Dinosaur Halloween Party Goes Wrong! Spooky Trick or Treat at T-Rex Ranch With Dinosaurs For Kids

– Ah, Skeleton! – That’s a pretty nice
costume you got there. – Oh, well thank you. – What?
You’re the Dinomaster! Run! Let me in Park Ranger Aaron! – The Dinomaster! – [Aaron] He’s right there! – [OB] Yeah! – Wait a minute! I think that’s the bin with the blasters. (zapping) – All right! – (screams) (poof) – Okay Bob, where can we put
you for this Halloween party? Not inside the door. Not over there. No. Ah-ha, right here. Yeah Bob, this is the
perfect place to put you. Okay. – All right, there’s
our Halloween cookies. And the Halloween cupcakes. (laughs) All right, almost ready
for the Halloween party. I wonder how Park Ranger OB’s coming with Bob the skeleton out there. I’ll go check on him (mumbles). Oh look! It’s the Halloween window stickers. I can definitely put these in the window. This will finish off the
Halloween party prep. (laughs) – [OB] There we go. Hey Park Ranger Aaron, is this good? Park Ranger Aaron, where are you? (thumping) – Yeah, so it’d be awesome for– Oh man! Why did Park Ranger OB insist I had to be a Dilophosaurus for Halloween like (hissing) Ah, skeleton! That’s no skeleton, that’s Bob, man! Ha-ha very funny Park Range
OB, scare me like that. – Can’t find him. Wait a minute. I can’t hook Bob up anywhere. He doesn’t go up there. Oh, I know! Put him on the stack of hay. Bob, I’m gonna have to
have my costume back, yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna put
these window stickers up there now, okay? Oh, it’s not coming loose. I can’t do it with this
costume on, these claws. Come on, man. – I need my mask here, Bob, yeah. Good Bob. Okay. Uh-oh, that didn’t work. There we go. Hey Park Ranger Aaron, I dealt with Bob. Hey Park Ranger Aaron, I dealt with Bob. – Ah, Indoraptor! I’m out of here! I gotta lock all the doors! (screams) (thump) Oh, that one! I’ll lock that door! Okay, there we go, it’s all locked. – Hm, what’s up with him? I gotta go in and see. – All right, I gotta find a place to hide. Oh, a sleepy dart blaster,
this will keep it away. I can hide here under the lamp table. Okay Indoraptor, you’re
never gonna find me in here. (humming) – Yeah. Do doo doo. Oh hey! You must be here for the party early! (growls)
– No. – Oh man, that’s a pretty
nice costume you got there. – Oh well, thank you. – What?
You’re the Dinomaster! Run! (thump) – Okay, here we go, yeah. I’m hiding good now. (grunts) – Park Ranger Aaron! Park Ranger Aaron! The door’s locked! Park Ranger Aaron, the door’s locked! – Oh, what’s that sound? (thumping) It’s a banging at the back door. – Park Ranger Aaron! Let me in, let me in! Park Ranger Aaron, let me in! – I think that’s Park Ranger OB! Oh, what’s Park Ranger OB
doing at the (mumbles)? Hey, come on Park Ranger OB! – Let me in Park Ranger Aaron! – [Aaron] It is Park Ranger OB. Quick, open the door! Okay Park Ranger OB, here here here! Come on in! Come on hurry, hurry, hurry! (grunts)
(thump) (grunts) – All right, here we go. – [OB] Oh, where to hide? Where to hide?
– Quick hide, hide, hide. (thump) Okay, there’s an Indoraptor
out there we can hide from. He-he yeah. – What?
An Indoraptor? – [Aaron] Yeah, an Indoraptor. – No, we don’t have one of those. – No, I know we don’t have an Indoraptor but I saw one of those outside the window. – Oh, wait a minute. That’s what I was
dressing as for Halloween. – Oh, you’re the Indoraptor. – Yeah. – Oh man. – You know?
– Okay. What are you running from then? – I was running from the Dinomaster. – Dinomaster!
– Yeah. – Dinomaster isn’t here at T-Rex Ranch, he’s way off somewhere else. Okay, you know? – I don’t think so. He’s right there. (gasp) – [Both] The Dinomaster! – [Aaron] He’s right there! – Yeah!
– Okay, take this Dinomaster! – Yeah! – I don’t think that
thing’s gonna work, man. He’s gone! Hey, you know what? We need more power, huh? – Yeah. – The other day, I was up in
the loft and I saw this bin and it had all these cool blasters in it. – Oh. – [Aaron] I think there might be one with more power up there, okay? – Yeah! – Okay, you ready to go
up there to find something to take on the Dinomaster? – Let’s go and get some more oomph! – Yeah, get some more power, oomph. Yeah that’s a good idea. (thump) – Oh, it’s dark out here. (thump) – Yeah, it is dark out here man. Hey, we need some flashlights so, let’s go look for a flashlight. – Oh, over here! – Oh, yeah, here we go. – Heavy duty flashlights. – Yeah, this is a big boy right there. – Guess that’s why it’s so heavy – Oh, that’s bright! (mumbles) – Hey Park Ranger Jerry look back. – Ah!
