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Take off your glasses when you speak to me Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out On unique stories from 101India Gone are the days when Dons used to commit
crimes like robberies and murders The Dons have turned to a new profession now They’ve turned into marriage counsellors Today, we’re in Hyderabad, and we’re going
to meet one such Don This is Dinner With The Dons, and my name
is Doctor VC Ijaz bhai, you said you’ve witnessed 20-25
murders But it’s been over 26 years since you’ve been
out of the game Do you feel people respect you less now and
are not scared of you? Take off your glasses when you speak to me You’ve spent some time in jail as well What’s the kind of food you get there? You have to stand in a queue to get food No matter how big you think you are, you have
to stand in the queue Does that mean there were brawls over food? Yes, there were fights Or if you skip the queue Or over stuff like sweeping & cleaning How many murders have you witnessed? Around twenty to twenty five How does it feel to see one of your own get
murdered? You get shattered I used to get very nervous I would lock myself in a room and not get
out for 8-10 days All that has reduced now Back in the day, it was much worse If you stared at someone, you could get murdered If you spat somewhere you could get murdered If you accidentally bumped into someone while
dancing, you could get murdered You could get mudered for such trivial things Were you ever afraid of being murdered yourself? It happened after I got married If I was still involved in that life, I would
have been murdered by now I wouldn’t be living a family life now I married a girl and got her home. She was now my responsibility So I stopped all my bad deeds I put that all behind and started a new life How is a Don from Hyderabad different from
one in Mumbai? Mumbai Dons have a disciplined way of going
about it A Hyderabadi Don doesn’t have discipline They talk like, “What is it, why are you here?” Or they’ll hit or kick people That’s how Hyderabad Dons are Wild? Yes Mumbai Dons have discipline? Yes Mumbai Dons would treat you better They would nicely ask what the matter is Offer you a glass of water or some tea And only then will ask why you did something All the big shorts used to come here to meet
the Dons, like Kareem Lala and Yusuf Patel They used to call it ‘a matter of brotherhood’ So there’s a brotherhood between Mumbai Dons
and Hyderabad Dons Today’s generation is too involved in WhatsApp,
the internet and their phones They don’t know anything about fights and
murders Now if someone comes up to you from the underworld What do you tell them? “Don’t do it, brother Mend your ways, there’s nothing good in this
life” They respond by saying that they have left
it But now they are on the receiving end of it It’s difficult to come back to a normal life Yes, very difficult I have heard the biryani here is really famous Mutton biryani is Hyderabad’s speciality That’s what you should order I will have a mutton biryani! We put lots of chunks of mutton and cook it
really well We make Dum Biryani here People really like it We boil the rice a little and add it to the
meat We do this process three times We marinate and mix it well This is yoghurt And we mix it again If you want to have good biryani, you should
definitely have it in Hyderabad only It’s what the city is famous for You won’t get biryani like this anywhere else Try it anywhere else, it won’t be as good
as ours How much money does it take to get a regular
person killed? If you want to murder me I would get an offer of around Rs. 50 lakhs
to 1 crore Only one crore for a life? We aren’t celebrities or anything! But I have completely left that line of work I only take small matters now Things like disputes between couples Marital disputes and things like that I get involved in those situations and solve
the matter What do you say to these people? “Why do you want to leave her?” Men usually lie in such situation Married men in a dispute will lie Only so they don’t get caught Or they’ll get beaten up? They could get beaten up, it could be a court
case It will drag on for a long time Why would it become a case? It will be termed as a dowry case My duty is only to file the case After I book the case, the police makes a
decision Who decides the verdict in such cases? Till the case is on in court, you have to
keep going A partner becomes part of your life After your parents, it’s the wife who takes
care of you If anything happens to you, it’s the wife
who will care for you If you fall sick, she takes care of you It’s the mother who cares for her child And later in life, it’s the wife We counsel the couple and see if they can
compromise It that doesn’t work out, we call someone
bigger in If they aren’t listening to us Like whom? Higher police authorities They also help with things like this What is the worst that can happen to the culprit? The usual, crappy life Did you have love or an arranged marriage? Love marriage I have heard you are into poetry as well. Let’s hear some I am glad you invited me This dish is called ‘mandi’ This is different from biryani It’s quite a rage these days My restaurant is called Al Zaara Matbaq Al
Mandi Its speciality is Mandi It’s an Arabian dish The spices are different from a biryani The meat that’s added – mutton, chicken or
fish Is first boiled, then added We add some spices to the meat and boil it It gives off a juice While the meat cooks, it gives off a kind
of soup We cook pure Basmati rice in that soup That is called mandi So lets eat! Please, let’s begin! Mandi can be found at a lot of places in Hyderabad,
but ours is really famous Make a wish while eating this food, and it
might come true This is real Hyderabadi food You can digest this in half an hour Go, take a quick walk Come back and eat another mandi! You people are more into snacks, vada pav
and the like Is there any message you want to convey to
people? Stay well, think well Nowadays there are so many means to get educated, I didn’t have an education I have somehow managed to bring my life back
on track There are a lot of people like me who are
now settled with families Kids shouldn’t fall into this bad life Our parents do so much for us, with such difficulty Giving us an education We should think about what we can do for them That’s how one should think

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