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Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out On unique stories from 101India This is me, Doctor VC Places are just like people The calmer they look, the darker their secrets Dindigul, for example Which some people have referred to as the
murder capital of Tamil Nadu Some say it’s a place where if you’re killed Your killer might just post about it the next
day It also happens to be home to my Don for the
episode Say hi to MK Tevar I once whacked a guy because he did something
wrong He got injured really badly and filed a police case The case was handled by a higher official,
and I was jailed for 15 days When I was in jail, I became friends with
several ‘rowdies’ and murderers And when I was released, I became one of them I studied only till 10th grade Hey Virat, shut up! Shut up! I tried continuing after 10th grade But I couldn’t I shifted to Muthurampatti after that And I started my business here that I now
take care of Now Mr. Tevar tried out the whole school thing
till 10th grade But it didn’t work out He also switched many jobs Sold lottery tickets, worked at a hotel And was even an electrician for some time But then eventually, he decided to be his
own boss One is sent to jail to realise one’s mistake
and become a better person But once you go in, who do you become friends
with? More ‘rowdies’ and criminals! We share numbers and once we are released,
we all hang out together Ideally, you are jailed to change for the
better But what happens is the exact opposite That’s how I became a ‘rowdy’ We spent a good part of the next day getting
to know him Over a walk in the graveyard with his pup
called ‘Virat Kolhi’ We saw a lot of cocks in the area That were supposedly free from the shackles
of cockfighting once rampant here Thanks to the ban by the Supreme Court After that, he took us on a trail of his favourite
food We started off with Kothu Parotta My favourite parotta – Kothu Parotta Now the Don’s favourite dish also requires
a bit of hitting It’s hit from the sides Shredded down to pieces Thrown in a pan, and given a nice tadka It’s very tasty! This shop is famous for its Kothu Parotta This is my favourite shop in Dindigul District I love it! An evening with the Don is incomplete without
his alcohol So we went to his favourite bar to call upon
some spirits I think we missed the bar! We missed it… No brother Yes, we missed it We’ve reached the bus stop Where? Yeah, you’re right! It’s here… Here it is Okay I’m here regularly and I still don’t know
the place *laughs* Once we got into the bar, I felt strangely
at home with the gang I didn’t know how many of them had gone to
jail But at the end of the day, it was like a boys’
night out When death comes knocking, I’d want my last
meal to be Naatu Kozhi Biryani Made in front of me I want it to be cooked at my favourite hotel
– Sri Bhavan It should be cooked in front of me I wouldn’t want anything other than Naatu
Kozhi Chicken This is my wish for my last meal I thought it was a good time to ask him to
show us first hand How he would like his last supper to be I wasn’t really expecting the Don to agree
to cook for me But once he got going It was like watching an episode of Breaking
Bad: Biryani edition The secret to don’s biryani is not just the
ingredients But also the way it’s made – ‘Dum’ Which involves putting the vessel on a flame,
and sealing it with coal The meaning of ‘Dum’ Is to put the biryani in a vessel over flame
and seal it We also add some firewood on top It needs to cook like this for 30 minutes This will make all the water in the vessel
evaporate I wasn’t expecting the Don to be so thorough
with his food For a moment, it seemed like I was with a
chef, not a Don That’s right, super, super! When you’re driven outside the city just for
dessert It better be good The Don introduced us to ‘adirasam’ This is made by mixing half a kilogram of
rice flour After that, it is moulded into a disc Basically, it is like a desi doughnut which
is fried like a dahi wada We were on our way to our second dessert destination But then, this happened Mrs. Tevar got really pissed with her hubby And that’s when I realised who the bigger
don was in the relationship You may be the most powerful don in this area But not in front of me

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  1. The ending of this video is the real truth! No matter how big and dangerous you are, in the end its the WIFE that calls the shots. LOL 😀 😀 😀

  2. he is not don..chef..u interview wrong person..chef instead of don..please change topic to a dinner with chef didukal..he went to jailto get a menu

  3. The don you showed is my relative, actually he isn't a don. Yes he have done some rowdism, but he isn't that much cruel as you are showing. He is quite normal as us, and I think, the jewels he's woring is also only for this 101 India episode

  4. Dai @101 India , who introduced him to you guys. He is not a Don da.. He is Alukuni.Kumar da dai.. Dont waste your time in interviewing some petty case Criminals. The real Dons of Tamilnadu are in state politics and some in central politics. If you have guts interview them.. Comedy panaatheengadaa ivana vachu..

  5. why are you making these people heroes? I personally don't hate them but recognizing them and eulogizing them for the bad things they do really is not good. Its a bad example for future generations. If they have done something constructive, post it! else keep quiet about them.

  6. i never seen a don who pays his attention for food like this. We call it as "soothu muutai" 15 days remand and became a don…hehehehe

  7. I still wonder how come this channel has not crossed 1M mile… His presentation is bit like Sidharth Kaak of Surabhi which was once very popular on Doordarshan

  8. Can you wanna make a video on this topic? In Our city also we have a don in his name all the city shaken..if you wanna make a video on him then come to Raghunathpur,Dist-Purulia,Pin-723133…we will bare your travel budget…contact with me on my insta id-https://www.instagram.com/thedarkredsparrow/

  9. திண்டுக்கல் பக்கமே இவன பாத்தது இல்ல இதுல சண்டியர் பு……… எவனாச்சும் டானு கீனு னு வரட்டும் வெரகு கட்டையல மண்டைய பொழந்துவிடுரோம்

  10. 2:15 Thanks to the ban it seems.. U half baked fellows will never know the purpose having such practices.. it encourages the growing of country chicken which is actually healthy and threat to foreign food business.. eat broiler chicken and kfc and die soon. anyways nice try. but there are lots of other special things in Dindigul.

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