DISNEY PRINCESS PAJAMA PARTY. (Candyland Frozen Elsa and Anna, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and Maleficent)

Princess Lolly! That’s my sister, who are
you? You look like… me! Okay, operation princess pajama party is about to get underway.
Special Agent Lumiere, how are we looking on snacks? Ahh, Mademoiselle Belle, we’re
locked and loaded. We have the chips, the sour cream and onion, the pizza rolls, the
taquitos. Roger that, Chip, what’s the fluffy pillow situation? They are fluffed, comfy
and ready to go. Great, and finally, chief Mrs. Potts, the board games? Well, unfortunately
Belle, all you have is one deck of cards that’s missing a few. Wait, that’s it! I could have
sworn we had more board games. I believe Prince Adam took it with him on his fishing trip,
with the other princes. Oh man, you know what, that’s okay I’m just gonna text the girls
and ask them to bring their favorite board games. Can you guys… I give up! I’ve tried
time and time again to take over Arendelle and never works out, just stuck here. My frozen
2 trailer, I don’t even know if I’m going to make an actual appearance in the next movie.
All is lost, at least I have you delicious marshmallows. [doorbell] Go away, I’m sad
and pathetic. Maleficent! What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m wallowing. Eww, gross!
Hans, what has happened to you… what have you become, hillbilly Hans? Failure, failure
happened to me. Well, snap out of it, because I am looking to make a deal. I’m listening.
A little birdie told me that Belle is having a sleepover, and I think I have the perfect
plan to take over while they’re distracted with their little “princess party”, but
I need your help. You need me, you like me, you really like me… I eat my feelings. Let’s
not get ahead of ourselves, now I need you to shave that mustache, change that outfit
and for the love of all humanity put on some deodorant. You got it captain, ugh! Aha,
aha, okay sounds good. Well, what’d she say? She said that Prince Adam borrowed all of
their games, so she was us to bring our favorite board game. That’s perfect because they already
packed it. Awesomesauce. Okay, so while you guys are away, I need to water plants, take
out the trash and look after Olaf and make sure he eats his ice cream. Kristoff you’re
the best. Yeah, thanks snoow much for watching the castle for us while we go to Belle’s
slumber party. Of course, I just wanna make sure I don’t forget anything. No, you’re great,
just hang out, watch a movie relax. See, look! They’re getting ready to leave now.
What’s that Elsa has in her hand? Hmm, it looks like… huh! O-M-J it’s Candyland! Oh,
that’s my favorite game, can we play, can we play, please, please, please? Hans, get
a hold of yourself my goodness! But, yes, this is even more perfect, they are leaving
to go to the sleepover, so that means I can enchant the game so that when they play they’ll
be locked in the game forever, ha ha ha. Perfect, mhahaha, wait where do I come in? You are
going to help me get rid of the only other hurdle in our way, that annoying Kristoff.
Ugh, yes, can’t stand that guy, he looks like a reindeer. Sure, anyways, then we can
rule Arendelle together. Whooa, you mean like a couple? Aaa, ‘cause, uh, ha ha ha, don’t
know about you, but I’m not really feeling that vibe between us, ha ha ha. No! We don’t
have to be a couple to “rule” together, totally platonic. Oh, ha ha ha, phew, ‘cause
I was like yikes! Ha ha ha! Okay, don’t push it. Huh! Here they come. Magic of the darkest
night use this game within my sight, when the girls will go to play stuck they’ll
be within this maze! Okay, bye Kristoff. Remember, relax and have fun. Perfect, step one cast
a spell, done. Now we just wait for them to play and then step two get that Kristoff out
of the way. Thank you guys so much for coming to my PJ party. Of course Belle, you always
throw the best slumber parties. Yeah, thanks for having us. Sooo, did you guys bring your
favorite board games? Well, I brought my favorite card game, goldfish. Well I was gonna bring
something but Roger kind of ate it. Huh! Well, I brought Candyland! [screams] Okay, so
it seems like a unanimous decision that we should play this one. Um, you guys! What’s
happening? I don’t know, it’s never done this before. You guys something doesn’t seem
right, whoa! Where are we? We are definitely not in Kansas anymore or Belle’s house. Call
me crazy you guys, but I think we’re in candyland! Oh my gosh Belle, I think you’re right. Wait,
it’s kind of amazing! Yeah, this is awesome! There’s so much candy here! Hi there, I’ve
never seen you girls in these candy parts before, I’m Princess Lollipop, pleased to
meet you. Ahh, wait a second Queen Frostine, oh my gosh I didn’t even recognize you. Wait,
are you talking to me, I’m Elsa. Wow! That’s crazy, you look just like Queen Frostine, you
could be her twin. Princess lollipop, we don’t exactly know how we got here… not that it’s
not beautiful and awesome and everything, but we kinda need to figure out how to get
back. Of course, well, the person you would need to talk to would be the candy king, King
Candy. He’s up at the candy castle, if you get to him I’m sure he can send you home.
