Disney Princess Slumber Party

And then she was like, why do
you have a gym in your house? And I was like, well,
I only date beasts, so, obviously, my
boyfriend lifts. [KNOCK ON DOOR] I think I just heard
a knock on the door. So that means everyone is here. But I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Hey guys, it’s Belle. So I’m about to have a Disney
princess slumber party. And I’m also currently
having a giveaway where I’m giving away a MacBook Pro. And the only rule to enter is
that you must be subscribed. So if you’re
subscribed, then you’re already automatically entered. And also, give this video
a thumbs up if you like it. And let’s find out which
princesses are here. Hi! Hi. Hi. [INAUDIBLE] Wait, where is Cinderella? Elsa gave her a concussion
with that water balloon Oh. Does anyone have an
extra phone charger? I’m talking to this
cute guy on Prindr. What’s Prindr? It’s the prince dating app. Oh my god, Snow White, you
could be getting catfished. You got catfished
by Aladdin, and look how happy you guys are now? I met Aladdin first. I have an extra charger. This is an Apple charger. I have an Android. That’s ironic. I have an Android charger. Your house is so white. Inspired by my ice
castle a little bit? No. It’s just because I had
to buy all new furniture because literally everything
turned into a person randomly. Where is your kitchen? We should cook. Oh, its down the hall. Stairs again. Great. We should make french beignet. Let’s make a pie– apple pie. Mmm. I’m good. Hey, sup? Ignore him. [INAUDIBLE] Make sure you’re putting
in the right amount. Come on. Wait, are we–? Maybe we should order pizza. I’ll have four pies. Can two of those
be plain, though? Yeah, and two mushroom. Pepperoni. Did you hear that? Two plain, two mushroom. Do you guys like my new top? Stop fishing for compliments. Yo, Punz, is that a weave, girl? No. I haven’t cut my
hair for 18 years. What is this made of? Is this, like–? Feel it. I wonder how many
miles this thing has. You guys are so weird. What are you playing? Angry Birds. I could tell you a story
about an angry bird. Are you going to ? No. OK. Wait, are you and Fiona related? That’s actually offensive. Just because we were
locked in a tower doesn’t mean we’re related? Yeah, and she turned into
an ogre and you didn’t. So, I guess, yeah,
you’re not related. She did it for love. I did the same thing, girl. Yeah, you turned into a frog. I think me and this
guy might fall in love. He’s perfect. In his pilot says, he’s grumpy,
happy, sleepy, bashful, sneezy, and dopey. If they had a Prindr when
I was locked in the tower, I wouldn’t even
have minded as much. If they had Wi-Fi I could
go on Tumblr, or something. But I had nothing. Imagine having nothing. I didn’t even have
Wi-Fi back in my day. Snow White, we get it. You’re old. Stop talking about it. Can somebody braid my hair? Oh, I can. And then this. Where did this piece–? I feel like we’re
going to tangle it. And done. That’s nice. You’re welcome. It looks so good, guys. Now, can we undo it? [MUSIC PLAYING] Never have I ever
been saved by a man. Never have I ever
been held captive. I knew I got some of you. Never have I ever
lived in the ocean. Why don’t you just pour some
water on her to wake her up. She’s literally a mermaid. That won’t do anything. Are you even allowed
to touch water? You guys are always
ganging up on me. Gosh! You’re being melodramatic. Elsa, you can’t run and
hide in the bathroom. She’s used to it. Elsa? OK, it didn’t work for Anna. It’s not going to work for you. Is this a towel
with my face on it? I’m out. I’m out. Nope. Left foot on green. I think I’m stuck. Hey, Ariel, you
have to put on foot. I only have one. And then the princess was
never rescued by the prince. [SCREAM] I’m so excited for Friday. What’s Friday? Oh, well, me,
Jasmine, and Ariel are going on a date night
with our daddies. Ooh, maybe I can
bring my Prindr date. I’d be down for that. Just make sure, if
you don’t like him, you friendzone him quick. I had some problems with
Jafar, friendzoning him. Oh my god, guys. Do you want to hear
something really funny? Yeah. So one time this really hot
guy kissed me on the lips. And I had really
bad morning breath because I’d been asleep
for a really long time. Um, Belle, I think your candle
is speaking French to me. No it’s not. I think I hear it too. Be your what? Stop it! That’s rude. I had a prince once. I hit him with a pan, but
he still smoldered at me. [KNOCKING] What was that? Relax, it’s just the pizza guy. Oh. Oh, pizza? Yes. Thank you. No tip? This is your tip. Pizza. Yes. Yes. Oh. Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. Don’t get pizza in your hair. OK, what movie do you
guys want to watch? Let’s watch Frozen. I heard it’s really good. What’s that about? I never heard of it. We’ll watch it though. [SINGING] [ALARM] Shh. Stop, stop. [ALARM] Oh my god. Oh my god. [ALARM] No! What?

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  2. I like how they said that they were going to make a apple pie and then they put bananas in the pie and no apples

  3. I'm subscribe and I left a like please let me wene I want to s[ooooo bad I never get to wene when I do the study you said to do sooo please I'm banging you 8 want to ween

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