So we’ve also gotten
comments about therapy, about not seeing Abbey’s ABA therapist. And recently, now sometimes we’re just not vlogging, but, recently she
actually hasn’t been here in a couple weeks. (group laughing) – Abbey has therapy once a week. So if something comes up, if Abbey’s sick, if her therapist is sick, if another child that needs
more support, needs her, then she doesn’t have therapy. So, and we’re okay with that, like we’ve kind of built this foundation around the therapy that we
have learned from Brandy. And we’re all able to implement things so Brandy is here a lot of times for like, for like a refresher. Or if we have an issue
that we don’t know– – Or like we need new things, like the headphones eventually– – [Man] It helps that we follow through, so like, having Brandy around, it’s not like that’s, that’s
the only ABA she’s getting. – [Asa] Yeah, that’s what I just said. (group laughing) – [Man] You said that? – I did, more or less. – [Man] I really tried to
listen to the whole thing, I didn’t hear you say that. (laughing) – [Summer] He’s like, I
had this great thought, I hope you don’t say it. (laughing) – I really thought you didn’t
say it, my fault, carry on. – [Asa] No but that’s exactly right. it’s you know, we’re able to administer what is needed and Abigail you have
learned to learn so well. You’re easy to teach kid. – I think now that
there’s been so many years of like parent teaching and like respite, me and Summer have been there to observe so much like, just habit, to carry on what she already knows. – [Girl] We are headed to
the park, say, woo hoo! – Woo! – [Summer] Ab, arms up. (laughing) A little more, can I get a
little bit more excitement? We’re gonna meet Gi and Kaydell, right? Maybe get some dinner later? (mumbling) – [Summer] You ready? Hey are you gonna bring your phone? Look at you, you got a whole thing of cereal in your hand. Hi, hi.
– Hi. – Come on we’re running, woo! I’m gonna have to stop in a second, I don’t run as much as you do, attack? – I’m gonna get you! (laughing) – [Asa] What are you doing? What do you have? Where even are you? I hear you. – [Man] Hello, where’d
she go, is she down there? – [Asa] She’s right there, yeah. – Oh, she’s laying out.
– What does she have? – She’s chilling.
– A screw or something. – A little piece of a jelly bean. (group laughing) She was hungry. – [Summer] Come on, Ab, hi Isaiah. – Hi, Summer’s vlog. – [Summer] It’s not my
vlog, it’s dad’s vlog. – Hi, dad’s vlog. [kids chattering] – Y’all know the grumpy
postman that we have over here? You know, not judgin’. Maybe just doesn’t like smiling, whatever. But we’ve had, and I don’t
think it’s his fault, I think it’s like getting from there to the other postal carriers or whatever. We’ve had a lot of sunglasses go missing and not just sunglasses,
other merch stuff. So Priscilla went to
find another post office and get coffee, of course. So, what you guys don’t see, one of Priscilla’s
friends sent her flowers because she loves her and
she was thinkin’ about her. What you guys don’t, I guess like the timeline doesn’t line up, right like you’ll see a video go up and like you don’t realize. (paper bag rattling) (giggling) You don’t realize that
today is the day that our… – Exposed video.
– Exposed video went up. – Like, we’re the National Enquirer. – Today for us is the
day that you guys saw it and can you just wait a second? – I’m sorry. – And I had a really bad morning, it was a really, really bad morning. And the messages and the
DM’s from you guys… – I, they’re insane. – It, oh man, it means so, so much. I can’t even, I’m not even
gonna try to put it into words what it means to us for the support that you guys have for us. It just further like helped
us to realize what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. – So thank you. – Yes.
– I just posted, I was like thank you isn’t
enough but it’s all I can say. – It’s all I’ve got, I mean I cannot express
every single message and DM, like they’re just flooding in. So, we decided we’re gonna do like a little movie night tonight. Just gonna enjoy family time, you know, in kind of the wake of this and I’m gonna sit there, and hopefully Priscilla joins me, we’re gonna reply to as
many people as we can, just to show you we appreciate it– – I have so many on my stuff too, so yeah. – We’ll probably do this
for the next couple of days, just expressing our appreciation. I just wanted to, you
know, this is that day so. – We have to go get our puppy.
