Dinner with Janelle Monae?!

Hi guys, so today is Thursday and we are getting ready to go to an event It’s with Janelle Monae so I’m gonna do a quick makeup Look, I’m gonna do Matt cuz usually if I do shimmer it takes me way longer So if you’re in a rush Matt is where is that? So that’s what I’m gonna do, right? Okay, that’s all pretty much ready I’m just gonna wear these die high boots by Steve Madden I’ll wear these on our Birthday when we uh had a birthday dinner, so I’m just gonna wear those. I’m gonna put them on downstairs, of course like perfume These are my fall and winter stance that I have out right now So, I don’t know which one I want to do. By the way, this is the only New diamond k’kaw perfume that smells do the court nice the yellow one. It smells really do the other two Kim’s and Chloe’s I’m not into them camps actually stinks, but Chloe smells All right, but Courtney smells pretty bomb but I think today I’m gonna do I’m gonna wear don’t know everyone do my pea coat or oh The line in this closet the way excuse my closet. It’s very dirty pea coat or Just cute when I just got from Zara like I might I don’t think it’s cold enough it is I think I just do my pea coat a little thinner and It’s not cold enough to me. So I’m gonna be like 50 degrees Which is not gold nothing. I’m just gonna do the pea coat this systems are too by the way this is from their basics So it’s like it’s like semi long but not like completely long Okay, so I came to use Kendra’s mirror because my room is dark because I need to change my light bulb in my lamp I’ve had to sweater dress. Well, why is she doing up there? She walked down a thing Oh our mom’s here. She’s coming down the stairs. So I’ve had this sweater dressed for a while I’m just I don’t remember where it’s from, but I’ve worn this before it’s very comfortable And these are the boots. These are Steve Madden heel is kind of skinny, but they’re pretty comfortable is my second time wearing these so Yeah, you look very sporty in Moto e I love this jacket Oh, you look cute you look very cute I love that top Do you look you everything else is simple? Yeah, these are my second time wearing these so hopefully they’re more comfortable Cuz the first time they hurt cuz it’s a pointy toe boot. So It is a sad season, oh, no, I’m so thankful. So bankers gonna be alive to be right That is what we mean and I hope you guys enjoy each other’s company and the delicious food Hey guys, it’s Kendra, so today is Friday and I just got done Well, not just got done, but I can editing a video today just going up today. It was a holiday gift guys so if you guys have not checked that video out and go watch that but Chelsea and I are gonna be going to the movies tonight. We haven’t been to the movies in a while I think the last movie we saw was hustler Twice we’ve somehow slipped twice. It was really good. So we’re gonna go see 21 bridges today and Since the preview came out like the trailer I’ve been intrigued so we’re gonna go do that I’m standing in front of the tree by the way in the office because I just love the lighting with the tree I just like how it looks so I think the movie starts in like 8 8 something So we’re gonna go do that. I wanted to see frozen 2 but Kelsey convinced me that we should see 21 bridges, sir So we’re gonna go ahead and see that and then we might see frozen 2 maybe next weekend or the weekend after that But I still kind of want to see it at first when I saw the trailer and all the leaves and stuff I was like, this is a very wintery But then I kept hearing that people were saying it was good so I was like maybe I want to see it cuz I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the first frozen cuz when that One came out years ago. Kylie did not stop watching it She was watching it over and over and I was so sick of those songs And now I actually want to see the second one. So Yeah Hi guys, so I just got done Weightless today today’s Tuesday, and I just got done filming a makeup tutorial. That’s gonna go up tomorrow So I’m gonna edit today. Usually Wednesday’s are editing days, but I had nil appointment tomorrow Clearly my nail broke pinky broke, so it’s about that time So yeah, I’m about to take this off and eat something before I eat it though, because I had to eat anything All day long, so that’s what I’m gonna do. We have home vlog since we went to the movies on Friday We went to the OC 21 bridges. It was a great movie But before they you guys saw we went to the Janelle Monae event, and it was basically Just like an inspiring event. I thought was gonna be more like a cocktail party But I ended up being a full dinner and I had no idea we’re gonna have dinner with her. So that was an unexpected surprise The food was really good Janelle Monae was super down-to-earth and cool. So it was basically about Creating a beautiful future and it was three honorees there people who were doing like philanthropy work in their communities And it was just a really inspiring event definitely inspired Kendra and I would definitely do more philanthropy work in the future we want to work more like younger girls and like building confidence and doing things like that because I feel like confidence is like the foundation for How young girls treat themselves in their everyday lives and how they live their lives. So it was a very inspiring event Like I said, well, what do I see 21 bridges, but it was very good movie. So if you have not seen 21 bridges I Highly highly recommend saying it had a little bit of a twist I kind of had already knew what was going on by like maybe like 30 minutes and probably before that maybe 20 minutes am know Thirty minutes and okay. I know what’s going on here. It was a very good movie. You haven’t seen it I highly recommend saying it. I need to take my hair of this ponytail, but I have a headache I don’t see how you used to wear ponytails and doing a nod at school because It makes my head hurt. That’s why you hardly ever see me were like tight Below after ponytails. I Have to pick like one day out of the week maybe to do so if nothing like taking your hair out of a ponytail Oh Jesus yes Lord. Oh right on my nape. I’m gonna check out this turtleneck. I’ve been loading turtlenecks lately. They’re just so chic this actually is a bodysuit but I didn’t tie it because I Was smelling you guys always thought me from like here My hair seemed kind of greasy now So that’s why I just put it in a ponytail in a film today, but I’m probably gonna curl it next time we go out Or like wave it with my curling wand because I’m gonna try to stretch it Through Christmas, but I’m just starting working out. So I’m very sore already, but it means I’m doing you’re right. So That’s a good sign I’m just trying to brush all the oils to my hands if you guys are wondering what I’m doing So this just helps? when your hair is greasy you can’t rush all the natural oils to Your ends because they need The love a lot more than your room to do. So, yeah Quarks under hot oil is my go-to, but I have on a Lot of makeup, so I’m probably just going to use my LMS right now Cuz it’s a little bit thicker and I’d be using this when I have my like more of a full face on trying to stoop down so you guys can see me because I Wish this was higher, but it’s not but I don’t have tripod in here And he’s gonna cleanse my face with my Neutrogena oil-free acne wash So Susan I made a routine I’ll do a whole lot I just told my face put a ceremony moisturize I’m out of my course vitamin C by the way, I’m telling me today with this glossy a soothing rosewater spring my face is feeling kind of dry so I’m not gonna use my Dickinson’s I’m not gonna use this today My face is still dead I’m just gonna go with my The ultimate hydrating hyper vitamin from Beauty bio. This is basically vitamin C moisturizer I just used my Flemish lip balm. This is the berry one. He says berry, so I like that one a lot okay guys, so now I’m just going to go eat and edit and Then I have to work out but the summer bodies are made in the winter time people Okay, so for lunch, I’m just gonna have some of this Trader Joe’s broccoli and kale slaw This is so good. And it comes with the most delicious dressing inside so I’m just gonna eat like maybe like not the whole thing, but Almost the whole thing because I’m not having anything else with it It’s not like I’m having the other side salad like this is my full lunch You

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