Dinosaur Mystery Birthday Toys Hunt! Fun Kids Party with Surprise Toy Dinosaurs & Pretend Play

– Boy. (Aaron yelling) – What, ah! (playful music) – It’s a note, “It’s me, the Dino Master.” Now you’re gonna have to
get wet, dude, let’s go. – Oh!
– Oh, here it goes! I’ll block it. – [LB] I’m getting the noodle. – [Aaron] Here! (giggling) Let’s try the Rotten Egg one.
– The Rotten Eggers. – Here we go, Rotten Egg
balloons right there, oh yeah. – [LB] Oh! One, get over here! (Aaron yelling) Ah! (Aaron yelling) All right, here we go,
the last two presents for Park Ranger Jay’s
surprise birthday party. (chuckling) Okay, now I just need Park
Ranger LB to help me out, I wonder where he is. Oh, I think he’s over this way. (gun clicking) Hey, Park Ranger LB! Woo!
– Whoa! – Look out with that, man. Hey, guess what! – What? – I got everything ready
for Park Ranger Jay’s big surprise birthday party! – Yay! – [Aaron] Awesome. Okay,
she’ll be here, ooh, probably in about five minutes. – [LB] Oh, five! – Okay, I need your help to go and put the finishing touches on, you ready? – Yeah, let’s go! – [Aaron] Okay, come on, let’s go. (gasping) – Oh. Well, you could’ve at least wrapped it. – What happened to the presents?! There was like this huge
pile of presents right here. They’re all gone. – Wasn’t this the present? – No, no, no, I don’t know what that is. What is this? It’s a note. “It’s me, the Dino Master, yeah!” He always says that, doesn’t he? “I took all your presents and you won’t get them back unless you solve all the clues.” – Clues? – Ah man.
– What clues? – Dino Master strikes again. I think that’s a clue. – Yeah. – What does it say? (gasping) – “I’m a happy, floating fellow and I’m really flat and yellow.” – Floating fellow to flat and yellow. – Well, I know this is yellow. – Yeah, this is yellow, too, but… – Can it float? – Doesn’t really float, no. Wait, float, maybe it’s in, over there. – The pool! – Yeah, let’s go check it out, come on. (gasps) Look! – It’s something flat and yellow! – It is! – Yeah, and there’s
something on top of it. – I know, is that a clue? – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] I think it is, okay. Looks like a Hot Wheel, too. All right, we gotta get it out.
– Gotta get something. How but? – Hey, you wanna take a dive in there? Nah, no, no. I’ll tell you what, look in here. – Oo, yeah, the pool pole. – Why don’t you take that. (upbeat music) Boy, ah! – What, ah! (grunting) Oh no, Park Ranger Aaron! – Woo! Okay, hey, Park Ranger LB, man. – [LB] Are you okay? – Yeah, I took a splash there, but look! I got the clue! – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] Okay, ready
to open this bad boy up? – [LB] Let’s go! – [Aaron] Oh, wait. – [LB] There’s a little
Hot Wheel in there, it’s a white van or should I say car? “To light me up, just push the dot. But watch out ’cause I’ll be quite hot.” – Okay, so something that gets hot and you can light it with a push. So what can you push to light
something that gets hot? – Um… Oh yeah, the grill! – The grill! Oh, yeah!
– The grill. – It’s right over there. That must be where the next clue is. – Yeah!
– Come on, let’s go! Okay, let’s see what’s in the grill. (grunts) – Oo. – Oh wow, hey. – Hey look, it’s another Match Box car. – Hey, Jurassic World– – [Together] Legacy. – Collection, it’s a ’97
Mercedes Benz, awesome! Oo, another clue! – Oh, “I could be called a macaroni but instead I’m fun and foamy.” – Okay, man Dino Master’s getting all clever on us now isn’t he? – Yeah. He might be some
smart scientist out there or something like that. – All right, so what’s like a macaroni, long and round and hollow
in the middle, huh? – Hmm… – Made of foam? – Oh, I know! – [Aaron] What? – The noodles. – The noodles!
– Yeah! – That must be it. Okay, come on, here, we’ll leave this here and come back. We’ll put it at the table. Let’s go! All right, put the car here. – Yeah, put it down. – The noodles dude, this way. – The noodles! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is that, I mean, it’s like somebody left the sprinkler on or something. – [LB] Yeah! – Okay. What are we gonna do man? The noodles are over
there on the other side? – Well, we’re just probably
gonna have to go for it. – [Aaron] Now you’re gonna
have to get wet dude. Let’s go. – [LB] Ah! – [Aaron] Oh my gosh! Here it goes. I’ll block it. – [LB] I’m getting the noodles. – Here. Oh, oh wait.
– I found the noodles. – [Aaron] What’s going on? Hand me one. Ah!That’s cold! (giggling) – [LB] Where’s the note? – [Aaron] Is there a clue here somewhere? I don’t see anything in there. Oh, look! I found it! (LB yelling) – [Aaron] I found it. Okay, here we go. Oh! It went up my nose! It went in my ear! – [LB] (laughing) I’ll read it. “I see that you’re almost there, “you just need to find the chair.” – What chair?
