as you all know, the channel is about to hit 100,000 subscribers so I decided to bring you all here today to see if we could uhmmm Oh, I just felt that in my curly girly parts (laughter) Okay, but I think I can see up your shorts. The magic happens after we take our clothes off (more laughter) Yeah I like vagina I was almost like losing it – I know You’re gonna play peekaboo? (Heavy death metal rock music starts playing) Heavy death metal is playing There’s heavy death metal playing in the background. I just want you to know this. Yo, how much longer is this meeting gon be muh fuh? I gotta call my probation officer Six months clean muh fuh Oh sorry that’s me. Are you suggesting we strip for the TRAVelers Claudine? First songs free muh fuh no, no I’m not your friend. You are, you are whether you like it or not, you are my friend. Okay, well is there anyway we can show that on paper because the landlord is really a stickler about making three times the monthly rent I mean I guess we could combine our incomes, but then that’s an entirely different process and I just want to make sure that Oh Claudine, I’m sorry you actually can’t smoke in here. (Fart sound) Ah! Who called my name? you better pay me magic happens after we take our clothes off. My mom gave me up when
I was 12 because I came out as gay. I laugh with you, I cry with you. It makes me feel so happy that there’s actually other people that understand I do understand and I’ve been there through a lot of situations that you’re probably going through so
it means a lot to have you watching this and you know I got your back I’m definitely a TRAVeler Once a TRAVeler, always a TRAVeler always

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  1. Marry Claudine all the way duhhh💆 kiss 18 Travis in public which outs us both😘 and sorry old Hollywood Travis your cute and all but I can't read subtitles all my life and guess what you want to say to me soooo by default you have been voted of the island 😿😫

  2. I will marry old Hollywood Trav cuz you'll be like my sugar daddy, kiss (fuck) 18 year old Trav cuz he's such a dream and kill Claudine just cause.
    IG : NoctisKnight

  3. I got a notification this time! 🙂 and it's so hard to choose who's my favorite out of the group it's between Lucy or 18 year old Travis they both made me laugh 😂

  4. 2 things: the first is that I hadn't looked at the description sections so I hadn't seen the story. The writing is good. I know because now I want to know the rest of the story…my interest is definitely piqued.

    Second: OMG, how much work did "sexy magic Trav" have to do to get a torso that well cut? I mean this sincerely, your torso looks like a work of art. I really can't imagine the amount of work (a.k.a., workouts) you have to do to get that ripped. You're playing sexy but with that physique you don't have to play much!

  5. who called my name!? u Betta pay me. lmao!!! I laughed out loud n scared my dog hahaha. cute n funny Travis 😉 lol

  6. I got the notification and it made me smile.
    Kiss: 18 yr old Trav
    Marry: Old Hollywood Trav
    Kill: Claudine… I think she'd kill herself from all that smoking. Oh well less work for me.
    Insta: Tobi_and_Brooke_Bff

  7. I'd kiss 18 year old Travis because he sort of looks like a jerk and I have a thing for jerks, marry old hollywood Travis because he is adorable and seems like an overall nice guy and kill Claudine because yeah

  8. Yess more blooper videos😂so funny! Btw, it would mean so much if anyone could check out my newest video about the time I saw a ghost👻thanks so much, hope you enjoy!😊

  9. +Travis Bryant This was so funny.. You have a gift, Travis..
    You're a wonderful actor.. I assume you also wrote the script..
    So talented..

  10. And the video appeared in my SUBSCRIPTION list when I open the YouTube app, but the notifications which used to be sent to my phone and tablet for most I subscribe to no longer occur – of the 6 today, YouTube only notified of 1.

  11. The out takes are always funny. You put a lot of work into that video. Where was if filmed? Who are those guys sitting at the table? And who is the female behind the camera that got all the shots? Good job to both of you.

  12. I got notified 😉
    kiss- Old Hollywood Trav, Marry- 18 year old Trav and Kill- Claudine (sorry)
    Great video btw

  13. Kiss 18 year old trav so that he can finally see that's he's gay
    Marry old Hollywood trav
    And kill that bitch Claudine

  14. LOVE the outtakes video – pls do more of these! A little behind the scenes glimpse of how you make your magic. Oh, and I CANNOT get enough of Claudine. She speaks to all our inner crack whores – you know you got one!

  15. Everyone wants to kill off Claudine THE sex symbol of YouTube, the up to date Monroe, the Jane Mansfield (who?) of today, even sexier than Miss Piggy !!!!

  16. OMG so cute ><
    I guess kill 18-year old travis ( i love that guy! but man this is a hard decision >< )
    marry old-hollywood travis! Cos ! Did u see how cute that guy is??? I would die fangirling my whole life ><
    and fuck claudine… ( I wanted to marry her cos then I'd spend my whole life laughing my brains out, but then hollywood-travis happenned) so I guess one night with her will have to suffice :/ ) … burp…mofo :3

  17. Wow, what a sharp twist to your story. I did not see that coming. That kind of stuff really inspires me to put more creative spins into my own writing.

  18. Kill Old Hollywood Travis, sorry. Kiss Claudine one drunken night. And marry 18 year old Travis, cause I know we is one sexy man and can please me for many a nights.

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