– Yeah. (screaming) – [Summer] Hi, you want me
to take this off for you? So you can sit down. (screaming) Go ahead, scoot on in. Here I’ll take this. Go sit down, go. (screaming) Look at you two, cutie pies. – Please get off my salad, ma’am. (laughing) – [Summer] Is it good y’all? – Oh, it’s so good. – [Summer] Ab, do you like it? I think so, your plates almost done. – Okay, let’s take a break. (laughing) – I’m throwin’ him on the trunk. He’s going in the trunk. (screaming) – [Summer] Sorry Ab,
I thought it was open. Okay, say bye to the vlog. – [Becca] Say bye friends. – [Group] Bye. – [Becca] Bye, Kaydell. – [Summer] Bye, hey, bye, bye. – A boy scout, how freaking cool is that? I haven’t seen a boy scout in years like come to the door, they’re selling the
little cards, you know. So you can get like
restaurants and discounts, stuff like that. He couldn’t break a 20, so I told him to give three
more to the neighbors. That’s so cool, it’s freaking cool man,
riding on his bicycle, that’s America, you know, America. I dunno, maybe they do that all the time in your neighborhood, they don’t in mine, like I haven’t seen that in years. – [Asa] I’m comin’. – Look, are you so excited? That was a lot, huh? You got a little too excited?
– Oh goodness sakes. She’s so pitiful. – Come on, come on. – [Asa] I don’t remember
you having that cough. – They said she’s wanting to play. We need you to play with her. – [Asa] Okay. – That’s what they said. – [Asa] Maybe it’ll help to
work some of it up too, huh? – Come on, come on. – [Asa] Oh my gosh, it’s so pitiful and so
cute all at the same time. So they had to put a cone on her because she has an IV tube in her leg. That way she doesn’t tear it out. – So they said she’s gonna cough right now because she just finished
her nebulizer treatment and they did the, I can’t
remember what it’s called. – [Asa] Cupping, yeah
someone commented on it – Cupshing or something. – [Asa] Cup, cup,
cooping, cooping, cuping? I don’t know. – They said she did great so we’re taking her back tomorrow though. – [Asa] Yes. – Okay, I didn’t know that. – [Asa] Yeah, I’m sorry they called. – Oh okay. – [Asa] Yeah she called,
she said she did the– – [Man] What are you doin’? Oh my goodness, we’re so excited. – She got stuck in the tree out there. – [Asa] Oh no. – She was trying to go potty. (laughing) – [Asa] No, no, no, you have a cone. Oh, leave him be. Maverick hates cones. Oh, here come off the carpet. – [Priscilla] Just in case. Most of it’s dry heaving. – [Asa] Look don’t do that. You’re so pitiful. – [Priscilla] Come here, come here. Give me her ball. Come on, get it. (laughing) There you go. – [Asa] I’m glad she’s feelin’ better. I mean she’s coughing but she’s
not lethargic like she was. – And they said she’s
already had her meds. – [Asa] So did the other test come back? – Not yet.
– [Asa] Okay. No parvo, though? – But they said that you know, she hasn’t had any seizures, like the only really, she
doesn’t have diarrhea. – [Asa] She’s never had a seizure though. – Right but I guess that’s
part of the distemper. – [Asa] Right. – So you know, she didn’t wanna say like, no she doesn’t have distemper but she didn’t seem too concerned. – [Asa] Gotcha, but we’ll
find out for sure tomorrow. – Hopefully tomorrow or Friday she said. – [Asa] Oh, okay. – Yeah, she’s like, we’re
just as anxious as you guys. Oh, big girl, my big girl! – [Asa] You missed her, huh? – I missed her so much. I’m like you’re not gettin’ to be a puppy. We don’t get to do all
the puppy things, okay. She said this helps. My sweet girl. Maverick, come here buddy. He’s like I’m not coming
around that thing, she’s got a weird cone on her head. – [Asa] Come here, Maverick. – [Priscilla] You’re okay. – [Asa] Say’s, I just wanna be pet. I’m like an old man. Hey, check out what I got. – What? – [Asa] A little boy scout came
around, a little cub scout. – Oh my goodness. – [Asa] On his bicycle,
his little bicycle helmet. – It’s like the olden days. – [Asa] That’s what I said. So we can go to, we can have a date night at the Melting Pot. I can take Abbey and Isaiah to Moe’s, because you don’t like
Moe’s but the kids love it. So yeah all kinds of
cool stuff Bono’s, iFly. – Oh yeah.
