Dinosaur Surprise Game! New Year Celebration with Mystery Dinosaurs & Science Experiment for Kids

– Whoa man, check out this surprise Park Ranger Jay left us for New Years. Ha ha, this is so cool. And oh look at all the
stuff she left in here. Man this is cool.
– Oh hey Park Ranger (mumbles).
– Whoa! Hey Park Ranger L.B. – Whoa.
– What you doing, man? – Oh yeah, I was getting
all ready for New Year, in my room! – You don’t have to
get ready for New Year, because Park Ranger Jay already
got everything ready for us for New Year, including
this Dino Prize Punch game – Whoa!
– She left for us to play. Isn’t this cool, huh? – Yeah. And I think this
is the big prize here, right there, okay?
– Oh! – Okay, I tell you what.
Let’s put that back over here. – Yeah. – And let’s see what’s in this bag, because I think all the
important stuff’s in there. Oh, hey look.
– Hey look. – Oh! – (laughs) I have a pair of 2020s now. – Hey, you got 2020 vision. Cool!
– Yeah. – Oh!
– 2020 vision! – Hey you know what, we need to change our hats out here, – Yeah.
– Okay. And put them, yeah, there we go. All right! – We don’t need those T-Rex Ranch anymore. – Not for tonight, because it’s New Year in oh, 29 minutes. – Oh! – I think we’re supposed
to complete this game, by the time the clock strikes midnight. – Oh!
– Oh and then when it does, we’re gonna need all these, you know, I like to blow. (blowing horns) (laughing) Oh, oh, I got
myself in the face there. (blowing horns)
Oh okay, okay. (blowing horns)
Oh and look! We got some really big horns here. (blowing horns) That’s loud! (blowing horn)
Okay. The main thing to do here for New Years. Park Ranger Jay’s message. Here is a game to play to
pass the time until New Year. – Okay. – Punch the circles, see
there are circles there, to find prizes, but be careful, there are pranks in there too. – Oh!
– Oh! Could get pranks. There’s one big mystery prize, ha ha, right here. To win the giant red box. That’s the red box. – Okay that’s the–
– I guess the mystery prize is in there. The person who draws the highest card, gets to punch first. Card? Oh look! – Oh! – It’s a deck of cards, okay.
– Okay. So you gotta
– All right. – Shuffle them. – All right,
– Here I can shuffle them. – I’m gonna shuffle them all up there. – That’s not how you shuffle!
– Wait, wait, – Yep.
– Oops, uh-oh. Yeah I didn’t shuffle very good there. Here, we got enough left here. Here just pull from that, okay? – So the one on top. – Oh!
– Oh yeah! – You got a Jack!
– Jack! – That’s a pretty high, oh, I got a three! (laughing) Okay, so which
one do you wanna punch? – How about this one right here? – Well go for it then.
– First one in the row. (upbeat music)
Three, two, one, go! (tearing paper)
– Oh, there you go! Man that’s kind of some
tough stuff there, huh? Oh!
– Oh! – That looks like a fossil of some sort. – A tooth! – Oh wait, hey, look
what else is in there. There’s another note. Guess the dinosaur fossil
to get another punch. Oh I guess it’s a dinosaur fossil. Oh check the answer sheet
to see if you’re a winner. Here’s the answer sheet. – Oh, okay.
– So I’m not gonna tell you what it is! – Oh man!
– You gotta guess, okay? So what do you think it is, huh? – So I’m guessing by the
ridges and the color, it’s an Albertosaurus tooth. – You’re right, man,
it is an Albertosaurus tooth, okay!
– Ha, ha, I got it! – All right, well you get
another, go for it there. So now which one do you wanna do? – Hmm, I’m gonna do one on the blue one. How about that one? (tearing paper) (tearing paper)
– Oh there you go, (tearing paper)
there you go, man, that stuff’s tough to
break through, isn’t it? (exclaiming)
Okay, what’s in there? Oh!
– Oh! – What’s that?
– Something weird. – Oh!
– Oh! – Looks like a egg. – Yeah. – It looks like, I think you can open it up.
– What’s inside? – Why don’t you open it up, dude, huh? (sighing)
Oh it looks like a dinosaur you can put together. – Yeah, that’s awesome.
– Oh cool. It’s like building blocks. (grunting) – There we go.
– All right! There you go! It’s like a Pteranodon then, huh? – [Kid] Yeah. – That’s a pretty cool little
building block dinosaur you got there, huh? – Yeah, let’s put it – Okay.