Meanwhile, we could all enjoy some of this delicious candy on the way. Of course, try
anything you like, except the peanut butter, it gets a little sticky. Well, which way to candy
castle? There’s so many ways to go, here let me pull out my map. Looks like we can go by
the rainbow road past peppermints streams and then we’ll go by the gingerbread tree…
Uh, that sounds like it’s gonna take a while. Or we could take a shortcut to the gumdrop
mountains. Let’s do it! Okay, great let’s go. Okay, so I could disguise myself as a
girl scout and sell him some poison apple cookies. No – no you’ve done that already.
Huh! I could challenge into a rap battle. Your name is Kristoff, you better step off,
mm. No – no, that didn’t work last time. Should we get that adorable baby shark involved?
Ugh, no way, too much work. Or we could just write a note, help I’m Anna, I’m trapped
in enchanted candyland game, come save me. Hmm! Just tell it like it is? Sure, why not?
That’s just brilliant enough to work, ha ha ha! Wow Hans, maybe you do have some brains
behind all those sideburn hairs. Thank you, I think… Dear Kristoff mhmmhm… This place
is beautiful. Wait, where’s Anna? You guys, I know we’re like supposed to find a way back
and all I’m really enjoying my time in Candyland, marshmallow? Be careful Anna, you don’t wanna
get a sugar rush. Whoa! Too late! Ha ha, grrr! So these are the gumdrop mountains, the castle’s
right on the other side. Huh! Oh, nooo! What’s happening? Oh hello. Princess Lolli, I see
you’ve made some friends. Lord Licorice my arch nemesis, what are you doing here? I should
ask you the same question, what are you doing all the way out here, so far from your father
King Candy? Huh! Wait a second! Your dad is candy king, King Candy… Why didn’t you say
so? I’m sorry, it’s just my dad is so protective that he never let me out of the castle. I
finally decided to go out and have an adventure of my own and that’s when I met you guys.
Yes, and perhaps the King will pay a handsome price to get his little princess back or even
give up his crown. You’re using her as a bargaining chip to rule the kingdom? Not only that, but
I’ve hatched a rather tasty plan. You see not only will I take the kingdom of candy,
but by royal decree, Licorice will be the only royal candy. No more mint, no more chocolates,
no more birthday cake, only licorice ha ha ha ha, ohhh, yes! But what do you want with
us… yeah we’re not even from here? Well, you are all princesses aren’t you? I didn’t
intend on capturing you, but the more kingdoms to rule the better. Frostine! What are you
doing here? I’m not… oh wait – wait a second, you’re not her, you look like her, but I have
to go. Oh no, this is horrible… what are we gonna do? Did you guys see how scared he
looked when he thought Elsa was Queen Frostine? I think she’s gonna know how to fix all these,
I think we should find her. Look, it looks icey over there. Oh, I remember from the game,
that must be her ice-cream castle next to snowflake lake. Let’s go, that’s the last
of all the plants and check. [doorbell] that’s strange, I wasn’t expecting anyone. Hello,
hello, ahh, there’s no one here. Oh wait, there’s a note, dear Kristoff, help it’s me,
I’m Anna… really it’s me… anyway, I’m trapped in an enchanted candyland game and
I need you to come save me. Uh, I need to call in backup. Whoa,whoa ho ho ho, oh [] I
gotta a big one here… oh, man, that was a beast of a fish. Hello! Hey Adam it’s Kristoff.