– The chair? I don’t know.
– What chair? – Must be over there.
(LB yelling) Come on man let’s go! Let’s get out of this sprinkler! Go! Go, go, go! Leave the note.
– I’m going! – [Aaron] Okay, the chairs.
That’s where the clue is. Go find the chairs.
– Let’s go! – [Aaron] Let’s see if there’s a clue in the chair somewhere. Oh, man. (grunting) – [Aaron] Is it here? Nope, nope, nope. Man that’s not it. Okay, it’s this one. – [LB] That one? – Hey, there’s two more chairs over there. – Let’s go!
– Come on, let’s go check it out. Okay. Unh, uh. No. Where’s the clue? – Where is it? – Where’s the Dino Master… Wait a minute. – [LB] What? – Park Ranger Jay’s going
to be here any minute. – Oh, no! – [Aaron] And we gotta
find all these presents so we don’t ruin her
surprise birthday party. – [LB] Oh, no. – The lounger. The lounge chair that’s
normally here, where is it? – [LB] It’s down there. – [Aaron] It’s down there? – [LB] Yeah. – That must be where it is! Come on! Let’s go check it out!
– Go, go, go! – [Aaron] There it is right there. (laughing) Hey, look! There they are! (Aaron laughing) – Yeah! – All right man, the Dino
Master didn’t get these away from us. And we got ’em (gasps)
just in the nick of time. – Whoa! – Park Ranger Jay will be here any minute! – Yeah! – Oh wait a minute, my
phone’s ringing here. (gasps) Oh, it’s Park Ranger Jay. Hello? This is Park Ranger Aaron. – And Park Ranger LB. – [Park Ranger Jay] Hi guys! I’m not gonna make it back
from the Dino convention today. So you guys can go ahead and
open those presents without me. – [Together] Aw, man! – We were all excited about
having a big surprise for you Park Ranger Jay.
– Yeah. – Okay, you want us to open the presents, we’ll do it then. Okay? We’ll have ’em all ready for
you when you get back. Okay? – Bye, bye. – [Park Ranger Jay] Okay. – Bye. We’ll see ya! – [Park Ranger Jay] Bye. – Okay, let’s grab all these presents. We’ll take ’em back up here. So Dino Master doesn’t get ’em away from us again. Okay?
– Okay. – Yeah, you grab those
and I’ll grab these. Let’s go! – This time we’ll keep
a giant eye on them. – She said we should open ’em up, which one you think we
should open up first? – Hmm. How about this one? – This one? Yeah, the big one, huh? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s get all these
other toys outta here, we’ll do this one. (paper ripping) – Whoa! It’s an RC car! Can go in water! – Water and land.
– And land! – [Aaron] Awesome. Dude,
let’s open this bad boy up and try it out! – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] Cool. – All right, what does it do? – [Aaron] Ooh! Okay.
So it’s like a RC car. – Oh, wow!
– Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. – It’s dancing. – [Aaron] Oh, okay, okay, okay. So then, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What does that do? – It fires! – Okay, fire it then. Ooh! Cool! Fire some more. Oh, cool man. And then does this go in the water too? – Yeah. – [Aaron] So how does it go in the water? It’s got these big wheels on it, huh? – [LB] Yeah, but you have to hit this yellow button right there. – [Aaron] Okay. Ooh, what’s it doing? – [LB] And it’ll slowly transform! – [Aaron] Oh, wow! The
wheels are lifting up man! – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] Yeah, it’s just
like Back to the Future in the hovercraft. You know? – [LB] Yeah. – Oh, and look! Little propeller’s on the back. – [LB] Yeah. – Like James Bond or something man. Cool, let’s put it in
the water and try it out. Hey, it floats! Okay, now does it go? Ooh, man! Look at that! (upbeat music) Wow! – [LB] Whoa! – [Aaron] Oh, look at
it! Man it’s turnin’. – [LB] Fire. – [Aaron] Ooh! It’s like a torpedo when it goes in the water, huh? – Yeah. – [LB] Let’s fire it at us now. – [Aaron] Oh, wow! Man, that is awesome. – Let’s go!
(paper ripping) – Okay, we’ve got two here this time, huh? They’re packaged together. – Yeah. – Oh, look at that!
– Whoa! Whoa, it’s a slide with balloons! – Hey, look at all these
different balloons we can inflate and we’ll go and slide through it. Awesome!
– Yeah! – Oh, wait a minute. I wonder what’s in here. – Ooh! – Ooh. Let’s see if there’s more. Hey! Check that out. It’s Bunch-O-Balloons Rotten Eggs. – [LB] Rotten Eggs? – Rotten Eggs Surprise Stink Balloons. Here’s the Bunch-O-Balloons slide. And down here there’s a whole bunch of balloons, huh? – Whoa! – Okay. So you’re gonna