– over there, right there.
– Yeah, awesome. Okay so you got a prize.
– Ding! – Now it’s time for me to go for it, – Okay!
– Huh? Okay, let’s go.
– Go. – Okay, so I think I’m gonna
go for this one then, okay? – Okay.
– Here we go! (tearing paper) Oh!
– Oh! – I got an egg too!
– You got one! – [Man] Oh look, it’s
a Hybrid Tyrannosaurus. Okay, let’s open this
bad boy up here, okay? (grunting) There we go! Oh, look at all the pieces! Let’s see if we can get
it all assembled now, – Okay.
– then huh? – Ah there we go!
(mumbling) – [Man] There’s our
Hybrid T-Rex, right there, huh?
– Yeah! – Okay, I guess it’s a
hybrid because it’s small. It looks kind of small
– Yeah. – For a T-Rex, huh? Awesome, okay put it over
there with the Pteranodon. Your turn now for a punch. – Okay. – So which one you gonna do now? – That one! – All right. Go for it!
(tearing paper) – What’s inside? (exclaiming) It’s a snake! – It’s a snake. (exclaiming)
– Snake, snake, snake, snake, snake, snake.
– It’s a snake! (exclaiming)
Take the snake. (exclaiming)
– No, you take it. (exclaiming) – It’s gone! Gone, gone! – Okay, your turn.
– Okay that was one of pranks then, wasn’t it? – Yeah.
– Okay. Okay.
– Okay. – Woo, it’s almost 15
minutes til midnight. We gotta hurry up, before the clock turns to 12.
– Yeah! – Well my turn now, okay, I’m gonna
– Yeah, go, go, go!
– for this one. (tearing paper) – What is it? – That’s a note. Okay, wait. I think there’s
something else in here. Oh hey look.
– Oh! – It’s another fossil. – Yeah. Okay.
– Guess the dinosaur fossil to get another punch. Okay, same game. Let’s see, I think, this could be, a raptor! – Nope. – No? – Spinosaurus. – Oh man! Okay. Well I guess you get the next punch then.
– Okay. (tearing paper) – Oh! Okay, what’s in there? – What?
– Oh! Gelling joke. Oh I’ve heard of these. You put it in to someone’s drink and it turns it into a solid. You wanna try it out real quick? – Yeah. – Okay, we got some water for
the gelling joke bottle here. So this stuff’s gonna
turn that into a solid. Hey park rangers watching at home, this is a science experiment, you should only do if
you have your parents or an adult supervising. And whatever you do, don’t
eat or drink this stuff, okay?
– Uh-uh! – It’s definitely not that kind of thing you wanna do.
– Yeah. – All right, here we go.
We’re gonna pour it in. We turn this, put a little
bit of dye in there, – Oh yeah.
– So you can see it easier, all right? – Good thing I have my trusty goggles on! – Yeah, I don’t think those
goggles are gonna help you. – Oh! – (laughs) It’s not that
kind of science experiment – Okay.
– Though. Nothing’s gonna go make
a big, there we go. Whoa!
– Whoa! – [Man] Look at that, man! – Wow!
– Totally turned solid. – Yeah. – Wow! That is so awesome. You
know, I think this is the same stuff they put in diapers, to suck up all the,
(laughing) okay, look at that! It’s so solid. You can even turn the
bowl upside down now. – Oh yeah.
– Check it out. Oh boy! We got 10 minutes til midnight almost now. – Oh no! – How about, this one? (tearing paper) All right, here we go,
here we go, here we go. – What is it?
– Oh! – Oh!
– It’s a note. Hey!
– Maybe this is the grand prize. – I think I won the grand
prize here. Uh, lose a turn? Better luck next time? – Yeah! – Oh man! Okay, your turn now. – Okay.
– Okay, which one are you gonna do? – Last one!
(tearing paper) – Oh, okay, what’s in there? Oh, hey, you got another egg. – Oh a Tyrannosaurus! – Oh not a hybrid this time, huh? Okay, there we go.
– Oh! – [Man] Oh cool T-Rex. – Yeah.
– I wonder how that’s different from the hybrid? Hey look, oh, I see! So hybrid’s white and gray and this one is brown and black. – Oh yeah, and this one
also has spikes on it. – Oh, it does, yeah, cool.
– Yeah. – Okay, oh no, look! It’s almost midnight, okay, I gotta pick one here!
(exclaiming) Let’s see. Here we go, here we go! (tearing
paper) Oh, oh, here we go! Yep. Oh! – Oh!
