DISNEY PRINCESS MOANA BIRTHDAY PARTY -Xarenity’s 3rd birthday- Dancing and Shopping – X Gurlz VLOG

back back back if you break it break you
break do you back back so you guys we are currently in Dollar
Tree picking up a few items for Xarenity’s birthday party which is
Sunday December the 10th our birthday is Tuesday December that’s well but this
vlog will actually go up probably our teens which will be Wednesday but yeah
we’re in Dollar Tree and we’ve got a couple of items this is not your first
blood it is a vow but it’s not the first one the Rena scene how old will you be
your birthday how old is that three great job give me high five good job
when you said birthday when is your birthday December wit good job another
high five is your birthday and now we’re at the old faithful why me
see not Walmart but why I’m easy oh yeah Riley world Riley what got a wily Rock now not
merely rock but Wally Rock this is the lip mommy the baby out the last time a
Jojo at all that’s great we need to go to the
birthday of Noah shopping for your sister birthday everything start to the
end of the month what is that what is it Hatchin most
slippers they’re $12 huh Xaria is having a spa tea party slash unicorn
themed for hers so we’re picking up a little couple of napkins for unicorns
and plates and flags for her birthday party if you break it you back if you
break it you buy if you break it what you bet
quick knees quick knees quickly quickly if you break it you buy if you break it
you buy hey break it break break break you buy buy buy buy if you break it
break you break do you hear me you get REN REN aye aye aye aye go those
are you go there you go there you go so you can’t even got some items from
Walmart now and what is that no we do not need that
for the party so you all gotta stay tuned how you feel today birthday girl you
feel good yeah turn around shove your happy little
birthday girl get your moana oufit own all right stop stop stay still Her sister has on a Moans shirt as well
today is the Xarenity’s birthday party and we’re here picking up a little
moana cake and the cupcakes for the Moana cake I see y’all get it I see you RenRen turn around and dance for the camera just dance girl…well you’re not going to win no gift then yeah you won…get it RENREN now walking by yourself break your legs break go on break you
legs break one two three happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Xarenity happy birthday to you many more close your eyes , make a wish, blow out the candles Xarenity you had fun at your party
you did see you later LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE

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