start up here, up the slide and you got all this water keeping the slide nice and wet and slick. And you’re gonna go down and you’re gonna go into those balloons and you got two tubes down
there to stop you okay? – Yeah! I’m gonna go splash! – [Aaron] Okay. These are the stinky ones, huh? It’s the Rotten Eggers, okay?
– Ooh. – All right, so we’ll try
those on the next batch after we figure this out, okay? – Okay. (LB yelling) (both laughing) – Ah, man! (LB spitting) – [Aaron] Uh, I think you need more power. – Go! (LB yelling) (both laughing) I still need more power! (LB yelling) (Aaron yelling) – Superman!
– Push! (LB yelling) – [Aaron] Ah, you didn’t pop hardly any. Let’s try… – The Rotten Eggers.
– The Rotten Egg one. Here we go, Rotten Egg
balloons right there. Oh, yeah!
(LB laughing) I don’t… Ugh. Oh, no. They’re running out. I don’t think they smell like rotten eggs. They smell like fish. – Three, two, one, get over here! (LB yelling) (Aaron yelling) (grunting) (Aaron yelling) (LB laughing) – I think we officially
tested this toy, okay? Ooh, wee! (LB yelling) – Fail. – There you go. Oh, wait! We got it all backwards here.
(paper ripping) There I’ll help you out. Hey, what is it man? – [LB] It’s an interactive T-Rex! – [Aaron] Hey, it’s from Animal Planet. – [LB] Yeah! – Okay, so you’re gonna show
me how this T-Rex works? – Yup! So, first you flip it over and turn it on. – [Aaron] Okay. (toy dinosaur growling) Ooh, look! His eyes light up there, huh? – Yeah. – Ooh, wow!
– Whoa! – He can chomp, chomp huh?
(toy dinosaur growling) (toy dinosaur growling) Oh! And the arms move! I missed that. The little bitty… (toy dinosaur growling) Okay.
– Yeah. (toy dinosaur purring) (LB laughing) – I think he just ripped one there. (LB laughing) Wait. (toy dinosaur roaring) Makes a lot of different
sounds, doesn’t it? – Yeah. – Okay. Hey this would be pretty cool to add to our collection. You want to go see what else we got? – Yeah! – Okay. – [Together] Let’s go! (paper ripping) – [Together] Ooh! – Look at that. – Wow! – Eh! – It’s one of the Jurrasic
World Fallen Kingdom dinosaur! – [Aaron] Hey it’s a
Dino Rivals Concavenator. – [LB] Concavenator. – [Aaron] Hopefully I said that right. All right, so here’s our
Jurrasic World dinosaur that I can’t pronounce. What does it do, huh? – [LB] Well, it can do the chomp chomp. – [Aaron] Ah, it’s got a little
button that does that, huh? What else?
– Can eat Park Ranger Aaron. (Aaron yelling) – Don’t attack. Don’t attack. Okay. Oh and the arms move right? – [LB] Yeah. And then you can do this with the tail and it wags it’s tail.
– Oh! The old tail swap swap there, huh? – [LB] So like– – [Aaron] Swish, swish. (paper ripping) – Whoa! – Hey, what’s this? – It’s a Nerf Reactor. – [Aaron] Hey! It’s a Nerf blaster with big ol’ Nerf balls on it. Hey this’ll be a great
blaster for Park Ranger Jay when she goes out and has
to take on T-Rex, huh? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Show me how
this thing works first. It’s got some really big
Nerf balls in there, huh? – So, you have four in here. – Four? Okay.
– And then you pump it like (LB grunting)
(Nerf gun shooting) – Ooh!
– Like that. – Yeah, that was a good
blast. (mumbling) – Yeah. Here, let me give it a shot here. (Nerf gun shooting) – Ooh! There you go. This is what Park Ranger
Jay’s gonna use when she’s out and needs a bigger blaster, huh? (Nerf gun shooting)
(toy dinosaur growling) Ooh! Right in the tooth. (toy dinosaur growling)
(Nerf gun shooting) Ooh! Right in the mouth there. Take that T-Rex! Now you’re really upset, huh? I showed you who was in business, huh? Hey fans, tap the ToyLabTV smiley face to subscribe and find out
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  1. I love you guys me and my friend want to be just like you and people in school call us the dino brothers we love dinosaurs

  2. I got a Jurassic world fallen kingdom ankylosaurs sinocerotops styracosaurs battle damage green triceratops and a big collosell t.rex and velociraptor blue. I scanned dinosaurs on Jurassic world facts.

  3. Park Ranger LB is growing up before our eyes. My daughter (2 years old) fell in love with dinosaurs because of you both. She can say and recognize more dinos than the average adult! Thank you for making these fun videos for children. Love from Hawaii.

  4. Hello, my son is 4 years old and he loves you both very much. He wanted me to tell you he had a dream that he was helping you catch dinosaurs. Thank you for sharing your adventures to us!

  5. Iv been watching you for a while and my baby brother loves to see all the dinosours and he yells rapters

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