– I got a prank! Hey, you know what this is. – What? – It’s a good old
fashioned hand buzzer here. Okay, well you wind it up and then, okay, I guess, you put it here like that. Put her there partner! – No!
– Come on give me a handshake. – Sure. – No, oh, okay fine. You don’t wanna do. I’ll shake my own hand. (buzzing)
(exclaiming) Okay. That works. – Okay, my turn.
– Your turn. – Eeny Meeny Miney Moe! (tearing paper) Moe!
– What’s in there? Hey!
– Whoa. – You got another fossil. – What else is in there? – Here we go, here we go, here we go. Guess the dinosaur fossil
and get another punch. Same rules, okay. What is it? – Metriacanthosaurus. – Eh! It’s a Triceratops. – Triceratops! – Yeah, so that means I get to go now. (tearing paper)
– Okay. – Hey!
– Oh! – I got an egg! Oh! – Velociraptor.
– Yeah, Velociraptor. Okay, let’s see what this
raptor looks like here. Here we go. All right, you got it? – Yeah.
– Hey let me check out this Velociraptor right there, huh? – Yeah.
– Man, that’s pretty cool. We’ll put this in our
dino collection over here. – Yeah. – And now it’s your turn. (tearing paper) There you go. What’s in there? Oh I think you got a prank. – Rattlesnake eggs! – Just open it up
– Yeah. – [Man] And dump it out! (exclaiming) Cockroaches! – Cockroaches!
– Here! (exclaiming)
Take it! (exclaiming) Okay!
(exclaiming) – Eat it cat!
– Oh, it’s on the table! – Cat, eat it? – Oh, okay. My turn now. – Okay. – How about this one? (tearing paper) – What’d you get, what’d you get? – Oh! – Oh!
– Wow, I got a big old fossil
(exclaiming) right there, huh? Hmm.
– Hmm. – What could this be? Giganotosaurus. – Nope. – What is it? – A T-Rex. – Oh, man. I should’ve known that was a T-Rex, dude.
(laughing) I lose a turn. Your turn now. (tearing paper) – Ah!
– Oh, you got another egg! – Dilophosaurus. – Oh, Dilophosaurus, cool. – Oh no, it’s almost midnight! – [Man] Oh wow! There you go, check out the
Dilophosaurus you got there, huh?
– Yeah! – Oh, cool man. Man, that is awesome! – Yeah.
– Cool, okay. So that was yours, right? – Yeah.
– Okay, so I gotta go now. One, two, three! (tearing paper) Oh, I think this is it. This is the winning note!
– Oh no, whoa!
– I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win, eh, lose a turn. Better luck next time. – Yes!
– Man, I keep doing that. Okay. How many are left? – One more! – Just one? Is that it? (exclaiming) (tearing paper) – Yep, I think you got them all, man. That’s it, that’s everything! That’s gotta be it. – Oh, what’s it say?
– Hurry up, man. We got like one minute! – Congratulations! You have won the big mystery prize! – Awesome, dude.
– Woohoo! – You won, okay. You ready to bring it over here?
– Okay. – All right, get the big prize over here. – Three. – Here, I’ll move this out of the way. – Two.
– Okay. Here we go.
– One! (tearing paper) I won a, – A Christmas tree.
– A Christmas tree, woo hoo! – I think you better open
that up. I don’t know why, – Oh.
– Parker Ranger Jay would give you a Christmas tree – Hey this is duct taped.
– For New Year’s. I don’t think this is
a Christmas tree, dude. – [Kid] What? – Oh, wow! – Whoa!
– Giant confetti cannons. – Yeah! – Awesome, man! – Oh!
– Oh! – And it’s almost, – And it’s midnight!
– Midnight! Hurry!
– Okay. I have to do these, because these are only meant for grown ups. – Oh.
– So I’ll do these, but why don’t you take all the – Oh yeah.
– New Year’s blasters there, okay? – Three. – Oh wait, I have to,
– Two. – Twist. – One! – You ready? (blowing horn) (popping cannon) Woo hoo! (blowing horn) Okay. – Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year! Happy New Year,
(blowing horn) to all park rangers at home! Whoa! (popping cannon)
(blowing horn) Woo!
(blowing horn) Here get a big horn. (blowing horns) (blowing horns) (blowing horns) – [Boy] Hey park rangers. If you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. (“Auld Lang Syne”)

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  2. Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB play a Dinosaur surprise game with mystery Dinosaurs on New Years Eve!

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