Hey Kristoff. hey can I call you back I’m actually fishing right now and I… Adam I
think Belle and the girls are in trouble, I just got a note saying that they’re trapped
in enchanted board game. I need your help to get them out. Oh my gosh, enchanted board
game, what! Yeah, I don’t know how to get them out. We have to fight fire with fire
and if that’s true, then we need another enchanted board game and I know just the enchantress
who might have one. Okay Kristoff, meet me at my house in an hour. Do you guys think
this is it? Ohhh, judging by the freezing cold temperatures and all the ice, I’d say
this is her castle. Hello, Miss. Queen, um we need your help. Huh, who goes there? Well.
it’s me Belle and Elsa and Anna of Arendelle, not that you will know where that is, but,
um, we came here and our friend Princess Lollipop, she got kicked out by Lord licorice along
with our friends… Huh! Princess Loli, that’s my sister, who are you? Huh! You look like
meee! Hi, I know crazy, everyone keeps telling me that, nice to meet you. I can help you all
stop him, his power is in his licorice wand and if we get that then we can stop him. Huh,
I have an idea let’s go. You’ll never get away with this Lord Licorice. Oh, but dear
I already am. I’m so hungry… me too here, uhh! Here, I’m not so heartless, have some
licorice. Eww! Gross, this is not seaweed… This is disgusting. How dare you? It’s an
acquired taste… how many times do I have to tell you? A million times, because let’s
be honest, no one really likes it. Queen Frostine! Let them go Lord Licorice. Never! I said let
them go! Uhh! two of you…. Wait, what am I thinking? Nooooo! Huh, yay, you did it,
thanks guys… thanks sis. Anytime. Huh, yeah, we did it, whoa. Wait, you guys are sisters?
And the family drama just gets crazier and crazier here. Ha ha ha, it’s true we do have
a few tweeks up our sleeves. Thank you again for saving me, let’s get you to my dad’s castle
so he can get you home. Perfect, step 13 break into the treasury, check. Ugh, this plan is
getting really long, ahhhh, I need a nap. Get it together Hans, the next step is to
broadcast live that we are the new rulers of Arendelle. I’ve already announced that
we are going to livestream in half an hour hmm. Half an hour! It’s not nearly enough
time, this whether is ruining my skin… I need a facial, I need to get a new tie and
these sideburns need fluffing up. Thank you girls so much for rescuing my daughter, Princess
Lollipop. Of course, sir. Yes, she’s smart and brave. See dad, I love being here, but
I also need to be able to spread my wings and explore. You’re right, maybe I was being
a little too strict. I will no longer try to keep you in the castle. From this day forth,
you are free to leave the castle as you please. Thanks dad and I need a little favor, uh,
my friends do. Yes, your candiness, we were transported here to your world and now we
need to get back to our own. I wish I could help you, but unfortunately my power only
works in this kingdom. I cannot transport you out of here. Oh nooo! What are we gonna
do? We can help you with that? Kristoff, Prince Adam, what are you doing here? Wait! Oh no,
this means you guys got sucked into the game too. Now we’re all trapped here. Don’t worry
girls, we brought another game to get us out. Another game! What is it? Chutes and ladders!
Come on you guys, let’s go! Uhh, I hope this gets us out. Wow, it goes so high. Yay, let’s
go. Goodbye, I wish you well… bye you guys, it was sweet meeting you. Good luck with everything
Princess Lolli. Yeah, um, thanks for having us and your super nice sister, bye. Okay guys,
let’s go climb the ladder. Huh, that was crazy! Get ready for something even crazier. This
just in, Maleficent the bad fairy and Hans Westergaard are coming to us live from Arendelle
Castle in five minutes with a very important announcement. Wait, what! What are they announcing?
I don’t know, but I don’t want to wait to find out. Let’s go… game on! And we’re live
in three, two, hi everyone, it’s your favorite the one the only, Hansie pooh. Be cool Hans.
Hello little people of Arendelle, we interrupt your current programming for this important
message. Yeah, we took over, mic drop, ha ha ha! Yes, Hans and I are now officially
the king and queen of Arendelle and now you all have to obey whatever we say. King and
queen… like a couple? No! Gross, Ugh! I knew people were going to get ideas. Wait,
who said that? Game over, Hans and Maleficent. What! How did you get out of the game? Ugh,
doesn’t matter, we are live streaming… we took over, now get out of our castle. Our,
meaning in a friend way not a couple way just to clarify. Two can play this game. Noooo!
