[KNOCK ON DOOR]>>TYRONE: Hector man. Just listen to me. I need one night man.>>HECTOR: Why?>>TYRONE: Ms. Johnson. Listen to me man. Listen to what I’m saying.>>HECTOR: She doesn’t want you bro.>>TYRONE: How do you know that Hector? How you know that?>>HECTOR: What happened to your house?>>TYRONE: You know my step-dad is always there man. Why you acting like you stupid man? Come on, man. What you want? Some money? I got that. Come on, baby! You got a little… A little something. It’s 50 cent. 25, yeah.>>HECTOR: Just come in. You’re dropping your…. Jesus Christ.>>MS. JOHNSON: Um, keep your [BLEEP] pants on this time, okay?>>TYRONE: Alright.>>MS. JOHNSON: Alright. And my son is coming to pick me up later. [MS. JOHNSON GIGGLES]>>Oh, so you can cook?>>TYRONE: Baby, can I cook? Can a dog [BLEEP]? You know, can somebody feet stink? You know what I’m saying. Can a rooster cock-a-doodle-do? Come on.>>MS. JOHNSON: You stupid.>>TYRONE: Yeah, whatever. You want some?>>MS. JOHNSON: Yeah, I want some. I want some. I want a little bit. Thank you. That’s it! That’s it! Just a little bit! Aw… Oh my. Oh my gosh. Is this hair? What is that? Oh my gosh. What?>>TYRONE: I’m sorry.>>MS. JOHNSON: Oh my gosh.
>>TYRONE: I’m sorry, okay?>>MS. JOHNSON: Why you sniff it for?>>NARRATOR: Damn son!
>>TYRONE: You good now?>>MS. JOHNSON: Yes. I’m okay.>>TYRONE: Yeah, so like what kind of position do you like when they hit it from->>MS. JOHNSON: Oh my gosh! Is that a toenail?>>TYRONE: Let me see.>>MS. JOHNSON: Oh my gosh. What are you doing? What? Why you sniff it for?>>TYRONE: Listen. My feet keep peeling.>>MS. JOHNSON: Oh my…>>NARRATOR: Damn son, that’s crazy. That’s crazy.>>TYRONE: Listen, listen. Do you want some dessert?>>MS. JOHNSON: I don’t know.>>TYRONE: Come on! It’s going to be good, trust me.>>MS. JOHNSON: I don’t…I don’t…
>> TYRONE: Okay. You’re going to love it.>>MS. JOHNSON: Tyrone.>>TYRONE: You’re going to like it.>>MS. JOHNSON: Tyrone. [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Oh my gosh! Tyrone! What are you doing? Oh my gosh. Oh gosh. Tyrone! Tyrone! Stop. Stop playing! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Why you always…you always playing! You always playing around! I told you…>>TYRONE: Listen to me.>>MS. JOHNSON: I told… I told you my son is coming.
>>TYRONE: Listen to me. I’m sorry.
>>NARRATOR: Wow….>>MS. JOHNSON: I told you that.
>>NARRATOR: That’s crazy man.>>NARRATOR: Damn son. That’s crazy. Oh my gosh. Take them damn papers! Go upstairs! Go upstairs, yo! Tyrone, chill! Ty! Ty! Oh God.

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