Oh man, man. – Gotcha. – You’re not supposed to be scaring me. You’re supposed to be
scaring all the scary stuff out here, okay? Yeah, this is dark out here. Oh, there’s the stairs right there, okay? – [OB] Yeah. – All right, let’s go
up in the loft, okay? Yeah, you go first, okay? (thumping) Ah, here we go. (thumping) Could you be a little
more dramatic there, huh? Scared me, huh? – [OB] Wait. – Oh no, my light, – [OB] You might skipping a step. – My light went out, there it goes. – [OB] Skip that step right there. – What, why?
Why am I skipping it? – Might break or something – What what what? (sniffs) Oh, the, nothing behind us. – Oh, a line! – What? – Walk over that line. – Oh, don’t worry about the line. Hey, it’s a lot, huh? – [OB] Oh. – Wow, look at all this
stuff we’ve been putting up here over the years, huh? – [OB] Wow. – Hey, look! It’s the mystery box, huh! – Yeah, the mystery box,
the old mystery box. – Nothing in there anymore, oh okay. See what else we got up here. – [OB] Oh look, it’s my scooter! – Oh yeah! Scooter there, huh. – Spiderman. – I wonder if we know what happened to despicable G’s scooter. Hey, looky there, a T-Rex leg huh? – [OB] Yeah, a T-Rex head too. – Yeah, okay. Oh look! And there’s your Big Wheel! – Oh yeah! My Big Wheel! – Oh, wait a minute. I think that’s the bin with the blasters that I saw the other day. – Okay, let’s get your
Big Wheel out of here. I always wanted to ride a Big Wheel. Oh, that’s not gonna work. Oh wait, oh you got it! – [OB] Yep. – [Aaron] Yeah, I think those are it. – Yeah. – These should work. I don’t know what they do but
let’s try these okay, here. – [OB] Yeah. – You got one for me?
– Here, this is yours. – Okay, here, there we go. Let’s see, how’s this thing go on here? Oh, here we go. Hey, I can’t get the other side here. All right! Ha-ha! I’m ready, okay, where’s yours? – Right here! – Oh yeah, okay, cool. – My backpack.
Got it. – Okay, cool. Are you ready for this Dinomaster? – Yeah!
– Okay. Hey, you know what? Maybe we should see what
these things do first, huh? I don’t know what they’re for. Okay here, let’s give it a test fire. – Yeah I’m a– – Are we gonna go first? How’s it turn on there? Oh okay, there you go, ready? – Three, two, one. (zapping) – Oh, wow man! Oh, look at that! – Oh! – Okay, oh, stop man! Your gonna blow a hole in the roof. – Oh, shut it off! – Okay, all right man! I think the Dinomaster’s not
gonna know what hit him, huh? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s go take care of him, huh. Grab your flashlight there. Let’s go. – [OB] Okay, me first though. – [Aaron] Let’s go! (suspicious music) (thump) – Whoa, my tail’s stuck. Park Ranger OB, you gotta
get my tail out here. (grunts) (grunts) Come on man, get it loose. Hurry. (grunts) Get my tail loose man,
the Dinomaster could be– There we go. Okay, come on. Here we go. All right, got your blaster there? – Yep. – Okay. Be on the lookout for the Dinomaster. Come on Dinomaster. You want some of this? – Yeah! – You don’t know what you’re in for. I thought I smelled him there. – [OB] Smell him? – Yeah, you know, Dinomaster has a smell. (gasps) – [OB] All I see is my tail. – Okay here, against the wall. – Okay. – Okay. – This is the loudest
wall I’ve ever heard. – Yeah and that’s ’cause
you’re leaning against it. – Okay. – I’m thinking he’s
around the corner there. – Okay. – On the count of three
let’s both jump out and be ready to blast him, okay? – Okay. – Three, two, one. Jump! (dramatic music) It is the Dinomaster! Blast him!
– Get him! (zapping) (screams) (poof) (laughs) The Dinomaster’s disappeared! – He’s gone!
– He’s gone! See ya later Dinomaster!
– We finally got him! – Aligator. – Yeah. Hey, what’s that? – What’s that behind? Let’s go check it out, okay? Hey, what’s that? (mumbles) – I think that’s the Dinomaster mask. – I think it is! – Yeah! – You know what this means? – I think we just won! – I think we got him! – Yeah! We won!
Woo hoo! – Yeah, but you know what? Now we don’t know who the Dinomaster was. That’s no good. You know what? It also seemed too easy too. – Yeah. – I hope he’s gone for real,
and not just messing with us. – Yeah, seriously. – You’d think it would take something a little more than this. Something like a dinosaur or
something that’s (mumbles) – Yeah, we could have done this all along. – Yeah, something like that. T-Rex! – [OB] T-Rex? – [Aaron] Right there! (growls)
– It’s a T-Rex, quick! Get out of here, run! – [OB] Me first! (sinister laughing) – [OB] Hey Park Rangers,
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