Sorry folks false alarm, back to your regularly scheduled programming. I can’t believe they
thought they could just send us into the game and take over your castle. Ugh, well now that
they’ve been beaten at their own game, they can have their own candyland adventure. I
wonder what part of candyland they went to. Ughh, molasses swamp! Out of all the places
we could have gotten stuck in. Ohhh, Maleficent’s gotten us into another sticky situation again.
Oh oh! What… the empty calories? Hmm, Maleficent sometimes you just gotta have a cheat day.
No you fool, molasses swamp monster! Aaaah! And they all lived happily ever after.
Elsa, I have an idea, do you wanna build a snowman? Huh, let it go sis, have you seen
the weather outside… it’s raining cats and dogs. I thought the cold doesn’t bother you
anyway. It doesn’t, but I just braided my hair and I don’t wanna mess it up. Oh, I know,
we can go to Arendelle zoo video arcade. Sweet and why don’t we invite some of our princess
friends too. Already on it, I just have to grab my shawl and I’ll be ready to go. Uhh,
I just got a text, I challenge you to a videogame competition… meet at Arendelle’s a new arcade.
On my way, this is going to be, as Elsa would say snow much fun! Ahh ha ha ha, this place
is awesome! Yeah, I see like every game known to man… I see Pokemon go over there and
fortnite dance challenge. This place has everything! Yoo-hoo! Oaken, what are you doing here? Let me guess, big summer blow
out? No, you silly gooses, summer’s over, I work here now. Ohh, well get ready, because
our entire princess squad is coming here for a videogame competition. You wouldn’t happen
to have the new Wreck-It Ralph video game would you? You bet I do, it’s right over.
Whoooa! That scared me. Whoa, that was crazy. Okay, you guys have fun, I have to go check
the circuit breaker to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape for your tournament. Okay,
thanks Oaken. Uhh, that’s it, it’s the new Wreck-It Ralph video game, Ralph breaks the
internet. Shouldn’t really be called Ralph wrecks the Internet? I know, it just makes
much more sense. Sooo, I know we should wait for the other girls, but can we just give
it a little try… please? One little quick game couldn’t hurt right? Whoooa! This place is sooo cool! Where are they? I don’t know maybe they aren’t here yet. Wait,
isn’t this Anna’s coat? Yeah, It definitely is. Well, then that means they’re obviously here somewhere.
They’re probably just buying pizza or something. Wait, is that the new Wreck-It Ralph video game?
I’ve been dying to play it… me too I’ve seen the movie trailer. Whoa! Yoo-hoo call
me fix it Felix, because I just fixed a circuit breaker. Wait a minute! Where did everybody
go? How are the other princesses gonna find us? I mean it looks like we’re trapped in
a video game. Whoooa! Like that! Where are we? Hello! Whoa whoa whoa, I’m a princess
too. What kind of princess are you… do you have magic hair? No. Magic hands? No. Do people
assume all your problems are solved by a big strong man? Yeah, what is up with that? She
really is a princess. Speaking of that guy, here he comes now. Hi you princesses, my name
is Wreck-It Ralph, contrary to the name I actually like to fix things. Great, can you
help us get out of here? Sure, all you have to do is split up and beat levels one through
five. Oh, and don’t forget to collect all of these. Okay, thanks Mr. Ralph, all right
you heard him ladies, let’s split up. Great, the quicker we beat the levels the quicker
we get out of here, Oh, no offense. Bye, have fun, good luck… they’re doomed. Whoa, this place is sooo cool, uhm, I guess I go this way. Cool! Niice! Score! Whoa,
that was a high jump. Huh, sandwiches! I love sandwiches! I’ve fire powers [Music] The
key! Yes, I got it! [Music] I’m I in a car? Oh my gosh I’m on sugar rush waste way! 3, 2, 1,
goo. Aahhh! sugar ruuush! Whoa! Oh my gosh, I’m going so fast
this is crazy! Uhh, oh, sorry, excuse me, not used to driving a race car. Come
on, almost there, come on, turbo speed! Huh, I made it first place! The key! Oh-oh, I think
I’ve seen this before on the overcooks game. I think I have to serve as many hungry people,
as possible, as fast as I can, let’s do this. Come on, faster, come on Tiana you’ve got
this! Faster, come on. So much running in this game, ahhh, don’t know what I’m looking
for. Luckily, cooking’s my specialty; teaspoon this, tablespoon that. Yeah,
I did it, the keeey! Hmmm, what do I do? I know…. and now for hyper speed!