– Five dollars off. Take Isaiah there, he would love that. The skydiving, indoor skydiving. – They have a special needs
night for kids with autism. – [Asa] Abbey would hate– – Abbey would hate it
but if you’re in the area or if you have an iFly you might like it. – [Asa] Right. – Your kids might like it, check it out. Come here, guys. Here, come here. Come here, Sandy. – [Asa] Say’s, I’m
trying to scratch an itch and I can’t get it. – How are you doing, bud? How are you doing?
– She looks so much better. – Yeah. – So much more lively. All tucked in. New princess room, sweet girl. Okay question Summer, the last two nights you’ve taken my job. – Okay this night was on
purpose, last night was not. (laughing) Last night we, Isaiah
and I went up to hang out while you guys were filming
the video and she fell asleep. – Did she give you any boops? – No, I didn’t get boops. – [Asa] Well, you’re
not doin’ it right then. (laughing) – She had a great time,
I had a great time, there was fairy lights
and she went to sleep. – Isaiah.
– We had a thing, you know. – [Girl] Can you please call Maverick, he’s standing here, barking at us. – [Isaiah] Maverick, come on. – [Asa] Hi, I’ll give
you the boops, boops. Do the boops, come on. There are shoes everywhere. Good thing she’s got a cone on because she’d eating all of them. – [Isaiah] She just tried to eat like 96. (cheering) (laughing) – You almost had him. – [Isaiah] She’s coughing to death. – [Asa] It’s okay, get it out, girl. You gotta get it out. – Hi, come on. – [Priscilla] Oh you like the camera. (laughing) – [Asa] I’m gonna come sit
up here with you, okay? Because you’re still not use to her, huh? She’s just got a lot going on. – Come here, Mave.
– Come here, buddy. Come in here. Yeah, do you want the boops? The boops, the boops. He’s like no we’re good. – It’s just a puppy. (laughing) It’s a puppy. – She’s rambunctious, I
don’t do rambunctious. I’m a calm dog. – [Priscilla] Yeah until
you get around another dog. – That’s true. – [Priscilla] Which is so weird. – You jumped on top of
that, what was that dog? That was a white German Shepard. On top of the white German Shepard. – What?
– Yeah. When my dad and I went
for a walk with him. – Maverick, come here. He’s like she’s broken,
she’s making noises mom. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Well you’re broken because you stinky all the time. – [Asa] You are stinky, it’s okay. – You get a bath on Friday. Look she’s gonna be your friend,
I know it’s gonna happen. – [Asa] We should just go ahead and change the name of
the channel to Pet Shop. – I know it’s gonna happen. – [Asa] We bought a zoo. Are you Matt Damon? – I wanna be Matt Damon.
– Okay. – Where’s the cat? – The cat was down here. – I don’t know if there’s a
Matt Damon impression to do, like, I dunno how you would impersonate– – Oh there she is, she’s in the basket. – [Asa] She’s chillin’. – [Asa] Okay, movie night? Family night minus one? Abbey’s in bed so. – Look, we got these two here. – Wanna watch a movie? A nice uplifting like you know, good time. The Joker, isn’t that what
you guys said you wanna watch. – I think we should do a comedy. (laughing) I think we could all use a comedy today. – Life is a comedy, Cilla. All of life. Okay, everybody say bye. – [Group] Bye. (beep) – Hi vlog.
– Hi vlog. – We just wanted to say that we love you. – Love you guys. – Becca
– That’s it. – Love you guys. – We just love you guys. – Nala too. – Okay, bye. – Okay love you, bye. – Okay, bye. (laughing) – She’s just drinking a
Powerade, don’t worry. (laughing) – [Asa] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Say I got my stick, I’m leaving. – [Priscilla] Come on, Sandy. Don’t eat it. – [Asa] Come here, give me that stick. – [Priscilla] Come on, Sandy. – [Asa] Oh now you have a leaf. (cheering) – [Priscilla] Come on, Sandy, come on. (laughing)

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