Dinner: Zuppa Toscana Soup (Olive Garden Copycat Recipe) – Natasha’s Kitchen

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  1. 12/11/19 Making this again, my 4th time cooking this and it gets better/better all the time… thank u again for this recipe.. PS my family loves it.

  2. I like the way you prep everything in sequence for your mise en place.. Cut everything that needs sauteed and then chop veggies while everything is sauteeing.. I'm making this for the 2nd time and using a crap thin bottom pot so I hate that rendering bacon down I start getting almost burnt fond so from bacon so i added onion and sausage with it.. Didnt get the browning i wanted.. Also added potatoes and kale same time which is no biggie.

    I usually like to cut all veggies 1st and all meat after so I wasted time prepping kale, potatoes and onions 1st then all my meat.. I know better having gone to culinary school but o well.. My bacon isnt browned and crispy but still it will taste good. As a cook/chef you can tell when certain steps werent done as they shoulda been but I just winged it. I need to dump the oil from my 6qt enamel cast iron pot for this but it had almost a gallon of oil from fried chicken. Thats what i get for using cheap ass thin metal soup pots. Hot spots. Anyways your demo was the ideal way I woulda done it and you did an awesome job !!

  3. I really had to scale my recipe up.. Used 2 packs of bacon, 3 huge potatoes probably equal to almost 8.. 6 cups chicken broth and almost 8 cups (loosely chopped) kale..

    Its just me, my girlfriend and our 4 year old yet Im gona have enough zuppa to feed literally 8 people with large bowls.. We always overdue it with portions and end up having leftovers for the next 2 days and at the end of it we are sick of eating whatever large scale meals we cooked. =). Guess i should make a to go container for a couple of the neighbors

  4. 2nd time making this and its fantastic … wife went back for seconds (which is a never). This is my … 4th 'natasha meal' and your recipies are my goto if I'm looking for something new to try. The beef stew is un-REAL … I've made it a half dozen times its SO GOOOOD. Thank you for the awesome recipes and videos without which I would be lost!

  5. Just made this for my wife and we love it. It’ll be our go to for a cold night. Shared it with some family and they love it just as much. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just made and finished up the soup. My family LOVED it!!!! Thank you so much for the recipe, looking forward to making many more of your recipes. I just subscribed

  7. Natasha, I was having breakfast with my parents and at the same time we were watching this video, at the end my dad said, "now you know what to cook for us today!"… We love your channel, we send you a big hug from Nicaragua 🤗👏

  8. Dear Natasha,
    Don't ever feel like you have to apologize for us sitting through your taste tests. Believe me, we all would sit for 3.5 minutes to watch you make a delicious and healthy meal rather than suffer through some other cooking guy's 18-minute sloppy cheeseburger video any day of the week.

  9. Oh my! I always get this 🍜 soup when I go to OG. Now, I have the recipe, YAY! Thank you Natasha 😍. Now, I can make it!

  10. Gosh !!! She make everything look simple and delicious! I don’t like to cook but this videos making me cook more often.

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