Huh, uhh, yes the key! only one more to go and then we can go home [Music] Uhm, excuse
me sir, can you show me where the…. Uh, what’s this? Mhhh, you’ll never get past
me Elsa… I’ll get you Elsa and your little snowman too. Fight. Oh, you must know I’m not an
ice guy… get it, ice guy! Hey Elsa, do not forget to use your power. No! Not Pinky the
Nowa, aaahhh! What! No! Yay! I win, I win, I win, I win my work here is done…
oh, key! Whoa! We did it… we’re back in the arcade. We beat the game! Yeah, thanks
wreck-it Ralph! new book and then… oh, hey Ariel. Hey girls, are you happy to be
back at school after winter break? Absolutely, I missed everyone snooow much. Me too, but
I am a little sad that Christmas is over. I know, I had so much fun and I got a lot
of really cool gifts this year. Same here Olaf got me this cute little snow globe…
well actually it was a sun globe because all that was inside was sand and sun and a teeny-weeny
little Olaf. Awww, adorable, Eric and Flounder got me a whole new set of dinglehoppers, I
mean forks, I mean hair combs… Uhh. How perfect… so like I was saying, Prince Adam
got me this book and then it led me on a scavenger hunt which took me to a rose garden where
he had planted every color rose you could imagine, it was so cool! Oh my gosh, wow!
Kristoff got me the cutest little stuffed unicorn, do you wanna see? Huh, of course.
Oh my gosh, that is perfect for you Anna. Does it have a necklace… uh, so pretty.
Oh, it looks like it has a little inscription… huh I never noticed that before. What does it say
Anna? It says, things are never what they seem believe
in the magic of your wildest dreams. Whoa, what’s happening? I don’t know, this reminds
of what happens when we rub genie’s lamp. It’s a – a – a -… A unicorn! I can’t
believe it, huh! They are real, I’ve only ever read about them in fairy tales! Uhh,
hello princesses! Umm, hello, who are you? My name is Queen Twyla, ruler of the unicorn
realms. Wow! It’s always a pleasure to meet another queen around here. Yes, are you here
on official queen business? As a matter of fact, I am, I’m here to see you Anna. Me,
really! Of course, you have been given a very special gift, this is Kristalina, a unicorn.
Kristalina! Wow, she’s beautiful. And she’s very, very special, whoever reads the unicorn
charm, becomes her official keeper. Yaaaay, we have a unicorn! I mean Anna has a unicorn.
Oh, oh, we can share her, can’t we Queen Twyla? Of course, you can, but you Anna are
Kristalina’s best human friend. She will always be loyal to you when you call upon
her and only follow your command. What kind of commands? Anything, why don’t you give
it a try. Okay, Kristalina, show us your moves? Whoa hohoho… amazing! Would you like to
go for a ride? A magical unicorn ride? Mhmm, of course, is there any other kind of unicorn
ride? Thank you, Queen Twyla. Have fun, and when you’re done you can read the second
inscription on the back of her charm to turn her back into a toy for a while, mhmm. Okay
come on girls, let’s go. Whoa huh, this sure beat taking the bustle from school!
You got that right, this is amazing! I wonder what else Kristalina can do? Yeah, try something
else Anna. Kristalina, can you take us to Belle’s castle? Whoooa! I can’t believe
it! I know, why didn’t I think of that? That Kristoff always trying to outdo the rest
of us princes. Ahh, Kristoff isn’t a prince, and neither are you. I am a prince on the
inside LeFou and that’s all that matters, now all I need is to find my princess. I thought
you were gonna forget about Belle this year, and focus on some new intro songs with me.
“No one figure it out, I need you to help me figure it out, so we can both just sing.”
Well, I did forget her but now I just remembered her again. A prince and a poet, you’re the
whole package Gaston. The whole package… huh, that’s it! I’ll get Belle a gift!
Wow, Gaston, a gift straight from the heart, that’s a great idea. No more bad feeling
plans, no more stealing, no more lying or cheating, or… Steal, huh, that’s it! We’ll
steal Anna’s unicorn and give it to Belle as a gift! Ohh, great idea Gaston. Yeah! Wait,
what? Come one LeFou, lets follow that unicorn. Right behind you. Whoooaa, we’re going even
faster than on Jasmine’s carpet. I know, it feels like we’re floating from cloud
to cloud. Great job Kristalina, let’s go in for a landing. Wow! Is that what I think
it is? Yes, it’s Anna’s new unicorn, Kristoff got it for her for Christmas. That’s amazing,
a unicorn kind of puts my rose garden gift to shame, that darn Kristoff! Oh no Adam,
I love my gift, you know roses are my favorites. Oh no, I don’t think Kristoff even knew
that Kristalina was a real unicorn when he got her. Really? She looks pretty real to
me. Oh no no, I mean she just started out as a stuffed toy. Yeah, and now we can play
with her whenever we want. Or take her for a ride to school. That’s incredible! Well,
would you ladies like some tea? Mrs Potts has been brewing up a storm in there. That
sounds great, Anna do you wanna try reciting the other side of the charm and see what happens?
Good idea Belle, it says, soon we’ll take flight to the skies, but for now return to
your fluffy disguise. Yaay, it worked just like Queen Twyla said it would. Great, but
Anna would you mind leaving Kristalina outside? If she accidentally turns into a unicorn again,
Cogsworth will throw a fit, he just had all the rugs in the castle cleaned. Sure, we’ll
be right back you stay right here girl. Mrs Potts makes the best tea. Gaston, look! Where’s
the real unicorn? I think this is Anna’s unicorn Gaston and look Kristoff even put
a tag on it…. he thinks of everything. What, wait, what is this? There’s some sort of
ancient text… umm, let me try. The things are not exactly… You know what LeFou you
read it. Things are not exactly as they seem, believe in the magic of your wildest dream.
Oh, that’s what I was about to say. Whoooaaa! Wow, oh, I love unicorns! Me too, I mean ahem,
they’re fine. Should we go for a ride please? Fine, but just a quick spin around the block.
Whoa, whoa, I call front…. Wait for me. Whoooaa, this is the best day of my life!
Whooaaa! I’m the king of the world, whoa haha! LeFou, we better turn back. Oh, how
about a few more minutes please? “I can show you the world shinning shimmering…”
Wait LeFou! LeFou, turn this thing around immediately! All right, take us back to Belle’s
castle, uh giddy up! Uhh, haaa! [screams] I swear, I thought I heard Kristalina out
here. Do you think she turned real again? She must have, can’t find her anywhere.
[screams] Look up there! It’s a bird… it’s a plane! It’s Gaston and LeFou riding
the unicorn! What! They must have found her out here and then read the inscription on
her unicorn charm. Kristalina does not seem to be cooperating with them, she’s all over
the road… the sky, the sky road. Oh, nooo, Gaston…. What? Read the back of the necklace.
Uhh, the back of the necklace! The what? The back of the necklace, read the back. Whoa,
I think it’s too bumpy Gaston, you try! Whoa, I just learned how to spell Maleficent
last week, don’t rush my progress. You’re right, I’m sorry. [screams] Ugh, I don’t
think this is going to work. Wait, Anna you’re kristalina’s keeper right? Can you remember
the inscription at the back of the necklace? I – I – I don’t know I only read it
once. Lets think… it had something to do with a fluffy disguise…. Oh yeah, I think
it goes, soon we’ll take flight to the skies, for now return to your fluffy disguise. [screams]
Gaston I don’t feel so good! LeFou, I think it’s working! [screams] This isn’t goooood!
I think I see the tavern from here. [screams] We’re flying LeFou, we are flying! [screams]
Land! Land, sweet mother earth! Brrr, huh. Here you go Anna. Hey careful with her. What
do you have to say for yourself boys? Yeah, would you like to tell me why you stole my
unicorn? Yeah, and why you were snooping around my castle? We…

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    (Malefacacent roles her eyes)


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    Maleficent: hans and me are now officially king and Queen of arendal
    Man maleficent can't tell erendal instead of arendal but l still love you guys

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